by Stephen Bassett
August 11, 2009
AMDC Exopolitics Examiner

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Stephen Bassett is a political activist and the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group and the political action committee X-PPAC. He is the creator of the Paradigm Clock and a political columnist and commentator. He can be reached at :

Within the framework of the exopolitical advocacy underway "Disclosure" is defined simply as the,

"formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."

Most would agree that day will be a pretty big deal.

As the Disclosure event nears it is not surprising that people who have considerable emotional investment in the UFO/ET issue are becoming excitable. This will likely continue and intensify. Before too many hyperventilate and pass out all together it might be useful to visit again what Exopolitics is and is not.

Exopolitics is simply a new field of study - one that might more appropriately be called "exopolitical science" – and any chemistry or physics major will tell you, like political science, exopolitical science is not really a science. No surprise there.

“Political science” is an academic field of study and “politics” has a more personal, grass roots usage.


The same will be the case with the new genre. However, without the mainstream academic study of “exopolitical science,” the term "Exopolitics" is presently used in both capacities.

For now the terms “Exopolitics ” and “exopolitical science” are not yet recognized by standard dictionaries or encyclopedias, but they will be soon enough. Inculcation into mainstream curricula will take longer and will not happen until after Disclosure.

"A new world if you can take it."


American colleges and universities are increasingly reactionary, electing to follow and not challenge either authority or the status quo. Certainly the unwillingness of nearly 5000 institutions of higher learning to engage the UFO/ET issue over six decades is the greatest intellectual failure in history. Tenure überall.

Is Exopolitics a “movement?” Only in the sense that an effort is underway to place it into the aforementioned dictionaries, encyclopedias and colleges. But there will be many exopolitical movements, initiatives, etc. with the Disclosure movement being the most important at this time.

Is Exopolitics trying to replace Ufology? No.

  • Ufology is the scientific study of unidentified flying objects.

  • Exopolitics (exopolitical science) is the study of the social and political history, implications, projected future and engagement of the UFO/ET phenomenon.

Ufology, by proving the extraterrestrial hypothesis, helped trigger the emergence of Exopolitics. There are many instances in history when scientific developments generated great political implications. This is another such instance.

Why is Exopolitics important right now? Further understanding of the UFO/ET phenomenon is blocked by a formal government policy of containment – the truth embargo. Going forward requires changing this policy, and that is a political matter.

Will Ufology and Exopolitics ever be comfortable with each other? Not likely. The same tensions that exist between politics and science will be manifest in the new genre.


Pure science is a magnificent pathway to more precise understanding of the natural world. Political science is a messy, murky, imprecise attempt to understand the actions of human beings in societies. The raison d'etre of science is to develop theories and prove them. In political science nothing is “proved.” Human and institutional actions are observed, recorded and analyzed. Some of this data might be used to “predict” future events, but with a precision closer to that of calling point spreads for college basketball games.

Nevertheless, government policy, however derived, has great impact on the lives of billions of people every day. Government does not serve science, science serves government and is often abused by policies which are barely coherent let alone “scientific” in their application.

So, how is this new field of endeavor doing? Not too bad all things considered.


If you were to study in any depth the earliest days of the emerging fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy, and yes, political science, you would find chaos, bizarre concepts, endless battles over every new idea, and even bloodshed.

In this instance there is the non-trivial fact the U.S. government deliberately worked to undermine the citizen science/activism, distort the process of understanding and withhold the truth.


An enormous pressure built up due to this “truth vacuum.” Consequently, as the issue has moved toward resolution there has been a counterbalancing explosion of speculation and engagement of every aspect of the UFO/ET phenomenon and its history from every possible angle. The pendulum has undoubtedly swung too far in the other direction as pendulums are wont to do. Things will settle down with time.

What has been the most important contribution of Exopolitics? Its most important contribution has been the reaching out to the greater mass of people who do not care about the science of this phenomenon, but very much care about the governmental dysfunction behind the truth embargo and want to know what impact the UFO/ET issue will have on their lives and their country.

Recently, an Exopolitics conference was held in Sitges, Spain near Barcelona. Nearly 1400 people paid to attend and the average age of the attendees was between 30 and 35, which is much, much younger than audiences in the Unites States at this time for UFO/Exopolitics conferences. Exopolitics is spreading across Europe quickly because the truth embargo was not fully installed there. Europe simply followed the U.S. lead with a minimum of internal propaganda targeting the issue.

So it is that we are in transition toward a political resolution of the truth embargo and the formal introduction to the world of the reality of an extraterrestrial, non-human (as we know human) presence engaging the planet Earth. Think of it as a birthing process in which the labor has been going on for sixty-two years and the screams of the mother can be heard all the way to the moons of Jupiter.

Ufology vs. Exopolitics? No. Ufology and Exopolitics. Both are needed and both will be recognized for the contributions made.


So many researchers who worked decades to understand the phenomenon have passed without seeing the core acceptance of the truth of the matter. When Disclosure takes places, there is no one in the UFO/ET realm that will not benefit.

In times past activists were generally despised for being an unwanted nuisance and truly despised when they were right. Whether or not they ever appreciate the exopolitical advocacy for Disclosure, the old guard researchers of Ufology will be vindicated and be a presence in the post-Disclosure world. The power of the World Wide Web will ensure this.

The beauty of the coming paradigm shift in world view is that everyone crosses the paradigm line together. No one is first. No one is last.


Perhaps in this new world everyone will get along. Riiiiight.