October 2009

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Endymion Crater Clipped from Mike Deegan's Full Moon image





In a freak coincidence.


At 6:30 am October 7, 2009, Bill Penn of California was watching the moon through his reflector and saw a city in full view in Endymion. He grabbed a pen and paper and started sketching what he could see.

A week or so later Bill brought the drawings to Las Vegas and we compared them with the moon photos shot by Mike Deegan from the UK.

We then had Allan Sturm of lunomaly.com make transition video between Mike Deegans photo and Bill Penns sketch of what he saw drawn directly on Mike’s photo..

We know that most of the near side of the moon is hidden by holographic or other kinds of camouflage measures. Somehow at 5:30 am on October 7 the camouflage became inoperable or was turned off for a short time giving us a view of what is really up there.



Sketch of what Bill Penn saw overlaid onto Endynion Crater


With description added




Video Animation



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