by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

from DrBoylan Website

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here is a significant scoop from Richard Boylan. It discusses the training special forces receive in dealing with extraterrestrial visitors and extraterrestrials incarnated in human bodies (star seeds). Some of these methods include taking out extraterrestrials living among us.

I have discussed evidence of ETs living among us. Dr Boylan discusses the growing schism between two factions he describes as white hats and the cabal. This mirrors what we are seeing at the more conventional political level where moderate republicans/democrats are united against the neo-conservative influence.
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Michael Salla, PhD



Rarely do Star Seeds and Star Kids get an inside glimpse at how the Cabal make use of the secrecy and classification within military and intelligence units to exploit government units to do their work. Recently I have been contacted by a Green Beret Colonel who eventually worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) until quitting in disgust a little over a year ago. He now wants to whistle-blow on what he was ordered to do.

During the years 2000-2005, this Colonel worked for the NSA, Third Echelon. Towards the end of this period, Colonel “Shadow” was in charge of a 53-man training platoon at Area 51 made up of super-elite Special Forces, the best of Green Berets, SEALS, and DELTA Force. It was called Task Force White Tail, and its mission labeled Operation Star Gazer.

The training took place at the subterranean Area 51/S-4 complex in Nevada, and concentrated on counter-operations in urban settings, and specialized in dealing with situations involving Star Visitors in close proximity: how to deal with incoming telepathic communication, mental imagery-sending, and mental cloaking by the Visitors' of their actual appearance.


The training also involved function and use of advanced weapons that subdue, immobilize or terminate Star Visitors, as ordered.

The training also encompassed dealing with Star Seed adults and even Star Kids, who have double-handfuls of psychic and other paranormal abilities. Task Force training involved how to evade, confuse, and dissemble, so as to throw off the Star Kids'/Seeds' "reading" of the Special Forces operative, how to counter their psychic abilities with countervailing psychic force, or psychotronic or other directed-energy weapons devices, how to break them and super-interrogate them.

At a more exotic level, the training included psychological instruction in how not to be attracted to, or drawn in by, these Star Seeds/Kids, and how to try to win them over to join the group that put on this training. The Colonel said there was more training involved, but felt he has said enough with this.

The broad implications of training like Task Force White Tail is that the Cabal foresees and is actively planning for the day when the UFO Cover-Up falters, and it is "necessary" to round up Star Seeds who could cause the Cabal trouble, and to interdict and subdue any Star Visitors who are on the ground.

At first, his special-branch NSA superior officer did not tell him what the psi and other special training was for. But the Colonel kept pushing until he learned what the actual objectives were. Upon learning these, the Colonel lost stomach for being further involved in such an enterprise, and resigned.

And upon further reflection, he decided to reach out to one or more other Star Seeds to see what could be done about thwarting this Cabal instrumentality's horrific plans. He then contacted me, and divulged this information.

And now you have it.


Soon after having engaged in dialog with Colonel Shadow, trust had built to the point where the Colonel’s older son, “Ghost” decided to contact me also and share his perspective on how alert Intelligence insiders were becoming to the Cabal infiltrators among them.

Ghost is a DELTA Force operator. His military career began in 1996 when he received an appointment to the United States Military Academy, West Point. After graduating, he was assigned to the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He was soon promoted to DELTA Force (1st Special Operations Operational Detachment-Delta), with further training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Ghost has risen to the rank of Major in the U.S. Army.

Ghost is proud to follow in the footsteps of his father, a legend in military intelligence circles, and emulates his high standards and genuine (Constitutional) patriotism.

Ghost gives heartening news from the inside about how many NSA agents that formerly were unwittingly doing tasks (dirty work) for the Cabal have now been wised up as to who was behind their trumped-up orders. These informed NSA “White Hats” are making themselves "disappear" so they are no longer available for such misuse.

Ghost tells me that it takes years to properly train an agent, so the loss of these personnel is really hurting the Cabal. Let me have you hear it in his own words.


"And yes, it is good what is happening within the Intelligence world. The Cabal's resources (agent-wise) have been greatly reduced within the past year. Although this will not take them out of power, it will keep certain, little tasks from being accomplished with such ease. Either way, it is a fight towards the greater good, and maybe one day we can restore this once-great Nation into a habitable, peaceful place where people can be proud to live, and where the Constitution plays the appropriate role that our forefathers (some of them) intended it to play. We may not live to see that great day, but I have a feeling we will. Everything has a purpose, and nothing happens on accident. We are all part of this fight for good, and I am glad that we met, Dr. Boylan. Without you, I may not have made some of my recent decisions."

So, the Cabal is weakening why we are growing stronger. This is good news for the outcome of the Transition from corrupt Fourth World society to a transformed Fifth World one.


The other night I had an extensive conversation with "Sting", the younger son of ex-NSA Colonel "Shadow", and "Ghost"'s younger brother. Like his brother and his father, Sting is a Star Seed.

Sting wanted to make additional revelations, adding to what his father and older brother had shared with me. As with the other two, Sting not only gave permission to share what he revealed with the public, but said that was his explicit purpose in calling.

Sting joined the U.S. Air Force in 1998 and graduated from the Air Force Academy. Soon thereafter he joined the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI). His career movement up included assignment to the 16th Special Operations Wing and to the 4th Special Operations Squadron, the "Ghost Riders", with training at Hurlburt Field, within the sprawling Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

The 4th SpecOps is a rapid-deployable unit with global reach, specializing in infiltrating, re-supplying, and ex-filtrating U.S. and allied special-operations forces during long-range, low-level penetrations of hostile or denied territory at night.

Sting moved from there to the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI) in 2006. Sting says AFOSI gives the impression of being a law enforcement investigations unit. It is anything but, he says. While in AFOSI, he received orientation to "aliens" and related training.


This "training" including liberal amounts of disinformation designed to make sure AFOSI agents carried out orders. For example, Sting says that orientation included a supposed "history of hostile relations with the Star Visitors." The training propaganda was nuanced, with the indoctrination that "a small portion of the Star Visitors are rebels."

Sting was quite unsettled as he narrated an incident that made him decide to leave AFOSI. He received an assignment to travel to Germany and to find a man who was described as "a danger to U.S. Intelligence." Sting did his job and found the man one night. It was dark but he fired a fatal shot. As he drew closer to the dead man on the ground, Sting noticed that the man's pupils dilated enormously in death, causing his somewhat larger than human eyes to become all black.


The man had no hair, not even facial stubble. His skin was pale and reflected light in a manner different than human skin would. He was very slender with absolutely no body fat. He was unusually tall. Sting quickly realized that the man was a Star Visitor. He felt he had "screwed up". He had joined AFOSI to take out enemy agents, not Star Visitors.

He left AFOSI and joined another military-intelligence organization. During his time with that organization, he became aware of a super-elite covert intelligence unit that reports directly to the Pentagon. The unit's rumored cryptonym is "Clandestine Knights". So extraordinary is the mission of the Clandestine Knights that Sting wanted to be sure word got out about it.

The Clandestine Knights unit was created in June, 2006. It is composed of five teams of ten-each, made up of super-elite special forces operators, men and women from all Spec-Ops branches of the military:

  • Army DELTA

  • Navy Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU; formerly SEAL Teams 6 and 8)

  • Air Force SpecOps Squadrons

  • Marine Corps SpecOps Command (MARSOC)

  • etc...

Sting has learned that the Clandestine Knights is an experiment closely watched by the Pentagon. Of its fifty members half are Star Seeds who are aware they are Star Seeds, and half are Star Seeds who are not aware of their identity and advanced potentials.

The experiment which a covert branch within the Pentagon is conducting is to determine the degree to which awareness of Star Seed identity makes a difference in the performance of these special operators in comparison with the Star Seeds who are not aware they are such.

I commented to Sting that this Clandestine Knights experiment is a watershed development within the military. I also commented that the outcome of the experiment is an obvious conclusion:

that Aware Star Seeds are going to vastly out-perform Unaware Star Seeds.

Aware Star Seeds are readily able to summon up various psychic and other high-development skills to augment traditional methods, or even stand alone as the superior tactics or strategies of choice for assignment situations.

Unaware Star Seed operators are going to use only conventional Spec-Ops methods.

I told Sting that the Pentagon is moving ahead with its dream of developing the Super-Soldier. (What they may not realize is that the Super-Soldier is not going to follow deceptive or immoral orders.)

Also important to note, I told Sting, is that the Cabal are going to derive pointers from this experiment: that it is important to keep Star Seeds in the dark as long as possible about their actual identity and advanced potentials.

Colonel Shadow and his two sons have taken considerable risk and suffered consequences already for sharing this information. Yesterday the Cabal cleaned out a bank account the Colonel maintained abroad, and ran up many tens of thousands of dollars on the Colonel's credit card number. Several days previously the Colonel ran into a roadblock and was the object of an attempted assassination. He narrowly escaped with his life, although sustained a leg wound.

What are the implications of these striking revelations?

The military and intelligence communities have not only accepted the reality of Star Kids and adult Star Seeds, they have determined that these are the recruits of choice!

Further, the nature of who Star Kids/Seeds are is revolutionizing the way military and intelligence operations are going to be conducted. Skills in marksmanship are going to be supplanted by skills in remote-viewing, telekinesis, and remote-influencing, just to mention three skill areas.

  • Will Star Seeds cause the military to evolve away from killing and brute force towards a more smart-force operation utilizing such elements as, for example, future-sight, enhanced persuasion, and non-violent containment?


  • Will Star Seeds cause the intelligence agencies to become obsolete, as these new non-violent (Clandestine) Jedi Knights manage information-gathering and usage in the course of their societal proctoring?

In the past, some of us have seen the military and intelligence communities as an obstacle to society's moving into transformed just, peaceable Fifth World.

It may well be the irony of our times that the Star Seeds within such organizations may be among those hastening such an overdue Transition.