by Thunderbolts Project

November 2019

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Part 1

Big Bang
November 22, 2019


Scientists generally use the term "crisis in cosmology" to describe the numerous and growing evidences that contradict or undermine the Big Bang theory.


For decades, numerous scientific papers have been published on the discordancy between the so-called expansion rate in the "early universe," and the expansion rate in the "later Universe."

In fact, recently the Keck Observatory issued a press release on the reported most reliable verification to date that the discordancy is real.


And as we've reported ad nauseam on this series, the cosmological crisis runs much deeper and includes "surprising" discoveries at all scales throughout the cosmos.

In part one of this two-part presentation, physicist Wal Thornhill discusses some of the foundational problems with the standard cosmological model, and the real alternatives that the Electric Universe offers.



Part 2

No Islands in Our Electric Universe
November 29, 2019


In part two of our discussion with physicist Wal Thornhill, we continue to explore the ongoing "crisis in cosmology."


We ask Wal for his thoughts on a number of recent discoveries which stunningly affirm a core tenet of the electric cosmology - no "islands" exist in a Universe where the predominant organizational force is electromagnetism.