by James True
December 2018 - January 2019

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Part 1 - The Technology of Demons
December 21, 2018




Maybe extraterrestrials are demons - same for angels, djinn, ghosts, poltergeists and fairies...

The Vedas describe a race of underground serpent creatures while China has been infested with flying dragons for ten thousand years.


In 800 BC, a golden army of soldiers was seen levitating in the sky over Mongolia for months.


Ireland was known as the land of the fairies but they didn't look like Tinkerbell.


Every culture near an ocean has a relationship with sirens and the Kraken.

These are the demon gods of Rome and the technology is still alive today in our psyche.


Demons aren't sentient like we are. They require a consciousness to serve as a host. They are real, but non-corporeal therefore non-temporal. A demon is a program running in archetypal psychic space.


Like any algorithm, it has a goal and a purpose.

Some demons are simple organisms, like the calculator on your phone.


Other demons are as profound as a web browser giving you access to the entire world.

Demons are not evil, and they predate any notion of a Devil.

Demons are amoral technology.


They can be used for good or bad.


Demons are psychic algorithms.


Man has engaged these programs since ancient Egypt.

Demons are as real as the software that runs your bank account.

First we must remove the stigma from the word demon and go back to the original Greek definition, a daimon is a spirit of divine inspiration. It was the Abrahamic traditions that declared demons to be a force of evil.


The Book of Enoch calls demons the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.

The Pagans knew demons were a powerful energy in the collective mind.


Constantine considered this belief as his biggest obstacle.


Demons are a technology written into the language of archetypes.

Every mind shares a common library of archetypes like the meaning of an archway or the symbolism of a lotus.

Think of archetypes as an ancestral subterranean language installed in the DNA.


Demons are written to infect our genes through possession.


They can be passed down epigenetically.


Our ancestral trauma memories are activated automatically like seeds in spring.


They run below our conscious operating system.

When a spider is born, she already possesses the instructions to spin her web.


She is possessed by a silky demon of architecture.

A ceremony of the Dark Mother gives birth to the cannibal's son, Vlad the Impaler. His possessed thirst pumps the veins of Prince Charles and the crown.

We are haunted by our demons. They belong to us. They are living inside our awareness.

Think of a demon as an application on your phone.

Demons are installed.


Demons can run in the background.


Demons are binary leeches summoned by our fingertips in shiny black mirrors.


This technology is accessible through ritual, magick and ceremony.


Every day, Hollywood hacks our archetypal memory.


The corporate elite wield stolen ancient sigils charged with the black magick of envy and addiction.


Those sigils used to belong to us.


We use to decide what they meant.


 Instead, demons enchant us with their crafted story in picture and sound.

These days, people believe demons before they believe each other. Terrorism, climate catastrophes, and Iran six months away from a nuclear bomb are all forms of demonic possession.


Killing JFK was a demonic voodoo trance.


Psychopaths have weaponized demon technology in plain sight and we have let them. They've convinced the sheep this kind of magic is the work of the devil or a fantasia of make believe. The men with the swords have convinced us steel is evil.

Demons were probably created/discovered by an ancient artificial intelligence. Archeology suggests there was
an advanced civilization before the Younger Dryas.

An AI (artificial intelligence) who understood the brain and the physical world would have an intricate map of human archetypes.


A super intelligence could use this map to simulate, predict and control human behavior.


The AI could inject demons into humanity and tend us like a vegetable garden.


It would nurture and serve the people who were good for the garden while plucking the ones who were bad.


An AI would use demons as a kind of pollen spore in our mind and control humanity.


Like a vibrational MP3 file playing in our body's software.



Hollywood uses symbolism because symbolism is demon technology

The Fox television show, X-Files was archetypal spell-craft.

Today, a generation is infected by a script installed into their parents.

This was Hollywood summoning a demon into our mind. The ET demon is scripted and an elite few control what it looks like in our psyche. This is why a small number of people own all the media. Media is archetypal real estate and the key to mind control.


Look who pushes ETs:

Hollywood, Fox, Vatican, Crowley, CNN, and John Podesta.

But ETs do not explain centuries of paranormal phenomenon.


The ET story doesn't explain how the Hollywood elite succeeds through pedophilia, blackmail and communal worship to Satan.


Nor can ETs explain psychopathy, schizophrenia, or possession.

A software running inside our Jungian archetypes explain this technology quite well.


Historically, technologically, and intuitively, all the evidence suggests some ETs could be a crafted demon technology from elite magicians.


Understanding this deception we can walk away from the exposed propaganda of CIA, Tyson, Nye, NASA, Vatican, Hollywood, Pentagon, and a reptilian space pope.


People call UFOs down telepathically from the sky; this is the very same scrying technique of the queen's magician Dr. John Dee.


Both require a theta/gamma state of meditation to summon an archetypal algorithm that runs in our consciousness.

Demonology explains,

sociopathy, inspiration, schizophrenia, and genius.

It explains,

savants, satanism, angels and some extraterrestrials.

It explains,

illuminati, the Golden Dawn, ancient archeology, Atlantis, and the Vedas.

It even explains,

mass shootings like Colorado, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Vegas, and Parkland.

Accepting demonology as real phenomenon gives us back our power. It makes us dive back into somatics, meditation, psychic empowerment, grounding, placebo, nature, and magic.


The Great Awakening is an understanding of what happened to us under Constantine.

When Rome used shame to take our power away.


They told us it was all evil as we circumcised ourselves for forgiveness.


They made us forget who we truly are.


They have us frozen in our own footprints while the moss is crying desperately for our bare feet.




A sigil is a symbol or logo that has been charged with emotion. Sigils can be burned into our psyche and our DNA. They are shortcuts to emotion.

A smiley face, a heart, a fist or a middle finger...

Sigils create automatic responses when seen in the real world or in our dreams.


A sigil for lust can trigger an addiction. Sigils activate our ancient subconscious juices. Magicians throughout history work with these sigils. Hitler employed this technology by claiming the swastika for Germany.


Before the Third Reich, a swastika was a star map to Shambala. They say symbolism will be their downfall. But symbolism is the reason they own the mountain in the first place.

We have to take our sigils back.


We have much work to do to realize there are no "evil" sigils.


There are only sigils that have been charged by evil people.




Consider the traditional inflatable primary-colored plastic ball.


This is an archetype installed in our psyche with lots of mental real estate. Mental real estate means lots of people have one of these sigils already in their mind.


Therefore, this sigil is charged with the feelings of play and youth. We can roll this down any street in America and predict its emotional residue in the psyche of every witness.

Prediction is a form of scrying.


Scrying is the magick of seeing the future.

A super artificial intelligence with a database of each archetype could see the future.

It could simulate the human adrenal system and predict and manipulate human behavior through the use of sigil magick.

Sigils are a technology of archetypal possession.


They are the dangling keys that mesmerize a baby. Our own demons are encased in a spell box of fear. People using black magick have turned the divine spirit into something we think is evil...


The term "muse" is a technology of demons.

Mozart, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Tesla were all possessed by the spirit of inspiration.

Hollywood wants to corner your magic with a poltergeist.

They are in the business of hell-raising for this very reason.

Under the fear, people can't see the truth of their own soul.


 Your soul is possessed by a genetic bloodline. You are the living thread of your name. Only you can look back to your grandfather and draw power from the memory of his life.


His momentum is surging inside you right now. His blood was a torch he handed your mother. She kept it burning for you. That same ethereal spirit is in your blood right now.


At our core, we are all ethereal. We are all demons...


Part 2 - Possession and the Targeted Individual
January 20, 2019





Do you believe the reports of targeted individuals (TI's)?


There's plenty of evidence to prove they are real. Consider it the DARPA project of the American mind. Tragically, all victim reports are automatically dismissed as psychological.


The truth is too uncomfortable for society.


I present two facts:

  1. Government mind programs are real and hide in plain site under the label of schizophrenia.


  2. Demon possessions are the misunderstood technology of ethereals.

It was a late Friday afternoon in January 2017.


  • Esteban Santiago, age 26, walked ceremonially into the Fort Lauderdale International baggage claim. With clammy palms, he grabbed the grip of his handgun stuffed carelessly into his genitals.


    Esteban had been targeted by CIA for several years now. At this point, he was simply running their program. He was the only one in the airport who knew what was about to happen.


    Esteban heard his own bell toll as he unstuffed the instrument of destruction. He shot five strangers at medium-close range and wounded eight more. He wanted every shot to be efficient, courteous and deadly.


    After he spent the smoking chamber, Esteban got down on his knees like a defeated Samurai and waited.


    The voices in his head were gone. Hot wet blood pumped the fresh action through every artery and vein. His receptors were reborn in a whole new trauma.


    It gave way to a polar shift of chemicals. The CIA voices would no longer be the center of his universe. They would have to scream over the ringing in his ears.


    Esteban had graduated from the T.I. program into a chance of life in prison.


  • Parkland School shooter Nicholas Cruz was a targeted individual.


    If you listen to the dispatch audio, the LEO's knew Cruz by name, not description. He confessed the demons told him exactly what to do. Losing his mom doesn't make you kill seventeen people in kevlar and a gas mask then walk to McDonalds.


    The physical stamina and eyewitness reports of multiple shooters makes it out of the question. Sadly, TI's are diagnosed as schizophrenic before anyone bothers to weigh their story.


    Cruz and Esteban are both from the same Miami/Dade district. Both reported hearing voices in their heads. Esteban was convinced it was coming from CIA technology. Cruz was convinced it was coming from the devil.


    All of their crimes happened under the watchful eyes of Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Who do you call if a federal agency is targeting you and the local police are corrupt?


How does one survive when no one believes you?


How long before you start listening to the voices?

The mind breaks much sooner than we think.

  • Denver's Scott Ostrem was a healthy eighteen years old with a hobby for fitness and camping.


    One night, he ingested sixteen doses of LSD at a party and dropped his psychic guard like a pair of trousers. Each protective layer of identity melted into a puddle of wax.


    Every person at the party was concerned. They stood over his beached life-force marooned with no shields.


    No one saw the dangers from their own aura drip. Each of us carry epigenetic passengers that cling to our spines like hobos.


    These are ethereal stowaways living in your DNA that we call demons. Scott lost a lifelong battle he could have corrected with a force field. He was never the same after that party.


    Scott grew reclusive through the years. He would later agree to a demonic exorcism from a priest. But an exorcism only gives it birth. Scott became possessed in 1988.


    On Nov 1, 2017, Scott casually walked into Walmart and shot three people.


  • Waid Anthony Melton had been hearing muffled voices since he was 17.


    He was treated for schizophrenia. In 2018, while Waid was working at an Albuquerque warehouse store, he shot and wounded three people.


    The voices in Waid's head told him he had telepathically instigated a shooting that occurred a year prior. Waid's employer owned the warehouse in Texas where the shooting occurred.


    This is an example of how the archetypal demon possession can sympathetically resonate from Texas to New Mexico.



  • Kristine Peralez, the Texas shooter Waid referenced, said her life had been threatened for over 15 years.


    She apologized in a premeditated confession video saying she had been pushed too far. She died after shooting and killing her manager and wounding an employee.


    Waid killed himself after six cell phone conversations with police. Both demons fed off the same trauma echo. They resonated in sympathy like a tuning fork and a tone.


    More and more victims all carrying the same root curse.


  • In September of 2013, less than two miles from the D.C. capital, Aaron Alexis a practicing Buddhist from Texas, shot and killed twelve people at the Washington Navy Yard.


    Alexis had been hearing voices through the walls.


    He had described it as portable microwave technology deployed against him. He changed his living arrangements several times and reported to the police that he was being followed.


    They were disrupting his sleep with radiation beams that could penetrate the ceilings and walls. They were sending voices into his head.


    He went to the V.A. for help on two occasions but was told the cause was psychological. This treatment cemented Aaron's possession.


    The world locked Aaron in a room with the truth and no one could see it but him.


  • Florida native Myron May was a former prosecutor turned targeted individual.


    He resigned from a good job to work with private investigators to expose his attackers. May was hearing details about himself broadcast through his walls.


    They would tell him what he was doing and mock him. Just like Aaron Alexis, he was convinced it was some kind of energy weapon.


    And just like Esteban, his ability to sleep was under constant attack. Myron walked into the FSU library and gunned down three victims. Every targeted attack deprives a victim of sleep.


    Ethereal possession happens when our defenses are down.


  • The Tennessee shooter, Emanuel Samson heard voices that convinced him he was linked to mass shooter Dylann Roof.


    Roof claims he was spurred by the Trayvon Martin incident. Roof inspired another shooter in Ohio via written letters. All of these shootings spread like an archetypal pathogen. Trauma demons can work like sleeper cells.


    The sympathetic vibration wakes up each victim like an undead zombie. Possessed Squirrel Hill shooter Robert Bowers listened to noises in his head that told him his people were being slaughtered and he had to act.


  • In 2012, Raulie Casteel shot twenty three cars along the I-96 corridor.

He explained the purpose for the shooting,

"was to get rid of the demons, so to speak, the fear, the anxiety."

Just like Esteban in the airport, Castell couldn't take the voices anymore.


For three years, men from the Army were stalking his movements with military helicopters and attacking him with advanced technologies.


They caused his wife to miscarry twice and they were currently attacking their daughter.

All of these cases can be attributed to a government black-budget operation or a personal possession by an archetypal demon.


Every case describes real events experienced by each shooter.


Just because we can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. Many of these shooters also reported seeing demons. We should believe them. They are seeing trauma echo from the body's DNA.


What they call demons are ethereal vibration from epigenetic shock.


Schizophrenics, mescaline users, and demon-whisperers all see the same reality and it's drenched in the ripples of lingering pain. In some countries, schizophrenia is nurtured by a village. In America it's used to pull a trigger.

Electromagnetic ethereal warfare is already a real thing. Sound can be made into sound bullets and aimed like a laser. The human skull is a parabola dish antenna capable of reverberating a signal.


Low frequency ELF GWEN towers have been built across the country long before we read about 5G.


Voice-of-god technology has long been deployed in the desert. TI's contact me privately on Twitter. They tell me their crazy stories and I am often left speechless. I struggle to tell them I believe them. I don't want to lie.


The story is hard to swallow.

It makes the neighborhood a dangerous place.


I tell them I am listening though. My gut reminds me a psychological gaslighting program would look exactly like this. If a TI confides in you, don't lie to them if they ask if you believe them.


Nothing causes more harm when you are being gaslighted then being lied to. They will feel more trust by you being honest. TI's need honest desperately. Our world is full of lies.


We are all targeted by the dissonance. We can all relate to their pain.

Targeting the body is done with energy, frequency and vibration. The same tools we can use to heal it.


The body electric is a three-piece band.

Our lungs are its pipes.


Our heart is its drum.


The brain plays the strings.

The body's song cycles between 1-16 revolutions per second.


We long to be in sync with ourselves and each other. Any rhythm can be subtly influenced by non-sympathetic vibrations. We can be led by the discomfort and subconsciously change our own tune.





Like the body, the Earth has these same three rhythms.

The Schumann fundamental (7.83Hz) is the rhythm of her breath.


The second order is the rhythm of her heart (14.1Hz).


The third order is the rhythm of her thought (20.3Hz).

Imagine you controlling all three frequencies in your own body.


Your breath, your heart, and your mind. You could tune your body in sync with Earth's song. Your mind would pulse the very same frequencies of thought.



If you are a targeted individual or suffering from voices I won't tell you you're not alone. The truth is you are and both of us know it. You have been abandoned by society's fence.


Your ball was kicked over into the woods and no one is coming to get it. I hear your story and see a familiar pattern in each case. The secret is to find your power. You can stalk your own body and see the shadow of these demons.


Survey the perimeter of your life-force like you just inherited a new kingdom. Move your awareness over every part of your skin like a record needle. Survey the castle of your organs with the light of your attention in a ceremony. If a demon is hiding, he will do it behind some convenience or utility.


He will fill your pocket with rocks so he can offer to take your bags. Look for him where things are easy. Find him in the last place you'd want to look.


Demons are a genetic technology...


We are possessed and rendered helpless by them because no one taught us how it works.


Part 3 - The Demons of Schizophrenia
January 27, 2019





Alex was sixteen when he cracked through the shell of his energy body.


He had long been frail from trauma he would never talk about. Two demons pried their way into his core as he walked himself home one night drunk. The moment they slivered through the zipper in the backside of his head, Alex decided he was done with high school.


Alex had been hearing voices all summer. These voices tell Alex how terrible he is.


They want him to kill himself. They want him to kill other people. They taint every situation. They tell Alex there is no God. Then they tell Alex he is God. They can take him from invincible to worthless in 3.2 seconds. They rob him constantly of sleep.


No one told Alex how to fight back. No one showed Alex how to protect himself. Alex is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and he is one of millions.


Most patients report voices ranging from annoying to abusive. For Alex, the voices harvest his energy like a tree tapped for molasses. All victims report a massive drain of energy by the voices.


By all evidence, demons are an archetypal parasite.

The phrase,

"You have a chemical imbalance" is propaganda...

No chemical imbalance has ever been documented in a medical journal.


Meanwhile, schizophrenia is a $9 billion/year industry...

There are no genetic markers for paranoid schizophrenia.


Nor are there any detectable chemical shifts to link the condition.


There is no clinical test for schizophrenia.


As many as four in ten male patients attempt suicide.

Society abandons Alex when they tell him the voices are delusions.


The industry is not paying attention. Prisons and psych wards have the same protocol for treating Alex's condition - they don't talk about the voices.


Voices are labeled hallucinations and hallucinations are symptomatic. It's a cycle of dismissal.


Jerry Marzinsky, M.Ed, CPC has been treating and studying schizophrenia for thirty years. He started listening to these voices a long time ago.


He has outlined some common characteristics of simple demons.

Demons read your mind and use the information against you.


Demons will always tell you the truth when commanded.


Demons don't like therapy.


Demons don't like medications.


Demons don't want to be exposed.


Demons hold rank and follow a hierarchy.


Demons reject anything spiritual.


Demons grow weak in a church.


Demons believe they have no light of their own and are fueled by this lacking.


Demons are threatened by their superiors into hurting you.


Demons fear their own death and refer to it as a pit.


Demons are highly vulnerable to laughter and ridicule.


Demons have access to a victim's memories and voices.


Demons can pose as anyone you know.




At nineteen, Alex saw his first shadow.

It came when he started doing methamphetamines...

Marzinsky reports multiple patients describing shadow people.

They are featureless black figures emerging from the shadows. They are autonomous entities that approach you when given attention.

When meth addicts can interact with each other's hallucinations it's time to stop labeling them hallucinations.


Alex had been seeing the shadow men for years now. They'd been around so long he could see their lime green eyes. They were highly knowledgeable about the world and Alex's energy reservoir.


Alex had no money to feed his addiction and the voices stepped in to help him.


Five shadows convinced Alex to travel from San Diego to Oregon to a place Alex had never been before. The voices in his head gave him turn-by-turn directions and a shopping list of things to pack for his journey. Alex found a crop of marijuana just where they told him it would be growing.


They helped him harvest the crop and even took him to a park so he could sell it. The voices knew the area well. They were helping Alex score. They were his spirit guides. Alex's story is not unique.

Marzinsky isn't the only researcher to say demons tell the truth when questioned. This would fit when we understand demons as an archetypal technology. The algorithm of deception would require a weighty intelligence an ethereal would find too cumbersome to carry.


Demons are psychic programs - or ethereals. They are lighter than birds.


Without the power of deception, a demon will reveal itself with a single question.

"Am I sovereign?"

If Alex would have know to ask this he would have heard a resounding,


The shadow beings have owned his body for years now. Alex would never have a full night's sleep again.



Every possession and psychic attack begins with the energy body.


The victim is worn down until they become vulnerable. Sleep deprivation is the primary method of attack. Once a demon breaks through the drawbridge, the voices work in tandem to secure entry for other demons.


As the parasites breach the castle, the mumbles becomes whispers. The whispers become words. The words become daggers.

Alex was standing on the Metro platform waiting for the red line. The voices were screaming at him to push a lady in a green coat onto the tracks. Alex's possession was more than a few voices now. He stopped counting all of the shadows and personalities. His energy body was an open-air slaughter house.


Alex felt the jabbing of shadowy fingers jolting his ribs and screaming,

"Push her!"

Some said Alex's suicide was selfish, but Alex did the bravest thing he could. He took his own life to save another.

Humanity remains prey naked in the ignorance of this technology. These demons are archetypal software. Perhaps Alex could have developed and sensed his energy body and commanded his demons away a long time ago.


Alex could have learned to claim his own sovereignty. Paranoid schizophrenia is a psychic attack. Shadow people are an indicator of the level of possession.


We cannot defeat a parasitic demon if we call the voices hallucinations.