by LunarSightings
March 27, 2009

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"ULOs: Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed in NASA Photography", an astonishing new book of incredible close-up views of the Moons surface using newly acquired official archive photography from the Apollo missions revealing geometric shapes that appear artificial to the lunar landscape


Akin to Michael Lights renowned photo book, Full Moon, Tucson author Allan Sturm began the project as a coffee table book of rarely seen photos taken by astronauts during the Apollo missions using newly released high-resolution images from official NASA archive sources. Astronauts saluting the flag were out. Stain-damaged and poorly exposed images of amazing landscapes were in, says Sturm.


With 16 years experience in graphic design and photography, he planned to bring these rarely seen images back to life. While adjusting the contrast levels and readying the images for print, Sturm began to see something completely unexpected.


Zoomed in and cruising around in high resolution, I started to see things that didn't make sense. Near perfect white hexagons on or near crater edges, linear white lines over craters that ended with a cross, and strange rocks in close-up photos of rubble that looked more manufactured than natural. Eventually, it was a series of pod-like shapes having what appeared to be radial support arms that forced Sturm to challenge his own beliefs, and compelled him to change the focus of his book.


Lunar geology books and searching the Internet didn't provide any scientific explanations of what these objects might be. No one but conspiracy theorists had described anything like what I was uncovering. Amazingly, I didn't have to borrow from anyone elses research. This is all fresh imagery, he says. Sturm consulted with NASA affiliates and other photographic experts to ensure that the contrast-enhanced enlargements presented in ULOs: Unidentified Lunar Objects Revealed in NASA Photography were faithfully reproduced.


Digitally clarified, highlighted and graphically referenced to full frame Apollo photos, the ULOs in this collection resemble towers and spires, domes, stacked geometry, pathways leading to and from clusters of objects, pipes and pipe grids, wheel-shaped objects, and ziggurat looking structures with annexes just to name a few.


Sturm sincerely hopes that the scientific community will continue the research effort. To date, academia is rather standoffish and unwilling to even discuss his findings. He suggests that, A single or few odd geometric objects on the Moon can easily be dismissed, but a collection of hundreds of them, with some looking like entire mining operations, are hard to ignore.


Recognizing that the existence of unexplainable geometry in the appearance of artificial structures on the Moon is a controversial and much debated topic, Sturm makes no claims of conspiracy, cover-ups, or the like by governments, organizations or individuals, but rather leaves it up to the reader to analyze the hundreds of ULOs presented and arrive at ones own conclusions.


An incredible close-up view of the Moon's surface using official archive photography from the Apollo missions showing anomalous shapes that appear artificial to the lunar landscape and resist identification as known geological features.