posted on 22-6-2007 @ 04:25 PM
from AboveTopSecret Website




Let me begin this post by saying that I realize, as a new member, many people will be very skeptical of what I am about to say.


I also realize that in the past ATS (Above Top Secret) has been the recipient of several hoaxes/scams that went on for months before being uncovered, so I do not expect anyone to believe what I am going to reveal in its entirety (though what I am about to say is the truth). I accept this and acknowledge that skepticism is necessary in any quest for the truth. I only hope that the moderators on ATS will give me the time to disclose the information I have before they make the mistake of categorizing it as a hoax.

First, let me describe how I found this site and why I chose to post here. To be clear... I did not 'find' this site as much as I have been monitoring it for 5+ years. I am well aware of the personal battles, hoaxes, and accurate information that has appeared here over the years. I know what ATS has gotten wrong and right.


Why do I know this?


Because part of my position with the government involves monitoring sites like these in hopes of 'feeling out' the public's possible reaction to topics like UFOs/ET presence. I did not create a membership beforehand because I have always been a listener. Now, however, there is something I need to speak out about.


Please hear me out:

About four months ago my job description changed dramatically. Whereas before I had been led to believe that ET Presence was a hoax designed to mislead America's enemies, I was suddenly (and with a dramatic demonstration) informed that ET Presence was real and that, as someone who specialized in cultural affairs, I would be tasked (among others) with preparing local and state governments for disclosure.


Though this was surprising in and of itself, what came to terrify me was the revelation that the ETs (though they are called 'Visitors' within the government) are actually not -- entirely -- the evil villains the public has, through popular culture, come to see them as.


They are, it turns out, extremely detached and interested in us purely for scientific reasons. Our government -- or parts of it, namely the military -- have decided, however, to treat the Visitors as hostiles.


My new job, as was described to me and apparently others, was to convince local governments that the ETs were hostile invaders so as to further the military's agenda regarding ETs. In other words... I was to write up 'spin' and propaganda that would help win the country's leaders over to our new 'war effort'.

This shocked me because I felt that it would lead our people into a dangerous and possibly world-ending situation. I feel that we cannot possibly defend against the Visitors (at least in a 'fighting' situation) and that the motives of the military are simply wrong-headed.


Don't get me wrong, though: I know that our military leaders are well-meaning and honestly do see the Visitors as a threat... I just think they're wrong.

Anyways, what ATS needs to know is that, around early August, a 'false flag' operation will occur that will make the ETs/Visitors look like they are attacking America. Do not believe it. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into a war with an enemy like that.

Sorry that I cannot verify my position as I have a family and assets that would surely be taken from me if my identity were revealed.