Vela Supernova





The above map shows the position of our solar system (Earth) relative to the Vela and Crab supernova remnants from a perspective the looks down onto the galactic plane.


The dot labeled "NPS" indicates the position of the North Polar Spur supernova remnant (age ~1 million years).


Vela is the second closest supernova remnant to us, but is also the closest supernova remnant among the class of middle age to young supernova remnants.


Among the class of young supernova remnants (age < 1000 years), the Crab remnant is the closest to us. Interestingly, both are marked by pulsars.


Curiously, these two remnants lie almost the same distance from our Galactic-center-anticenter sighting line. It is also curious that Vela lies so close to the Galactic plane, its remnant center deviating by less than 2 degrees.