Prince Izon

A Romance of the Grand Canyon



In 1910 James Paul Kelly had written Prince Izon - A Romance of The Grand Canyon, a fictional account which has modern-day Aztecs living in a hidden city in the Grand Canyon.


When I first discovered this book quite by accident, my immediate reaction was that the subject matter and date of publication seemed extremely coincidental to the 1909 Gazette article, Kincaid having discovered the cave in 1908 and this book appearing just two years later.

There is a cryptic and interesting message which the author placed on the first page of the book as a type of dedication which reads:

"To those who read this as they run, this work may lack the unconventional moral of the wicked being punished and of the just being rewarded in proportion.


The esoteric, those who read between the lines, may perhaps find a hidden meaning that reveals a significance of preferred interest to themselves."

- The Author.

Was James Paul Kelly influenced by reading about the 1909 discovery and perhaps inspired to write "Prince Izon?"... and what is the "hidden meaning" in this book?