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De Occulta Philosophia

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Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa



Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) is the most influential writer of renaissance esoterica. His de occulta philosophia appeared in three books. Written from 1509 to 1510 (he would have been 23 at the time), it circulated widely in manuscript form, and was eventually printed in 1533. It is a "systematic exposition of ... Ficinian spiritual magic and Trithemian demonic magic (and) ... treatised in practical magic" (I. P. Couliano in Hidden Truths 1987, p. 114).

This electronic edition was based on the London 1651 Moule edition found in the British Library:

Title: Three Books of Occult Philosophy ... Translated ... by J. F. [i.e. John French.]
Main heading: AGRIPPA. Henricus Cornelius
Additional headings: F.. J.
Additional headings: FRENCH. John. M.D.
Publication details: pp. 583. R. W. for Gregory Moule: London, 1651. 4o.
Shelfmark: 1471.g.5.
Shelfmark: E.617.
Shelfmark: 232.l.7.(1)

Graphics were supplied from 1533 Latin edition:
Title: De occulta philosophia libri tres
Authors: Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius, 1486?-1535.
Published: [S.l. : s.n., 1533]


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