by Scott Douglass
June 25, 2019
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1 - Birkeland Currents in Space - An Analysis

by ThunderboltsProject

May 28, 2019

from YouTube Website


In the 21st century, with increasing frequency astronomical literature recognizes a long-taboo subject - the existence of electric currents in space:

from the electrical Earth-Sun connection, to the electric currents connecting the gas giant planets to their respective moons, to the vast cosmic jets of active galactic nuclei.

Yet these recognitions overwhelmingly hold to ideas of strange gravitational and magnetic processes producing electric currents in kinds of closed systems.


But what of the overwhelming evidence for the electrical circuitry connecting celestial objects and driving countless astrophysical phenomena?


Today, in part one of his four-part presentation physicist Eugene Bagashov begins outlining the research that he and several others in the Electric Universe community have been conducting into this question, based on retired Professor Donald Scott's mathematical modeling of the structure of a type of electric current called a Birkeland current.








2 - Birkeland Currents - Cosmic Distance and other Puzzles
by ThunderboltsProject

June 11, 2019

from YouTube Website


In this episode we delve more deeply into a highly promising ongoing investigation in the Electric Universe community.


Previously, physicist Eugene Bagashov introduced the analysis he and several others in the EU community have conducted into the evidence for the pervasiveness of a type of electric current, called a Birkeland current within or nearby our cosmic neighborhood.


Of course, when electric currents can't be directly measured by space probes, the task of inferring their existence in space is complicated. Eugene and his colleagues have followed Dr. Donald Scott's model of the structure of a Birkeland current.


In part two of this four-part presentation, Eugene outlines in finer detail what he and his colleagues have found to date.






3 - Local Birkeland Currents - A Closer Look
by ThunderboltsProject

June 18, 2019

from YouTube Website


In recent years, an incredible development has transpired in the space sciences - mainstream astronomical literature now rather routinely acknowledges the existence of electric currents in space.


But the question is, how significant a role do these electric currents play in the dynamics of the Universe?


In our most recent Space News, we reported on the discovery of a radio-emitting plasma filament which connects two galaxy clusters across the unfathomable distance of 10,000,000 light-years.


If electric currents connect celestial objects at such vast cosmic distances, as plasma cosmologists have proposed for decades, then how might we also detect electric currents in our own celestial neighborhood?


Today, physicist Eugene Bagashov and several colleagues are attempting to answer this question through a detailed analysis of the conditions near our solar system.


In part three of this four-part presentation, Eugene continues his discussion on the evidence for plasma currents connecting our solar system with the nearby interstellar environment.







4 - Our Solar System's Birkeland Currents

by ThunderboltsProject

June 25, 2019

from YouTube Website


In the first three parts of this presentation, physicist Eugene Bagashov has presented the ongoing analysis he and several colleagues are conducting into the presence of Birkeland currents within the Milky Way galaxy, and close to our solar system.


This includes evidence that the Local Interstellar Chimney, where our solar system is situated, may represent a giant plasma filament.

In this conclusion, Eugene presents his and his colleagues' analysis of Birkeland currents within the solar system, including the possible role of these currents in catastrophic planetary events, both in the past and potentially in the future...