"What About Planet X?"

R. Solàrion

28 December 2003

NOTE : The following information was obtained "second-hand" as a "cross-posting" from one Internet mailing list to another, and I cannot vouch for its authenticity. Regarding the date of 2012 for the return of the Planet X Nibiru, Zecharia Sitchin did not suggest such a date; and it might be added that Sitchin's dating itself is suspect. He proposed that Planet X Nibiru last returned in approximately 200 BCE, but this is clearly impossible because by the year 200 BCE most of the world, certainly the Greco-Roman World, were keeping quite accurate historical records, and nobody recorded an event so momentous as the return of Planet X Nibiru. As for the linking of the return of Planet Nibiru to the Mayan End-Time Date, please click here for more information.


Let me tell you a first-hand story. I swear on a stack of clay tablets.

A few years ago, I attended the SIGGRAPH computer-graphics show in New Orleans. There was a whiz-bang booth there hosted by JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California], and manned by some of their planetary scientists. I engaged one of these fellows in a friendly, in-depth discussion about the recent [1996] cometary impacts on Jupiter, and other topics. He was very nice, very friendly, very open in his attitude, with a helpful demeanor. Having a long-time interest in the topic of Nibiru, Marduk, or Planet X, I took advantage of a lull in the conversation, and asked:

"What about Planet X?"

His entire demeanor changed. His head jerked around in surprise, and he became instantly sullen and unfriendly. He snapped:

"What about it?" His voice was suddenly rude and guarded, completely the opposite of his attitude just moments earlier.

I pretended not to notice his change, but said, "What does JPL think it is?"

His snide reply? "If we knew that, we wouldn't call it Planet X, now would we?" He turned and walked rudely away, refusing to even look at me again, and leaving no doubt that the conversation was terminated, and that the subject was taboo. His response also left no doubt as to the reality of the existence of *something* large and disturbing (at least to planetary scientists) lurking out around the Oort Cloud somewhere.

I believe they know what Planet X is ... and that it's going to return, sooner or later, on a periodic swath of destruction or turbulence through the solar system. The official silence is probably due to a policy of containment. Such information could cause social and religious chaos and disintegration, or so the governmental types would think. Lesser secrets have been kept before, for similar reasons. As the scheduled return of Nibiru -- around 2012, according to Sitchin's translations, right?-- gets closer, it will be interesting to see the continuing policy on Planet X info. Obviously they know enough to find it worthy of extensive inside web-discussion:

A general method of dismissal for any undesirable theory is to stress that it is just a THEORY, until proven -- somehow this is used by "scientists" these days to dismiss something as a non-fact (a very non-scientific attitude). Yet most of their carefully-compiled "knowledge" either exists as theory, or originated with theory. Circumstantial evidence would indicate that a large, dark planetary body does exist; evidence both from Sumerian astronomical data and creation accounts, as well as "Bode's Rule" regarding the natural formation of planetary bodies in the Sol system.

I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

Mike M.