by Adina Kutnicki
May 23, 2021

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Dr. Kary B. Mullis


Of those of us with inquiring minds - let alone work in investigative journalism - well, 'coincidental timing' (alongside 'follow the money') is a top-tier avenue for investigation:


And when it comes to the multiplicity of hoaxes and crimes perpetrated by Dr. Fauci, aka 'Dr. Evil', the dead bodies are piled so high that a regular 'Joe blow' would be considered lucky to be sentenced to life in prison, as opposed to a death sentence.




The Late Kary Mullis, the Inventor of PCR Test

...on Antony Fauci




To wit, in light of all of the above, that is, the non-coincidental trails beating a straight path back to the aforementioned 'Dr. Evil' - the so-called 'mysterious' death of Fauci's decades-long nemesis, Dr. Kary B. Mullis (the inventor of PCR, the test which was never meant to detect Covid, or related viruses), a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry (1993), among other notable achievements, 'coincidentally' transpired a mere 4 months before the first confirmed case of the China virus!


How 'fortuitous' for Fauci! Indeed, timing is everything...

Onto more of the meat, so, listen up.



by Greg Reese

May 21, 2021


The late Dr Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, has been blowing the whistle on Fauci and Big Pharma for 30 years:



The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci's Most Notable Critic