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Brett Green has written a series of five limited edition books called Tales of a Warrior. With a printing of 1000 copies each they quickly sold out. In July 1999 book six sold out in the first few weeks of release.

Book seven will is now available. It is titled
The Gympie Pyramid Story and is available from Awareness Quest. Book seven contains all the pyramid theories and includes over 20 pictures detailing stone columns and artifacts left in the district by a non-aboriginal race - before the aboriginals! Includes a photograph of the Pyramid.


Witness hieroglyphs on 6 meter high stone columns of an unknown race...


Photos taken on glass plates in the Gympie area by one of Brett’s ancestors about 1890 depict 4 statues approx 1 meter high .


What was an Easter Island head doing in Gympie?. The other statues are of a dogs head, and two types of Marsupials. Following is a list of some of the artifacts found in the Gympie District, Queensland Australia.


See location maps below:



The Gympie Ape

A stone ape statue possibility 3000 years old. The statue was unearthed in 1966 on Mr. Dal K. Berrys Wolvi Rd property. The ape is made of conglomerate iron stone and shows a squatting ape figure. ("click" on images to enlarge)

It is believed to represent the Egyptian God “Thoth” in ape form.


Source: The Gympie Times 30/10/75


A smaller stone idol unearthed near the Gympie Pyramid is also believed to represent the Egyptian God “Thoth” in ape form clutching the Tau or the Cross of Life.


This statuette is badly weathered with age. Thoth was the god of writing & wisdom, depicted as an ape by the Egyptians until about 1000 BC when he became an Ibis-headed human bodied deity who recorded the judgment of the souls of Amenti, the after world. Thoth’s symbol was the papyrus flower.


Source: The Gympie Times 19/12/79



An ancient "Terraced Hill” at least 6000 years old has been found on the outskirts of Gympie off Tin Can Bay Road. The Pyramidal structure is 100 foot high and consists of a series of terraces up to 4 feet tall and eight feet across constructed of small and larger lumps of stone. It was recorded by the first white man into the area in the 1850's.




An ancient metal spoon, about 140mm long, of an unknown bronze alloy was found by Mr. Cyril Tindal in the vicinity of Mothor Mountain (Gympie).

  1. Metallurgists who have examined the spoon agree it is crude and hand forged and of great antiquity & has been matched with other examples from the ancient Middle East.

  2. Spoons like this one were made by blacksmiths for handling Mercury used in gold mining, which Gympie is known for.


Source: The Gympie Times 24/6/76


At Dogun, schoolboy Cliff Brown 13, found an elephant about 100mm high carved from beige granite.


It is thought to be the Hindu God “Ganesha”.







Excerpts from the book

The Gympie Pyramid Story

  • Near Gympie there are rumors of a stone city, buildings & pathways in dense rainforest.

  • A Spanish helmet was discovered at Tin Can Bay, not far from Gympie.

  • Symbols representing the ancient Egyptian God “Horus” are reportedly carved 60 feet up a cliff, about half a mile from...

  • The remnants of an ancient quarry. At the quarry a sandstone ridge has been cut away forming a causeway down which is believed slabs of rock were dragged. There are still some large blocks of stone at the site. A few weighing half a ton. They are badly weathered with age but at some stage they have been cut away from the cliff. Is this the ‘Rocks Road’ quarry where part of the standstone wall around the Gympie Surface Hill Uniting Church came from?

  • A stone carved to resemble someone wearing a turban. The turbaned head is 400mm long, 200mm wide from the nose to the back of the head and 240mm thick at the base of the neck. Could be of Phoenician origin?

  • Ancient open cut gold or copper mines have been found in the Gympie area & have been kept secret by Rex Gilroy to prevent unwanted destruction.

  • Not far from where the ‘Gympie Ape’ was ploughed up 10 years ago, Rex Gilroy claims to have excavated a hearth four feet underground from which he removed nodules of smelted bronze.

  • Unearthed at Noosaville on the Sunshine Caost, was an ancient Egyptian Jade Ankh or ‘Cross of Life’

  • A man unearthed a small gold scarab in 1959 which would have fitted into a matchbox.

  • Rex Gilroy hopes to locate mystery ruins which are said to exist in a heavily timbered area outside Gympie. The structures are said to be built of large stone blocks some of which are too big for any human to have moved under normal circumstances.

  • In 1976 Rex Gilroy was given a large fossilized jaw fragment of a giant marsupial unearthed on the Mary River by a farmer. Dating around 50,000 years it belongs to a Diprotodon optatum, a giant Wombat like marsupial up to twice the size of a Rhinoceros.

  • Mrs Irwin found a Macedonian coin of Alexander the Greats time on Wolvi Mountain.

  • Also, a man named Mr Bully found a masonic medallion in Gympie.

  • It is a known fact among Geologists that an ancient harbor once connected Gympie to Tin Can Bay as late as 1000 years ago. It was up this harbor according to ancient aboriginal tradition that the mysterious ‘culture heroes’ sailed to build the sacred mountain (the pyramid) and apparently mine the region taking the rubble out to sea in their ships which the aborigines claim were shaped like birds. This might suggest the bird headed prows of the old Phoenician triremes. The ocean used to be at Gympie because in places 2 foot down is fine beach sand.

  • Dutch clay pipes have been found in Aboriginal middens on Fraser Island.

  • The discovery on Fraser Island of a Celtic lead fishing weight lends credence to a Celtic or European involvement in the area about 700 years ago.

  • An onyx scarab was unearthed near Kingaroy many years ago. TRUTH ROBBED FROM HUMANITY.... AGAIN

  • At Tin Can Bay a pyramid once existed before being bulldozed onto a barge and the stone dumped off Fraser Island (Qld). The 10-12 men involved in this operation had to sign secrecy agreements with the Australian Government - never to tell anyone of their operation to steal more of our past from us.



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