by Pao Chang
June 13, 2020
from EsotericKnowledge Website

To inner-stand why words are spells, we need to tumble down the rabbit hole to explore what words are on a spiritual level.


What most people do not know about words is that,

they are 'spiritual seeds'...

The evidence of this can be found in the Bible verse Luke 8:11 (NKJV):

"Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God."

A seed (word) is the nucleus of a thing and therefore is the beginning or source of that thing.


Hence the biblical saying,

"In the beginning was the Word".

Within the Word or Spiritual Seed is the source of vibration.


With the right vibration, all spiritual seeds have the magic power to produce thoughts which can be manifested into reality. Vibration is essential for creating sacred geometry which is heavily used in the art of magic.


Keep in mind that all sigils are created based on sacred geometry.

We all know that words are made up of letters.


Many esoteric and occult teachings have taught that letters are sigils.


The word sigil is defined by as,

"a sign, word, or device held to have occult power in astrology or magic".

This is why the forming of words from letters is called spelling.

Did you notice that the word spelling has the word spell in it?

To spell words is to play with sigils which are magic symbols.

The letters of the alphabet are some of the most powerful sigils.


This is why letters are used in magic rituals by nearly all practitioners of magic.


When letters are spelled into words, they tell a magical story.


Every time you spell words, you often subconsciously tell a story through the art of spelling. In other words, you command the letters (sigils) to cast spells.

Hence, the etymological definition of the word spell:

"story, saying, tale, history, narrative, fable; discourse, command".

As a verb, defines the word spell as,

"to name, write, or otherwise give the letters, in order, of (a word, syllable, etc.)".

As a noun, the same online dictionary defines it as,

"a word, phrase, or form of words supposed to have magic power; charm; incantation" or "a state or period of enchantment".

The word spell is derived from the Old English word spell, meaning,

"story, saying, tale, history, narrative, fable; discourse, command".

This definition alone already tells us that the word spell has a strong connection to mythical and magical stories.


The Columbia Encyclopedia (second edition, 1950) defines the word spell using these exact words:

word, formula, or INCANTATION believed to produce a magical effect.

Belief in the spell is based on the idea that,

by "naming" a vague power one can focus the power on a desired end, consequently there is an intimate connection between the word and the thing denoted by it.


It is similar to the belief that the name of a man is identical with his self.


The spell could be used for evil or good ends, if evil, it was a technique of sorcery. Many authorities believe that the "word" was the precursor of prayer.


The spell was a Teutonic form of exercising occult power and was sometimes used to summon the spirits of departed heroes to give prophetic utterances.


Once cast, the spell was supposed to remain in force until broken by a counterspell or exorcism.

Based on the previous definition, magic spells can be used for good or evil purposes.


The good and evil of magic spells can be found in the word alphabet which is defined by as,

"the letters of a language in their customary order" or "any system of characters or signs with which a language is written".

Remember, letters are sigils and therefore are magic symbols.

The word alphabet is derived from the Greek letters A/α (alpha) and B/β (beta).


These two Greek letters are derived from the Hebrew letters א‬ (aleph), meaning "ox" or "bull", and ב (beth), meaning "house".


According to the book Mysteries of the Alphabet by Marc-Alain Ouaknin, aleph means "strength" or "man", and beth means "house" and is a "metaphor for the womb".

  • the letter aleph is strongly associated with the words father, man, and male

  • the letter beth is strongly associated with the words mother, woman, and female

Therefore, alpha (aleph) and beta (beth) represent male and female, respectively.


In other words, the alphabet (alpha-beta) is a system of sacred symbols (letters/sigils) that is used for forming masculine (positive/good) and feminine (negative/evil) words/spells to manifest the world.

In elementary (primary) school, the first class that they teach you how to spell words is kindergarten.


The word kindergarten is derived from two German words which are kinder and garten. When they are translated to English, kinder means "children" and garten means "garden".


Therefore, kindergarten literally means,

"garden of children"...

According to, the word garden means,

"a piece of land, usually near a home, where flowers and other plants are grown".

In other words, a garden is an area of land that is used to plant seeds.

Kindergarten (garden of children) is the first class of elementary school because it is designed to teach children how to spell and use words (seeds).


During this process of learning how to spell and use words, spiritual seeds (words) are planted in children's minds, programming them to think and act in certain ways.


The mind of a child is like a garden that is mostly free of weeds, making it a great place to plant spiritual seeds (words).


This is why the word kindergarten (garden of children) is used to represent the first class of elementary school.

To make sure that children can spell words properly, they create spelling programs and contests, such as spelling bee contests.


These spelling programs and contests are used to train children to be good spellers or spellcasters, so the magic power of letters and words can be used to transfer or cast their thoughts into the external world, manifesting their thoughts into reality.

Now, imagine this happening on a global scale.


This is how words and spells are used to create the world...

In many ways, we are all magicians because we use words to cast magic spells to manifest our thoughts, desires, and visions.


Hence the saying,

"we are the creators of our reality"...