Some Personal Thoughts : Trees & Serpents

By Robertino Solàrion

Texas, 27 October 2000

(Updated 28 December 2003)

This is the first time in human history (that we are aware of, at least) during which Planet X Nibiru could return and the whole world, via the Hubble Space Telescope and so forth, know about it all at once and in advance. It is unclear from the Sumerian records exactly at which point in the return voyage it becomes visible to the naked eye, but at some point this would happen because the Sumerian priests would go into the dark desert to watch for it. It would seem to me that there would be several years between the first sighting and the actual tethering process. But maybe not -- it could happen very quickly, Velikovskian-style.

In ancient times, after the dust had settled from all the concurrent cataclysms, polar axis shifts, etc., then there Planet X Nibiru would have been, up above the North Pole, like "Heaven" -- Hyperborea, Mount Olympus, Mount Meru, The Cosmic Tree. It probably terrified the ancient common people! Perhaps a few scholarly priests expected it in advance, but for most people back then it would have come "like a thief in the night" and have been a complete and incomprehensible surprise.

This time we'll see it coming, hopefully. It would certainly be astounding to watch the public reaction. Let us pray that we are so lucky! As for me, I am truly living in anticipation of this event; for if it does not occur by 21 December 2012-13, which is exactly 3,600 years after Exodus/Santorini in 1588-87 BCE, the last Velikovskian polar axis shift, then it becomes historically and mathematically impossible to predict it at any other future point. And as the future years/centuries would pass, they would automatically bring down the previous arrival date proportionately; and after another full millennium would have passed uneventfully, then the probability of its having arrived the last time AFTER 1588-87 BCE becomes less and less likely, because there would be absolutely no way to coordinate it with anything remotely "cosmic" after the year 687 BCE. We are at a definite "turning point" in historical analysis here, at least in terms of Planet X Nibiru's predictability. I hope that you can grasp the full significance of what I am saying.

Regardless of the precise number of "sunrise-to-sunrise" days that Nibiru actually has, they nevertheless have an orbit of 360° that lasts for 3,600 Earth Years. Thus, one of their "orbit-days" of one degree would equal ten of our years.

The Chinese Zodiac contains a sequence of 12 yearly animals. The Year Of The Dragon began in 2000, and the next Year Of The Dragon will begin in the early part of 2012, so that 21 December 2012, the Mayan End-Time Date, falls in a Year Of The Dragon. Therefore, the Dragon Planet X Nibiru's Year might actually contain 300 "sunrise-to-sunrise" day-units of 12 Earth Years each, with each such day-unit's being equivalent to a full cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, with the Nibiruan "sunrise" or "midnight" coordinated to begin with the Chinese Year Of The Dragon here on Earth.

These are questions for which there are not yet any definitive answers.

But if one of their orbit-days equals ten of our years, then an orbit-day of 20 hours to them would mean that each of our years seems to them like the passage of a couple of their hours. So we are about five hours away, their time, from the start of their final orbit-day on 21 December 2002 -- if, in fact, the actual day does not begin in about one Nibiruan hour from now on 21 December 2000, during this current Year Of The Dragon.

By the Mayan End-Time Date of 2012-13, it will have been 3,600 years from the postulated Exodus/Santorini Date derived from the Velikovskian School, 1588-87 BCE. If Sitchin is to be believed, and I certainly believe him so far, then Nibiru's orbit lasts for 3,600 years. The Velikovskian Date and the Mayan Date have no common connection in any writing other than mine, that I am aware of. They were derived independently of one another by entirely different astroarchaeologists, and Dr. Velikovsky does not mention the Mayan End-Time Date in his writings. "It just so happens" that the difference between the Mayan End-Time Date and the Exodus/Santorini postulation is 3,600 years.

Some questions arise.

If Planet X Nibiru came and went in 1587 BCE and did not remain for a "season" as a "Cosmic Tree" or "Hyperborea", then what caused the cataclysms between 762-687 BCE, from "The Great Eclipse/Earthquake" to the destruction of the Assyrian Army at Pelusium in 687? And, if Nibiru did not constitute "The Cosmic Tree", then what did?

If Planet X Nibiru came and went between 762-687, then what caused the Polar Axis Shift of 1587 and the concurrent Exodus and Santorini Cataclysm? And did this particular arrival and departure of Nibiru cause the destruction of "Hyperborea"? If so, then why hadn't previous arrivals/departures of Planet X Nibiru caused the destruction of this "Hyperborean Cosmic Tree" long before that?

Why was "the beginning of history" linked to the Trojan War which coincided with "The Great Eclipse/Earthquake", the Greek Olympiads and the Founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, as well as the celebrated Era of Nabonassar in Babylon? Why did these three important nations start their "modern" histories with this event, which can be both historically and astronomically documented and verified?

If something is inherently true, then all the miscellaneous details automatically fall into place, no? The following is a good example. Planet X Nibiru sits atop The Cosmic Tree. It is a planet of "serpents" or "reptiles". Thus, the symbolic Serpent would intertwine itself around The Cosmic Tree. R.A. Boulay's book would have fascinated the hell out of Mme. Blavatsky, for sure!

"As a symbol, the Serpent had as many aspects and occult meanings as the Tree itself; the 'Tree of Life', with which it was emblematically and almost indissolubly connected. Whether viewed as a metaphysical or a physical symbol, the Tree and Serpent, jointly, or separately, have never been so degraded by antiquity as they are now, in this our age of the breaking of idols, not for truth's sake, but to glorify the more gross matter."

-- The Secret Doctrine, by Helena P. Blavatsky (Vol. I, p. 409)

And finally, why do we even know about this in the first place? We are not very many people, and I sometimes think of us like the group of priests who used to go out into the dark desert to watch for the arrival of "the planet of the crossing". Crossing from what? An unseen dimension, invisible even to the Hubble Telescope? What will it sound like when this "rogue planet" bursts through the dimensional "fabric of space"? Will it sound like "Trumpets of Gabriel"? Will it signal to Wal-Mart Shoppers "the end of the world"? So many questions ...

It is truly fascinating, isn't it?!