North & South Polar Axial Zones

By Rob Solàrion

21 August 2004
Current Date & Time, Planet X : New Year's Eve, 04:00 AM


C = Cairo North Polar Pivotal Point & Belt
O = Oceania South Polar Pivotal Point & Belt

This Polar Axial Shifting would be clockwise from Cairo's North
and counterclockwise from Oceania's South.

In all the images, the various circles represent the North and South Polar Zones.
So-called "ice age glaciation" has been found in all these zones.

It was in November 1972 that I first dove headlong into this life's work of research, after reading the spellbinding book Atlantis : The Antediluvian World by Minnesota Congressman Ignatius Donnelly, published in 1882. By November 1973 I had read numerous other books and had come to the premature conclusion that there are six Polar Axial Alignments. Thus, when I prepared this Polar Globe during that year, I drew only six alignments, which fit nicely and neatly into the Polar Axial Belts. However, the north face of The Great Pyramid of Egypt points directly towards the current North Pole. If the Pyramid is a "location marker" for this phenomenon, and since the Pyramid has four faces and four corners, I have subsequently decided that there should be eight of these Polar Axial Alignments, not just six. If there were eight, then they would overlap each other significantly enough to infer that there are continuous bands of "ice age glaciation" circling the Cairo-Oceania Polar Pivotal Points, rather than here, where with only six, there would be slight "breaks" in the glaciation between the contiguous zones. Therefore, if I were ever to remake this globe or produce it for commercial distribution, I would indicate 8 Polar Axial Alignments. In the meantime, use your imagination. Thus, the next North Pole should be located more in the vicinity of Lake Baikal in Siberia, rather than slightly south of the Mongolia-China border. Likewise the next South Pole should be located more southerly off the Chilean coast of Patagonia, rather than this more central Chilean location. Furthermore, to my knowledge, and I've searched high and low, there was never any "ice age glaciation" in the general region of Cairo, as shown above.

At present the Sphinx points due-east. Assuming eight Polar Alignments, then after the forthcoming Polar Shift to Lake Baikal, the Sphinx will point to the northeast. And then, another "shar" from now in 5612 CE, following another 45-degree pivot by the Polar Axis, the Sphinx, like the "hour hand" of a "cosmic clock", will be pointing due-north, towards that Hyperborean " golden city floating in space"! This could mark the end/beginning of a cycle of shifting, as described by Buddhist "mythology", but this peripheral topic will not be dealt with here.

In the following images, regardless of whether there are six or eight pairs of Polar Axial Alignments, that area directly along the central Polar Pivotal Equator is never glaciated by a Polar Icecap. All of these areas along the Polar Pivotal Equator are equally distant from The Great Pyramid. As you can see, most of North America, for example, falls into this "driftless zone". Only the fringes of North America in most directions have been affected by "ice age glaciation" or Polar Axial Displacement.




The Cairo-Oceania Polar Pivotal Equator (6 overlapping views)
The Pivotal Equator runs horizontally through the center of the globe.
The parallel lines north and south of this Polar Pivotal Equator
represent the North and South Polar Belts.