Coast to Coast 2003

Moon Show Anomalies

Wednesday February 12th, 2003

George Noory

Richard C. Hoagland, David Livingston,

Ken Johnston, Steve Troy


The Space Panel

In a provocative Wednesday night show, Richard Hoagland (enterprisemission) joined George for the entire program to discuss a cover-up of Moon anomalies and the current Shuttle investigation. Three other guests were also featured as part of the line-up.

Hoagland and space expert Dr. David Livingston ( talked about the recent hearings being conducted into the Columbia tragedy. But rather than dwell on the specific cause of the mishap, they hoped that the hearings would raise the larger issue—that the US space program has lost its way. "There’s no vision going back and forth between the Space Station," Livingston said. He and Hoagland agreed that a real vision would involve going to Mars or back to the Moon, to glean new discoveries.

Ken Johnston, who worked for NASA for 23 years, appeared in Hour 2, and described screening Apollo footage and seeing a cluster of lights in a moon crater accompanied by a plume of steam. But then two days later when he showed the footage to some officials, the crater material had been seamlessly removed. Perhaps even more surprising was Johnston and Hoagland’s supposition that astronauts who went to the Moon may have had their memories altered or blanked in order to suppress their knowledge of what they saw there.

Hoagland’s colleague Steve Troy ( came aboard in Hour 3 to discuss photographic evidence of moon anomalies that he’s studied extensively. In one case he described "crystalline rebar" that could be remnants of much larger structures. These materials curiously appeared in photos from two different Moon missions, in two different locations. The images discussed during the program can be viewed below.


Images for Coast to Coast AM "Moon Show"


Glass Dome in Mare Crisium
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Sea of Serenity Eroded Lunar Dome - Apollo 17 -

(Frame Number Lost)

Kepler "Rampart"
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"Malibu" (Mare Crisium)
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