by Steven M. Greer, MD.

Strategic Overview


Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of
Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electro-gravitic systems. The open literature is replete with well-documented technologies that have surfaced, only to later be illegally seized or suppressed through systematic abuses of the national security state, large corporate and financial interests or other shadowy concerns.

Technologically, the hurdles to achieve what is called over-unity energy generation by accessing the teeming energy in the space around us are not insurmountable. Numerous inventors have done so for decades. What has been insurmountable are the barriers created through the collusion of vast financial, industrial, oil and rogue governmental interests.

In short, the strategic barriers to the widespread adoption of these new electromagnetic energy-generating systems far exceed the technological ones. The proof of this is that, after many decades of innovation and promising inventions, none have made it through the maze of regulatory, patenting, rogue national security, financial, scientific and media barriers that confront the inventor or small company.


Categories of Suppression

Our review of now-obscure technological breakthroughs show that these inventions have been suppressed or seized by the following broad categories of actions:

• Acquisition of the technology by 'front' companies whose intent have been to 'shelve' the invention and prevent the device from coming to market.
• Denial of patents and intellectual property protection by systematic action by the US and other patent offices.
• Seizure or suppression of the technology by the illegal application of section 181 of the US Patent law or other illegal applications of national security provisions that result in the technology being classified or deemed "of significance to the national security". Note that these applications are illegal actions taken by rogue, unsupervised individuals and entities who are working in collusion with interests to suppress these technologies.
• Abuses by other regulatory or licensing entities, including but not limited to rogue elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy and others.
• Targeting the inventor or company with financial scams, illegal financial arrangements that lead to the demise of the company, and similar traps.
• Systematic interception of funds and essential financial support needed to develop and put into mass application such a fundamental new energy source.
• A pattern of harassment, bomb-threats, theft and other shadowy actions that frighten, intimidate and demoralize those inventing, holding or developing such technologies; significant bodily harm and murder have also apparently occurred.
• Inducements through significant financial buy-outs, offers of positions of power and prestige and other benefits to the owner of such technologies to secure their cooperation in suppressing such technologies.
• Scientific establishment prejudice and rejection of the technology in light of unconventional electromagnetic effects thought to be not possible by current scientific conventional wisdom.
• Corruption of scientific entities and leaders through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or shadowy private projects that intend to suppress such devices.
• Corruption of major media entities and key figures through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or private shadowy projects that intend to suppress such devices.

A small inventor or company can in no way overcome such obstacles. Therefore, a strategic plan and capability commensurate with these barriers must be devised and executed in order for these new technologies to succeed.


Implications of our Success

SEAS defines success as the widespread adoption of these new, non-polluting energy and propulsion systems so that the use of oil, gas, coal, nuclear power and other earth damaging sources of energy are effectively replaced. It should be noted that such an undertaking will impact 4.5 trillion dollars a year in world economic activity, replace the current geo-political order with one based on decentralized abundance, and enable humanity to attain a long-term, environmentally sustainable civilization.

It is safe to say that the advent of such new energy systems will be the greatest technological, industrial, geopolitical and cultural revolution in known human history. No aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected by it - and this is precisely why such technologies have been suppressed.

The cartels and interests that prefer to see the status quo continue - even at the cost of environmental erosion, destabilizing world poverty and the like - are very substantial. The idea that an inventor or company can simply roll out such technological breakthroughs as a traditional development and succeed is preposterous. They will be stopped at one step or another unless adequate funding, power and inter-locking strategic capabilities exist to ensure success. In short, the normal business and technological challenges to the successful release of a new technology are dwarfed by the special circumstances and barriers facing these new energy systems. The strategic plan, business plan and leadership of SEAS are established to meet these unique challenges.


A Plan for Action

Headed by CEO
Steven M. Greer MD, SEAS is specifically designed to lead and assure that new technologies become widely known and applied. This means the simultaneous orchestration of the following key strategic components:

• Identification and rigorous independent scientific testing of 'over unity' electromagnetic and electrogravitic energy and propulsion systems (three independent lab tests are required to confirm results).
• Research and development activities to create end-use, commercially practical and viable energy generation systems.
• Intellectual property protection and patenting programs in the US and overseas that avoid triggering section 181 and similar actions from the rogue national security interests.
• Scientific community education activities to create a core of mainstream and respected scientific and institutional support for this new science.
• Political and governmental education activities to create firm support among political leaders, friendly government agencies, regulatory entities and others; an associated PAC (Political Action Committee) will need to provide support to those political leaders and groups that can in turn create real political currency in favor of these new energy systems.
• Offshore (non-US) redundancy of technologies, resources and structural systems to ensure longevity in the event of catastrophic actions against the company or technology in the US.
• Mass media and public support creation by professional disclosure of the technology as soon as it is secured; such mass communications disclosure of the technology entails enlisting a top five PR firm and mass media release of scientific and government laboratory findings in support of the claims of the technology. This plan also requires the ability to complete a massive media buy of ad space in the event that the media refuses to carry the story (we have sources inside the media and the rogue national security structures that have confirmed that the media has been and is controlled on these and related issues and that it is prudent to plan for some degree of media obstruction). It is important to recognize that some 70% of Americans are concerned with the future of the environment and sustainability issues and that this majority of the population can become a powerful force of support should attempts to suppress the technologies occur.
• Careful liaison to existing mass movement groups and institutions that would naturally support the release and widespread adoption of such new energy systems; these include environmental organizations and agencies, anti-poverty groups and agencies, conservation and energy groups, international development groups and agencies, etc.
• Out-reach to oil producing countries and interests to negotiate performance-based inclusion of their interests in the dissemination of these new technologies, thus 'hedging' the negative long-term economic impact of these technologies on their core economic foundation. The concept here is to make potential adversaries interested allies - but with specific performance criteria that would preclude the obstruction or 'shelving' of the technology.
• Education and development of further support within specific national security, military and intelligence arenas already friendly to the release of these technologies; a substantial level of support has been identified and can be further cultured in support of the safe and orderly release of these energy systems.
• Careful internal structural management of SEAS that precludes the possibility of a hostile takeover or suppression of the technology; the CEO and President,
Steven M. Greer MD has controlling legal authority over the company and has a proven track record of specifically not bowing to financial inducements, threats and the like. For more than 10 years, Dr. Greer has been involved in disclosing the most exquisitely sensitive information and has consistently remained free of the influence of financial inducements and threats - though these have occurred.
• The inventors of these technologies will be specifically insulated from such threats and pressures, legal or otherwise, since the technology will be assigned to the company via a professional licensing agreement that protects the inventor; the inventor is further assured that the device will be massively disclosed and disseminated by a clause that allows the technology to revert back to the inventor should SEAS not perform under specific criteria within a specified time.

This brief overview illustrates the depth and breadth of the minimum strategy needed to move these technologies forward - and overcome the significant hurdles that exist in the status quo. Such an undertaking requires careful orchestration of all strategic components with adequate funds to accomplish the task. The strategy cannot be dictated by the level of available funds. On the contrary, funding must be dictated by these strategic requirements, without which success is impossible. A detailed Phase I business plan is nearing completion.


Three Phases of Existence

The objectives, planned actions, and budget for each phase of the company flow from the strategic necessities of that phase.

  • Phase I involves the identification and scientific testing and verification by three independent, recognized testing groups of the candidate technologies. Phase I will require up to $500,000 in capitalization. Without solicitation, SEAS has already attracted nearly one-third of that figure from wealthy investors.

  • Once a bona fide energy generation system is identified and triple-tested and is under license to the company, Phase II begins. It is during Phase II that the technology must be secured, intellectually protected, further developed and disclosed. The strategic elements briefly outlined above must be orchestrated during this phase, the culmination of which is the massive public disclosure of the technology. This phase is estimated to cost between $2 million and $20 million, depending on the degree of development of the identified technology. Public figures in business and politics have assured SEAS the necessary funds for Phase II upon presentation of a tested device.

  • At the completion of the public disclosure of the technology, SEAS will quickly move to Phase III, during which an IPO and horizontal and vertical licensing activities will occur. We estimate that in order to survive further suppression actions, several billions dollars in capitalization will be needed during Phase III. It is during this Phase that the device will enter mass production, distribution and application.

SEAS CEO Steven M. Greer MD has a vast network of scientists, government contacts, political leaders, public supporters, financial backers, friendly military and national security contacts, media contacts and others to bring to this undertaking. A substantial 'brain trust' has already been identified and is ready to spring into action in support of these objectives. These include Ambassadors, prominent celebrity spokespeople, major media figures who have already agreed to help disclose the new technologies- and many others. And millions of people know of his work and can be marshaled to publicly support the objectives and needs of SEAS.

It is our goal that these new electromagnetic technologies replace virtually all fossil fuel, internal combustion and ionizing nuclear technologies within 20-30 years. Obviously, this is the greatest industrial re-tooling in world history and will require cooperation among industrial, scientific, governmental, financial, national security, international security, military and business groups. Our business plan focuses on fostering such cooperation by making it more attractive than opposition. Once the technology is scientifically proven and disclosed, many companies will appear that will assist in this technological revolution, and SEAS will simply be a leader among many. We welcome this development.

SEAS will have associated with it a substantially endowed foundation that will support international humanitarian efforts and environmentally sustainable development around the world, as well as world peace programs and other worthy projects needed to ensure a peaceful and enduring future for humanity.