My Story

I do not hold any degrees or weight in the scientific community. The controllers strategy is to get the story out through obscure sources. I fit right in there, being simply the son of a musician. I was raised in Los Angeles in a community of some influence to the entertainment industry. The section of the San Fernando Valley called Toluca Lake was my home. Andy Griffith lived next door and Bob Hope down the street.

I add pop media phrases and lingo throughout this work. The media controlled generation is in part whom I’m trying to get this message out to. These younger people have the strength to adapt in the aftertimes. My father’s a movie and music producer, singer, song writer, actor, author, director and all around cool guy named Lee Hazlewood. He’s worked with (among others) Frank and Nancy Sinatra (mainly Nancy).


His most notable material was a #1 hit song he wrote and produced and then was performed by Nancy titled “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. (“One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you.” is a line from the song.) There were several other hits Nancy and Lee had together. Lee also produced a beautiful tune with Frank that was titled “Something Stupid” and it hit # 1 on the charts too.

I had every opportunity to get into the entertainment field. The most I ever did was practice singing, acting and write a few poems. Given the success I grew up around, I felt that I could do anything I wanted, so I naively went about trying to make this world a better place.

Back in the middle 1970’s, at the age of 19, I started work for a budding solar corporation. It had the technology to create photovoltaic solar cells with efficiencies that could undercut the cost of fossil fuels and nuclear in the creation of electricity. After a dozen years of working on an off for this company, (because of financial difficulties) it became clear that we were held in our tracks by the controllers. They effectively used several different legal and financial maneuvers to stop our efforts.

There still exists a way to create electricity under the price of fossil fuels and nuclear through photovoltaics, although now I’m sure even this technology is outdated compared to what has been developed and withheld from the energy marketplace. There also exists a way to cheaply convert any vehicle to run off of liquid hydride (safe hydrogen). This can be inexpensively created with this solar technology. It all worked together to form a complete 24 hr. alternative to the madness and pollution of oil and nuclear power.

This holding back and shelving of cleaner, safer and less expensive technology for personal interests is all in a days work for the controllers that have their vested interests in mind. Raising the standard of living or quality of life and wiping out pollution around the globe was the primary goal of the company I worked for. This would have taken a vast amount of wealth and power out of the controllers pockets had our company succeeded. Now the 100’s of articles about this company rest in dated publications of The Wall Street Journal, Washington post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times among dozens of others. It’s old news and at present not very important at that.

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The Twilight Zone

It is now past the year 2000. You may be aware that disinformation is a part of the landscape of this world. Some very real issues have consistently been swept under the table as part of this campaign. I’m going to introduce you to a few that are perhaps unfamiliar to you. I urge you to keep an open mind if this happens to be your first exposure. This world has entered into The Twilight Zone with only some people realizing it. In reality it’s been there all along.


Developing your own insight and intuition is now imperative for your survival. The ability to know what you should do from moment to moment in the middle of lies and chaos has to be developed by each individual. Each person has to find their own unique way. Turning inward to find answers to questions is a skill that you need to begin doing or attempting to do immediately.


Some of the subject matter that I’m going to bring up in the past you might have ignored. Take everything presented with an open mind. Understand your mind has been manipulated without your being aware for purposes of control. Certain subjects have been taken off your table because these controllers believed that they could exploit you better without it. You’ve been taught through media manipulation to scoff or disbelieve what is common knowledge elsewhere.

Finding and recognizing your direct connection to a universal collective mind that exists or at least your inner self needs to be turned on high from this point on in your life. There is very little time left. Read this book with much more thought and depth than you would the daily news. Getting used to the unusual sign posts or subject matter in the Twilight Zone of this world is the only way you’re going to survive if you plan on being apart of the next and there will be a next.


The regularity of Planet X’s passage and destruction has not stopped the world from reaching now 6 billion plus people. So don’t take a defeatist attitude and say it’s not survivable. It may in fact not be survivable in certain areas and that is all you can conclude. Most of the society you’ve grown accustom to is coming to a quick violent end in 2003. Some places sooner than that will find disaster at their front door.

I cannot urge you enough to start finding your second sight now. This is a very unique task and is different from individual to individual so I can’t explain how to do it or expect my way to work for you. Perchance only letting you know it is possible and then you creating the DESIRE to do so is all it takes. After finding this inner voice or second sight, your whole view of the world will change. It’s the difference between just owning a computer and having one connected to the internet.


With your own inner voice, the challenges of the next world will be overcome and the opportunities, excitement and adventure will be immense. Again from this point on you need to set aside any disbelief until you’ve finished with this book. At that time ask, find, pray for or question your higher, deeper or inner self and see if you can get an answer in your own unique way. What your conscious rejects will not always effect your unconscious.


This part of your mind will begin to work, figure things out and put it together for you, whether you realize or not in time enough for you to make the decision to bust out and away for your survival.


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Controllers of old in San Francisco

The great San Francisco Earthquake was first known to have happened in 1868. The Haywood fault moved and destroyed San Francisco. The government controllers of the day commissioned a study to find out why it had happened to see if could happen again. The geologist discovered The San Andreas Fault to the west and the Haywood Fault to the east of San Francisco.


The conclusion was that the relatively small city should not be rebuilt or encouraged to grow, being between these two major faults. The powerful financial interests (controllers of the day) destroyed this report. This conspiracy led to the next great San Francisco quake which most are familiar with in 1906. The conspiracy continued after this second great San Francisco quake.


The newspapers of the day said that only about 500 people had died when if fact more than six times that perished. They also decided to call it The Great San Francisco Fire to play down the faulty reason for it. Real estate prices and future commerce are the reasons for the cover-up as usual.

This is a minor conspiracy compared to what we face today. Our whole planet will be again changed dramatically by the passing of Planet X. Again its the powerful financial controllers of today that want to keep what they have going as long as they can before it all collapses at the expense of billions of lives. The cataclysmic earth changes caused by X passing will change the world so completely these controllers know they won’t be held accountable.

1985 Mexico City Earthquake
There are documentaries that explain this now openly on TV. Once enough time passes the cover up gets out with nobody caring about it anymore. There’s no further need to withhold the information. What people don’t seem to care about or realize is this same process of media manipulation is on going. The process of covering up did not stop because you learned about it happening in a past event.


The 1985 Mexico City quake official death toll was 6000. The real death toll was well over 10,000. Again the reason was big financial interests (controllers) wanting to play down the reality for future commerce such as tourism and to hold up real estate prices. These are just a couple of the many past cover-ups that are common knowledge. This does happen on a regular basis for reasons that can only be described in one word “greed”.

Florida’s 1992 Hurricane Andrew

Find and talk to the survivors and individuals who were directly involved in the checking of wreckage for bodies. There were officials that were down at homestead while the hurricane was going through and knew zero about what was going on right in front of their noses afterwards. If you choose to research this story make sure you ask pointed questions of the people you interview.


Did they just drive through or did they get a chance to walk through the neighborhoods before the clean up crews did their body checks. Some honorable National Guardsmen had direct knowledge of the clean up and can give you the real story. Thousands of lives were lost. In one apartment building alone only 12 people survived out of 810 units!

The best weather reports had Andrew hitting north of Homestead, Florida until 11 PM. One hour later at midnight the winds started. Since there were no mandatory evacuations for this area of 400,000 people, most decided to stay home and ride it out.

A wind speed indicator broke when it registered 214 miles an hour at the Homestead Air Force Base. There were 8600 of just trailer homes alone wiped off the face of Homestead, Florida that night. Again the majority of these families were home at the time. Do a little math. Now think about all the additional flattened neighborhoods, 1000’s of individual homes, the apartments plus hotels where the rest of the 400,000 were at. Many stayed and died.

For weeks afterwards much of the effort going on was cordoning off the area, sealing it up and keeping it from view. Their excuse of course was they didn’t want to allow looters in. This was solely an affront agenda. Each day hundreds of bodies and body parts were found picked up and loaded into closed refrigerator trucks. This process proceeded over and over again, day after day for several weeks.


Helping survivors was not part of the program of the clean up thugs. In some cases weeks went by with no help to the people who needed it most. What the media was allowed to show through the news outlets about this storm tragedy was completely sugar-coated. Truckload after truckload of refrigerated bodies and body parts were carried off to make shift crematoriums located at the garbage dumps. If you are the slightest bit skeptical, I challenge you to make a trip to Homestead Florida and start questioning people who survived that are still there.


There this knowledge is common and the stories endless. It may be worth it to you to find out without a shadow of doubt how the controllers manipulate the media. Much of the effort was to hide the large death toll. Hundreds of badly hurt people died because getting help to them was not the priority. Protecting the financial interests of Florida was all the clean up crew leaders had in mind. After swallowing this hard ball, you will have a clear idea about how the controllers are handling the knowledge of the regular passage in 2003 of Planet X and the expected wipe out of the majority of this society.

If you ran across the so-called authorities that were in charge of regulating this clean up or cover up work in South Florida, they were dressed in plain black with simple badges on. If you seemed in dire need of medical attention and asked for help from them, these official creeps might have put a gun to the back of your head. Next, they would tell you to shut up and mark your social security number on your person.


They would then explain to you next time they came around this social security number would be needed to identify your body when they pick it up. This was all the help one could hope for from these guys. These paid for goons had no time to help survivors in need because the work of cleaning up and covering up bodies was their only job. If the true extent of this disaster got out, the property values and tourism market would have dried up. Florida’s controlled financial interests couldn’t have that.

Some of the in the know National Guard that helped out had a total body count of 5200 circulating amongst themselves. What our controlled media is still saying is anywhere from 22-57 dead. Wake up world. Did you see the devastation from the helicopters of neighborhood after neighborhood completely destroyed? Remember, these people were home at the time expecting a storm to hit north of them. Again there were no mandatory evacuations in this area.


On top of this, most were complacent having never seen a killer storm like this in their lifetime experience and simply did not know what to expect. The insurance companies didn’t even have to pay 100s of families that were completely killed. When nobody is left, they say hooray, no one to pay.

Who Cares?
I mentioned the Mexico City and SF events because they are very well known. The deception is now documented and being presented from normal broadcast and cable television as in fact what it was, cover ups. Andrew was fairly recent. So what, you might say. To keep the money rolling in a few thousand deaths were covered up at different times and places. They didn’t actually do any of the killing. Mother nature did. It makes good since to save jobs and money.

Hundreds, after Hurricane Andrew, died because no help was forthcoming when covering up other bodies was the priority. Withholding the information about Planet X arriving is not about just a few hundred or thousand people. We’re talking about billions of lives. One of the ways for you to understand that this cover up is on going is to view the history of how similar smaller events have been handled previously. It should be clear to you that it’s all about the money. The people who control the international corporations run this world and not the puppet governments.


MONEY IS FIRST AND PEOPLES LIVES ARE SECOND. That’s just the way this world works.


The information about Planet X is looked at by the people who run the international corporations in terms of their bottom lines. For the most part if they don’t keep X under wraps, they lose too much money now and to hell with later. Since X is coming, making money later is questionable. All bets are off. Saving lives is not tops on their priority list. And that’s as real as it gets.

I do understand that there’s a large percentage of earth’s population that will perish no matter what is said or done. In spite of that, there are many millions of lives that could be saved if the powers that be decided to open up the information superhighway and media machine to Planet X.


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Gangsters They Are

Rulers Of Our World

There are many names given to these secret groups of people who have a significant influence over our thinking, money and lives. I could give a list of companies, individuals and family names that I’m sure would ring a few bells. I choose not to repeat these names that you may have heard or read previously time after time. The names and labels of their semi secret little organizations are irrelevant.


Some of them are the same names of approximately 200 that control a private trust in Puerto Rico that all your IRS tax money goes into. Most people have no clue that the IRS is a private company along with the Federal Reserve Bank that this trust pays into. The only benefit that the US government gets from this is that this private bank loans money to them for profit. Income Tax is a voluntary system and you give up your rights when you sign a 1040.


When the IRS goes after your property and assets they do so illegally without a court order or proof of wrong doing. Many of you will be sickened to find out this is true, and still others just won’t believe it. The media monsters have just been way too effective in perpetrating this lie. Many individuals have sued the IRS when finding this out and have been paid back the taxes they paid to the IRS with interest. The income tax system is a passé issue compared to what we’re looking at right around the corner.


The IRS will be gone soon but so will most of everything else. I only bring up my knowledge of the IRS so the few that do know this will understand that I’ve done my homework. I understand how this system we live in works, who’s on top and how they play the game and most importantly why most will not hear of the approach of X until they see it with their own eyes. These controllers don’t want the majority to know. You should feel like the privileged minority if you find out, comprehend and accept this truth in time enough to save yourself.

I’ve got a buddy of mine named Jay. He comes from a well to do family. They’re all highly educated and articulate. Jay’s father is a rather wealthy retired executive. Jay is very bright, exceedingly educated and even a creative musician in his 30’s. He is one of the few people who knew about X before I met him. For Jay it cannot arrive quickly enough. Jay and his father dislike some of the people and institutions of this society so much (this includes the IRS) that they’d be a lot happier if X arrived tomorrow rather than 2003.


I’ve got to laugh with him sometimes about his attitude because there’s a side to me that most definitely agrees with him. Truly what is wrong with this society simply can’t be fixed or improved. It has to start anew. Besides who am I to question God’s plan? I might as well just find the positives in it.

The chances that you will run across any of these controllers are slim to none. Like I’ve explained, I prefer to identify them by what they try their best to do, control. Power is their reason to live. Some of these controllers have the same mind set as street hoods. They feel first of all that power is something that they can’t get enough of. No matter how much money or influence they have, they are never satisfied. In order to get more of these two, they are willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder and destroy the environment. The world is not enough for them.

These people look like legitimate businessmen. Many have families that are at times unaware of what cheap street gangster mentality these people hide from them. They possess the right business suits, image, lingo, mannerisms, untold number of expensive adult toys, club memberships, connections and some with more money than they could ever spend. The reserves they govern are enormous and carefully hidden.


This wealth does not cover up their street gutter way of thinking if you look close. They are never happy with any monetary quantity or level of power. They feel because of their worth they are above the law and can get away with and step over anybody. I apologize to some street gangsters for my comparison. Some of these people are a lot more ethical and down to earth than these corporate controller gangsters.


Next time you see a conservative looking man in a business suit, don’t assume anything about him. He might very well be another thug blending in to the corporate world doing dirty deeds behind closed doors. These ego maniacs are interconnected within giant international corporations across the globe. Some are also part of various secret loose net organizations.


Others are in politics, royalty, law, entertainment, media, banking, pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, energy, NASA, military, the so-called justice system and many more. It stands to reason anywhere you find big money or power you’ll find them. They all don’t necessarily know each other. The fact is clear that certain people do their best to control whomever and whatever they can for their own selfish interests.

There are also some that hold no positions or titles and may in fact be the most influential and powerful of all. These people may have greater power in their position of anonymity. With their vast hidden wealth, they spend part of their days putting people in positions of power. These people have the titles and status in all and more of the above mentioned areas but not the true power...


The controllers play them like puppets on so many different strings for great financial and ego rewards.

The controllers know that the world is black, white and gray. There are straight arrows that resist being controlled in the world’s power game. I guess we can give thanks to a few that do look out for others. Still some will play the puppet game only partially. Then of course there are many whom are in it up to their necks. These are the ones that are fully aware that not to play the game, would mean their necks.

Many controllers are at times as ruthless as you can imagine. Cover ups, threats, blackmail and murder are just part of the game. If it comes down to murder, making it look like accidents, suicides or natural causes are part of the skills of the people that are hired. Sometimes to make a point, they make sure it looks like murder. Being at least one step removed from this contract about who and how its supposed to be done keeps their hands from ever getting dirty. Covering up the tracks of the ones on the front lines doing the dirty work is done by their media puppets. This keeps certain facts about the death out of the public’s eye.

This is how the control game is played at its worst. Most of the time there are easier solutions when initial cooperation is not forthcoming. Direct or implied threats work just as well the majority of the time. Even just the threat of future lost or lowered income is enough to keep most of the people at the ends of the puppet strings playing the controllers money and power games. Media are the easiest. Tell the wrong story once too often and you risk losing your license or more.

Sometimes a fall guy is created and he knows full well his role ahead of time and what it would mean if he didn’t go along with the program. If you’re aware or well read enough, you already accept and understand how things work in our world. There are some who turn away when presented with harsh realities mumbling “conspiracy theorists”. Well, I challenge you to find out for yourself, the truth of these matters.


If you have your head buried deep in the boob tube or are just getting by from week to week with a job and family, I can understand why you think the world is Father Knows Best and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with aliens being a silly idea. Even some well read and much too busy intellectuals have missed the boat on these issues. It really only takes paying a bit of attention to see at least a hint of some of these characters and situations being played out in this society.

Today the most influential controllers keep the live feeds to the Hubble telescope and Soho satellite from us for good reason. Planet X is almost here. They have already paid others to prepare themselves for their future survival. These people are not telling the public what they know. They even deal with each other on a need to know basis. They do have an enormously difficult Catch 22 to deal with.

If I were these controllers, I would do the honorable thing to save lives. I would announce the impending disaster today. This would ruin the financial and real estate markets instantly. This would start a depression world wide. Without money or credit there would be much death, starvation, panic and civil unrest well before the actual event. For people like myself that value human life, an honest bulletin of the pending events would be well worth it if it meant saving lives. A major immediate effect would be to get a large percentage of the population out of harms way and relying on themselves to survive well ahead of the shift.

Imagine if an honest announcement was made.

“Well folks, the world as you know it is about to be largely devastated by a shift of the poles caused by the strong magnetic or gravitational pull from a brown dwarf star that’s scheduled to pass by in late May or early June of 2003 on it’s regular orbit. Sorry but we don’t possess the resources to help you. You’re on your own. We’ve known about it for a couple decades but have withheld the information from you for the purpose of maintaining societies structure which translates into greed and control purposes”.

I suspect a few people would be a little irate at this late disclosure. This is one of the minor reasons for the cover up of the most important news in all history. Tipping their hats risks the majority of everything they possess and control, which is of course slightly closer to their main concerns. These people are already prepared for the aftertimes so why would they want to ruin the world they control now while its still in their hands.

Besides people might find out where they have set themselves up. The very last thing they want is for droves of hungry refugees on foot with no gas for their SUV’s ending up outside of their well hidden enclaves. Maybe if they cared about the billions of lives that could be saved, they would throw caution to the wind and come straight out with what they know and let the chips fall where they may. NOT! It ain’t gunna happen.


If they had any heart or courage, this would most certainly be the honorable thing to do. Heart, courage, and honor, where do we find these traits in this world of money and power today? Too few places is the broad answer.

This story has already gotten out from several different sources and the unusual twist is the controllers want it too! Inside these groups of insiders, in the know, exist some that do care. The greediest wield the most power however, so the truth is simply leaked unofficially in several ways. The leaks are many, otherwise I wouldn’t have run across this information myself. Do you really think the most important story in the history of mankind that will effect the entire world’s population could possibly be covered up completely?


My having discovered this is not all that special. What may be unusual or unique is that after I stumbled onto the story and checked it all out, then I decided to present the information back out to the public at large in a way that adds a lot of pointed conciseness, clarity and even a little entertainment value to it. Even the end has to be sold if you want a chance at regard. In this case popularity would mean saving lives.

These controllers are using one of their most sophisticated tactics to confuse and warn the public at the same time. The smoke and mirrors ploy is part of how they’re hiding and revealing it. If a story is so big, shocking and has so many ramifications that it simply can’t be told truthfully, letting it leak out and shading it with half truths is the way it must be presented.


This also has the added benefit of making sure that nobody gets held accountable for the cover up. Partially false stories tainted with a heavy dose of skepticism are created related to what they’re covering up that contain truth, half truths and lies.


This effectively confuses the reading public as to which one is real. When you do hear the truth, many tend to remember where you heard it before. Let’s say the first time you heard about something the writer tended to make it sound implausible, embarrassing or silly. More than likely if you do stumble on the pure truth of the matter, that previous memory still taints the correct facts that are right in front of your nose.

How many people read? How many people read this sort of material?

The controllers know and want this story to get out to a certain extent only. They do control the major media in a large way. This gives them the ability to simply drown out or rewrite and make questionable any news story that comes too close to the truth. With all their available media outlets, they create news if need be to divert your focus.

We are a culture of fast food and headline news. Deep stories are missed by the masses. They’re just to busy working, paying bills, eating, sleeping and trying to find a few minutes to lose themselves with whatever sort of R & R that they’re into. Even if people are capable of understanding and hear it, the attitude of living day to day prevails.


Honest announcements on TV and in the newspapers day after day would still leave a large percentage of the population ambiguous. Many simply would still not listen. Only when it’s staring them in the face would a move might be in order. At that time they might become one of the many that may miss being killed in the initial events but die in the aftertime because of lack of preparation.

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Truth Smoke Mirrors Half Truths and Lies

The following are three reprinted articles reporting the same information. My comments about these articles will appear before and after each one. The scientific study for article # 1 printed below was generated by The Open University in the UK. As you will see, it was in need of covering up because it gets too close to the heart of the matter. Also it comes from the scientific community which is a major reason for trashing it.


A musician’s son can say whatever he wants and who the hell cares but the gods of science must be snubbed. This information was found by studying comet trajectories. This makes it another new, unique and completely independent source for further evidence of Planet X.

Massive planet may lie beyond Pluto

The mystery object could be bigger than Jupiter, our Solar System’s largest known planet. Intrigued by the fact that long-period comets observed from Earth seem to follow orbits that are not randomly oriented in space, a scientist at the Open University in the UK is arguing that these comets could be influenced by the gravity of a large undiscovered object in orbit around the Sun.


Writing in the issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society published on 11th October, Dr. John Murray sets out a case for an object orbiting the Sun 32,000 times farther away than Earth. It would, however, be extremely faint and slow moving, and so would have escaped detection by present and previous searches for distant planets.

Long-period comets are believed to originate in a vast ‘reservoir’ of potential comets, known as the Oort cloud, surrounding the solar system at distances between about 10,000 and 50,000 astronomical units from the Sun. (One astronomical unit is approximately the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.) They reach Earth’s vicinity in the inner solar system when their usual, remote orbits are disturbed. Only when near to the Sun do these icy objects grow the coma and tails that give them the familiar form of a comet.


Dr Murray notes that the comets reaching the inner solar system include a group coming from directions in space that are strung out along an arc across the sky. He argues that this could mark the wake of some large body moving through space in the outer part of the Oort cloud, giving gravitational kicks to comets as it goes.

The object would have to be at least as massive as Jupiter to create a gravitational disturbance large enough to give rise to the observed effect, but currently favored theories of how the solar system formed cannot easily explain the presence of a large planet so far from the Sun.


If it were ten times more massive than Jupiter, it would be more akin to a brown dwarf (the coolest kind of stellar object) than a planet, brighter, and more likely to have been detected already. So Dr. Murray says that such an object, will be planetary in nature and will have been captured into its present orbit since the solar system formed.

(end of article)

He’s right twice again here. It’s a brown dwarf star and it has been detected. He may be unaware of the 1983 sighting and the cover-up but its very telling that he’s got this amount of correct information through a completely separate scientific venue.

Now the above article and study along with another one from a completely different source were completely trashed by the disinformation wrecking crew. Much confirmation from the scientific community comes to the surface only to be drowned out by the media controllers with rewrites.


Article # 2 tries to present the facts in such a way as to make them seem implausible. It is a lot longer and was much more widely circulated than article #1. The reason for this was to dampen the impact. Article # 2 does a good job of making you ignore what’s there, which is the entire reason for it. It is also completely tainted with words of speculative disinformation and much more widely published. Look closely at the words they put in all caps to see their motivation for writing the article.


The powers that be even got the inside scoop that article # 1 was going to be published so article # 2 was published four days prior to article # 1. They mention a bizarre cult and use dissenting words and phrases like “hint, mystery, hypothetical, hypothesis, fringe phenomena, more questions, science fiction, spookier.” It says that any object like this would take millions of years to orbit.


This means they want you to ignore it in your lifetime. It even mentions the IRAS satellite in 1983 should have seen it if it existed but didn’t. I guess they missed the announcement from the chief scientist of the IRAS Satellite that found X. The disinformation that followed must have been more compelling to them. They make it a point to mention that no telescope has ever seen the object.

I guess that part of their disinformation is starting to unravel with the latest sighting from small observatories. A point is also made that this object is not a “Nemesis”. Nemesis is the precise name the ancient Greeks gave for X. The controllers thinking is this, it’s better to trash a nice piece of evidence from the scientific community than let it sit untouched for others to begin to ponder and worry too much about it.


Too many might see the truth too quickly and disrupt the status quo. Also what is the easiest way to catch someone in a lie or cover up? They give too much information. Article #2 gives more information than the whole point of the study that article #1 tries to make. Comet storms weren’t even mentioned in the original study of comet orbits neither was the IRAS satellite. It also says speculation about another planet in our solar system dates back prior to Pluto being found in 1929. Hummmm.


The people that wrote article #2 try to make the study and conclusion from article #1 look like pure speculative nonsense. However, clearly they seem to know a lot more about the subject they’re trying to suppress than simply what the scientists behind article #1 are concluding from their study.

Here it is. Trash or conspiracy journalism at it’s best, doing the dirty deed of covering up the real deal.

  • Are they adding more information than they should have?

  • Is this one way the controllers are getting X info out?

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A Mystery Revolves Around the Sun
Researchers suggest that a huge unseen object orbits on fringe of solar system.

By Alan Boyle

MSNBC Oct. 7 1999


Two teams of researchers have proposed the existence of an unseen planet or a failed star circling the sun at a distance of more than 2 trillion miles, far beyond the orbits of the nine known planets.


The theory, which seeks to explain patterns in comets’ paths, has been put forward in research accepted for publication in two separate journals SPECULATION ABOUT the existence of unseen celestial companions dates back far before the discovery of Pluto in 1929 — and even figures in more recent fringe phenomena such as the 1997 “Heaven’s Gate” tragedy and talk of a new “Planet X.”


This latest hypothesis, however, is aimed at answering nagging scientific questions about how particular types of comets make their way into the inner solar system. Some comets, like Haley’s Comet, follow relatively short-period orbits — circling the sun in less than two hundred years. These comets are thought to originate in the Kuiper Belt, a disk of cosmic debris that lies beyond Neptune’s orbit.

The best way to think of the distances involved is in terms of Astronomical Units. One AU is the distance from Earth to the sun (93 million miles or 149.6 million kilometers). Pluto, the most distant of the planets, is at 39 AU. The Kuiper Belt extends from 30 AU to perhaps 1,000 AU. Even further out is the Oort Cloud, a spherical haze of comets surrounding the solar system at distances between 10,000 AU and more than 50,000 AU. That’s where long-period comets such as Hale-Bopp are thought to come from.


For some time, astronomers have noticed that the directional patterns of these comets are not completely random. And after years of study, some researchers are reporting that the patterns hint at something big out there perturbing the cometary paths. No telescope has yet detected this object. But on the basis of its gravitational effect, John B. Murray, a planetary scientist at Britain’s Open University, speculates that the object could be a planet larger than Jupiter, the biggest of the solar systems known planets.


Murray puts the object’s orbit at 32,000 AU, or 2.98 trillion miles from the sun. His proposal appears in the Oct. 11 issue of the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette say the object could be a planet or brown dwarf — that is, a dark, failed star — roughly three times the size of Jupiter and orbiting at 25,000 AU. The researchers, led by physicist John Matese, say their paper is to be published by the journal Icarus.


Both studies acknowledge that other factors could influence the pattern seen in long-period comets: for example, the Milky Way’s gravitational tidal effects. But the Louisiana researchers say the cometary patterns are best explained by the existence of “a perturber, acting in concert with the galactic tide.”


Matese said the proposed object should make one orbit around the sun every 4 million to 5 million years. Murray said the object he had in mind would make one orbit every 6 million years, circling the sun in a direction counter to that followed by the nine traditional planets.

The two researchers said they were familiar with each others work but hadn’t taken a close look at each others studies. They acknowledged that their estimates for the mass and orbit of a mysterious object were similar, but couldn’t say whether they were talking about the same object.


How could such a massive object exist so far from the sun? The researchers say a planet or dark star could have coalesced during the formation of the solar system billions of years ago, but more probably would be a passing celestial body that was captured by the sun’s subtle gravitational pull.


Another question: Why hasn’t such an object been seen? Murray says that even a Jupiter-scale planet could not be observed at the immense distances involved. Matese and his colleagues say that their hypothetical brown dwarf wouldn’t have been detected even by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, which surveyed the heavens in 1983 — but that the yet-to-be-launched Space Infrared Telescope Facility just might be able to pick it up.


All this may sound like science fiction, but an expert in the field notes that the hypothesis has been a subject of serious speculation for years.

“We’ve all wondered whether there was something out there,” said Brian Marsden, who heads the International Astronomical Union’s Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams as well as the Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

However, Marsden also expressed some skepticism about the evidence behind the latest research.

“I’m not convinced it is not due to chance,” he told MSNBC in an e-mail message. “In any case, the data may not be as good as one would like. “


If the research holds up, it could open the door for renewed speculation on even spookier questions: Some theorists have proposed that the gravitational effect of a massive unseen object in a distant orbit — nicknamed “Nemesis” or the “Death Star” — could set off periodic cometary storms, which would increase the chances of a catastrophic impact with Earth.


Indeed, physicist Daniel Whitmire, a colleague of Matese’s who is a co-author of the new research, laid out just such a scenario in 1985 to explain mass extinctions on Earth, such as the demise of the dinosaurs. Matese also speculated back then about such an effect, but he emphasized that the newly detected object didn’t fit the doomsday profile. “This object is not a Nemesis,” he told MSNBC. “It does not create comet storms.”

He said his proposed object appeared to have an influence on about 25 percent of the long-period comets coming in from the Oort Cloud. Matese noted that theories proposing a correlation between extinctions on Earth and celestial orbits had fallen out of scientific favor in recent years. But he said there could be a “much more gentle” effect that links periodic changes in cratering to the solar system’s oscillating motion through the galactic plane.


As the solar system moves around the Milky Way’s center, it bobs slowly up and down through the galactic disk, Matese explained. The gravitational effects could cause changes in the number of comets sent into the inner solar system, he said.

“We don’t know the precise period of that motion” through the plane of the galaxy, he said. “If we discover that it’s closer to a 35-million-year period, then a case can be made that it causes periodic changes in cratering.”

The next article is again talking about the same study from the Open University in the UK. It is set in the most unbelievable of publications, a supermarket tabloid. It’s what I affectionately call a “Mad Rag”. Writers imaginations have free reign in these things. All supermarket tabloids are all curiously owned by the same company. Since it is coming from this sorted source, they are given free reign to be as alarmist as possible.


So from this stand point, the gravity of the situation is overblown. Any reference in a supermarket tabloid is unbelievable so if your aim is to destroy the believability of evidence, this is where you want it published. In this article they say Planet X is 33 times as big as earth and is going to hit earth and kill us all.


As long as you read about it in these sort of publications, they expect you won’t ever take it seriously if you come across it elsewhere in a more serious setting. Here facts are freely mixed with exaggerated drivel. ( In reality X is 4-5 times the mass of earth and doesn’t need to hit earth to cause huge calamities.)

Some astronomers think it’s headed directly toward Earth --- & could have catastrophic effects!

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Concerned scientists warn that they have discovered a huge mystery object on the outskirts of our solar system, a giant behemoth 33 times the size of Earth and capable of smashing our planet into smithereens!

Although the exact trajectory of the object has not been positively established, some astronomers fear that it is coming directly toward us --- which would mean instant death for every man, woman and child in the world.

“If this object collides with Earth, the impact would be devastating,” said an expert. “It would be like a bowling ball smacking into a tiny mothball and blasting into a million particles of dust.”

The ominous mystery object, which has been named The Perturber, lies beyond Pluto --- which up until now was deemed the farthest of our solar system’s nine known planets. Some astronomers say The Perturber might be a newly discovered 10th planet, a recent invader that somehow infiltrated the solar system eons after all the others were born.

Others experts are convinced that The Perturber is a burned-out star known as a brown dwarf --- a once-bright celestial object turned dark and menacing, like an evil twin of our sun.

Whatever the dark intruder is, it is colossal—at least 264,000 miles in diameter, three times the size of the largest known planet, Jupiter. It is so gigantic that its gravitational pull actually distorts the paths of passing comets. It was by observing the effect on at least 13 comets that John Murray, a planetary scientist at England’s Open University, recently discovered The Perturber’s existence. U.S. astronomers at Louisana-Lafayette University have confirmed that the frightening object is really out there. For years, scientists have feared that something like The Perturber could exist.

Astrophysicists have long warned that we might someday discover an “anti-sun” or “Nemesis” lurking in the solar system that could threaten all life on Earth.

The unseen object’s movements are difficult to calculate, but several observers now agree that it seems to be coming steadily closer. Right now, the object is still billions of miles away, but depending on its rate will arrive “within months,” experts say.

“It’s as if we’re being stalked by something we can’t see directly but we know is out there,” said one scientist. “It could strike us next year. “It really is somewhat unsettling to think about it.”

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Intuitives Prophets

Legend and Folklore
When I first started studying intuitives in relation to earth changes I had no idea that there was an exact date (plus or minus a couple weeks) for the worst of these events. Neither was I aware that there was a definitive cause for them since so many different theories abounded. I couldn’t have imagined that parts of the government and its select controllers could have known all about this for decades either.


There are many different prophecies that have earth change themes to them. The cultures and times that these legends, folklore, prophets and intuitives spoke from vary as widely as the individuals explanations for how they came upon the knowledge. All curiously have got the same basic message and point to around the same time period for these events to happen.


Some of the ancient text that these generated from may not have been from true prophets at all. If they had good information that stated the regularity of the orbit of Planet X and knew the approximate date of the previous passage they could have figured out when it was going to return and created prophecies that would end up being accurate.

There are however some true prophets, futurists or intuitives that are able to see future events with a high degree of accuracy. This information originates from a collective consciousness that the US military government has openly admitted using when they’ve obtained information through their “Remote Viewing” experiments.

Some intuitives are just too accurate to be denied. I believe that they should be looked at collectively. Of the many prophets or intuitives that have mentioned earth changes, I’m going to give you just a sampling of a few of them. Some might be familiar to you and others not. On the other side of the world I’m sure there are several that I’ll never learn about. Each culture and time has their share of them. This in itself gives rise to a greater intelligence that has a quiet unseen hand in all affairs.

Science is a battle ground for who’s right and who’s wrong according to the latest popular thinking. What speaks to the general public in mass more deeply than the latest experts ever-changing views? It’s the Prophets, folklore and legend that have always touched the hearts and minds of the masses more deeply than continuing evolution and the endless stream of scientific theories.


I myself started my study of this earth changes subject matter through the eyes of the prophets. Then my knowing and certainty converged when I found all the scientific evidence and ancient history from previous events clearly stating the reason and regularity for the changes. All the pieces of the puzzle started to fit into place as to why this evidence was being suppressed and by whom. Prophecy has the emotional impact that opens peoples eyes in mass to make a change to safety and not science or conspiracies.


So before I present more data I will go back to my roots on this subject and concentrate on the high impact, heart wrenching gift of the gods to try to get you to emotionally realize now is the time to take action to save your life and the ones you care for so dearly. Follow your heart and move to a safe place and don’t listen to the ones who can’t see how close to the changes we are. It’s your life not theirs.


The collective mind where the intuitives information originates from is not confined to space or time. It can therefore see what lies ahead of us on the linear time continuum that our perceptions focus on but a short piece of we call the present. Now if you become a dedicated student of intuitives you will find that there are 1000’s of earth change prophecies from an untold number of individuals, groups and cultures around the globe.


They would not exist if earth didn’t have regular cataclysmic earth changes. There would be no need for our collective mind to send these messages to us through our most perceptive individuals globally if this were not the case.

The élite and the sharpest on this planet are mainly not the ones this society looks up to. It’s the spiritually connected individuals that are truly our real best and brightest our society has to offer.


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