An eight-foot-five-inch Russian giant named Loushkin served as drum major in the imperial regiment of guards, Préobrajenskéy. A figure of him, dressed in his military outfit, was included by Madam Tussaud in her exhibition, along with casts of his thigh bone (twenty-six inches) and tibia (twenty-two inches).1


In 1882, at Charkow, Russia, a baby named Machnow was born. He eventually grew to a height of nine feet three inches and weighed three hundred and sixty pounds. Machnow thus became history's tallest man on record, with even the most conservative of British encyclopedias accepting the above figure as a true and accurate measurement. "From his wrist to the top of his second finger," reports the February 10, 1905, issue of The Times, "he measured 2 ft." The Russian giant exhibited in London, the United States, Germany, Holland, and elsewhere.2

Ukraine Giant Finds Lonely Fame


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