by John A. Keel
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About the Author

John A. Keel wrote his first article on unidentified flying objects in 1945, but it was not until a visit to the Aswan Dam in Upper Egypt in 1954 that he saw his first genuine flying saucer.

He has written for numerous national publications, and his bylined newspaper features, syndicated by the North American Newspaper Alliance, have appeared in more than 150 major newspapers in the United States and abroad.

His many articles on UFOs and his personal research on the subject resulted in his being awarded a plaque as “Ufologist of the Year” at the 1967 Convention of Scientific Ufologists.




  1. Beelzebub Visits West Virginia

  2. The Creep Who Came in from the Cold

  3. The Flutter of Black Wings

  4. Take the Train

  5. The Cold Who Came Down in the Ram

  6. Mothman!

  7. The Night of the Bleeding Ear

  8. Procession of the Damned

  9. Wake Up Down There!

  10. Purple Lights and April Foolishness

  11. If This Is Wednesday, It Must Be a Venusian

  12. Games Nonpeople Play

  13. Phantom Photographers

  14. Sideways in Time

  15. Misery on the Mount

  16. Paranoiacs Are Made, Not Born

  17. Even the Bedouins Hate Their Telephone Company

  18. Something Awful Is Going to Happen...

  19. Where the Birds Gather...