by DarkEmperor

July 29, 2010

from YouTube Website


On November 8, 2009, the SyFy television network (in association with NBC News) broadcast a major two-hour television Special, following the Hyperdimensional research currently being conducted by Richard C. Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission into "the Physics Behind 2012."


The research is exploring "potential catastrophic events" that Earth might encounter in 2012... specifically, because of Hyperdimensional Physics; Hoagland was both a key participant, as well as a Consulting Producer, for the "2012" SyFy Special.

On November 21- Special to the Secrets Conference - Hoagland presented "the rest of the 2012 story..."

Extraordinary new information, not broadcast in the show - including, new images from NASA's just-completed, baffling, "LCROSS unmanned lunar mission" - verifying his startling research discovery of a fundamental link, between NASA... John Kennedy... and "2012!"

Leading to the crucial question:

what does President Barack Obama know?

Hoagland's startling presentation also includes explicit, first-time, official government documentation - discovered by Hoagland this past summer - revealing exactly "who" ultimately ordered President Kennedy killed... and "why."