by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Syd.)

from The Mars Force: Pat’s Story



Removing sabotaging commands

from the Wernicke’s area of the Brain, using Kinesiology


The mind is an energy field. Clearing removes charge from the mind. But clearing does not necessarily remove negativity from the brain. The brain is a physical ‘switchboard’ between the mind and the body. Research has shown that words are stored in a specific area on the left side of the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called the Wernicke’s area.

According to Professor Julian Jaynes, lecturer in Psychology at Princeton University, up until around 3,000 years ago, mankind was basically not conscious as he is today. He did not think in terms of concepts, and he was not introspective (i.e. he did not ‘turn inwards and think about himself). Instead he operated with what is called a “bicameral mind”. The bicameral mind was man’s mind before he developed self consciousness. Early man did not make any decisions on his own. The concept of “self”, of being independent and self-reliant, did not exist.

Whenever a decision had to be made, early man looked for a “sign” from an outside authority, such as a king or a god, to tell him what to do. For example, if he went along a road which divided into two roads, he might throw some stones into the air to see which way they fell, to tell him which road to take. Other signs that early man used to determine what action he should take when he was faced with a decision were often “voices” which he heard in his head and which brought immediate obedience.

Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke’s area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk properly, almost halting speech.

The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke’s area in the right brain, however, causes a person to hear “voices” or “commands”. These are usually of an authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who was feared, admired or “looked up to” by the person being stimulated. We call these commands “Wernicke’s commands”, because they are commands stored in the Wernicke’s area of the brain.

The two Wernicke’s areas are connected to each other by a thin bridge of tissue. This is where the term “bicameral mind” comes from. It seems that the “voices of the gods” were in fact internal dialogue coming from the right half of the brain. If mankind was to become civilized, this simple mind had to greatly improve and consciousness had to develop.


However, the bicameral tendency is still present today! It is the bicameral mind, the right side of the Wernicke’s area, which we “hear” when we hear those little words of self-invalidation and sabotage. The ‘authorities’ who might have put commands into this mind are no longer “gods” - they are anyone that we might have looked up to at some time.


These can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors. Have you have ever been told to “grow up”, “shut up”, “eat up”, “forget that” or “give up”? Have you ever been told “you’re mad”, you’re bad”, “you’re stupid” or “you’ll never make it”?

If somebody you thought was powerful said “you’re too fat”, “you’ll never change”, “you’ll forget”, “you’re a slow learner”, “eat ALL your food”, you’re not good enough”, “strong enough”, “pretty enough”, “clever enough” “you’ll go to hell” etc. etc. then they may have made an ‘entry’ in your right Wernicke’s area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day!


When people do any work or therapy to get rid of negative beliefs, the beliefs they try to get rid of things are usually worded as “I …” eg. “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too fat”. But “find the truth, and it will set you free”. These beliefs are not filed in the brain (which is like a super powerful computer) under an “I” point of view. The commands are entered as said by another person, as if the person is right there, talking to you! For example, the belief may be “I’m no good” but the original command (which is stored in the brain) was “You’re no good”.

Normal kinesiology has a correction called a Goal Balance which is designed to get rid of negative beliefs. However, it often does not seem to work. However, in 1996 Australian kinesiologist David Bridgman made an astounding discovery. He realized how to remove negative beliefs from the brain!

The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though another person said them e.g. “You won’t remember”. The brain then tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as “I won’t remember”.

This command then interferes with the person. To get rid of the command you must find the EXACT wording of the command, which in this case is “You won’t remember”. This specific kinesiology procedure enables a person to REMOVE the sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in the person who has done this.

These commands can be put in our brain either unintentionally (as by our parents) or intentionally (as by the mind controllers). These commands are hidden in the brain a bit like the way that ‘drop down menus’ are hidden on the computer screen. Sometimes you can’t see the menus, but they are still there. When you do the correct kinesiology procedure, the sabotaging commands “drop down” and then you can delete them. But they do not all appear at once. It can take a number of sessions to get rid of them. This is a simple, revolutionary and very powerful procedure.

The key to doing these corrections successfully is to get the EXACT wording. Generally, throughout these sessions it would take up to seven attempts each time to get the precise wording. Mostly the correct wording would be found after two or three attempts. Throughout these sessions, I did not record our incorrect attempts to find the commands. Only the successful attempts were recorded.


If you know how to muscle test and would like to know how to do the correction, please see the website  or the appendices in ‘The Mars Records’  or email  for information on a video teaching this technique.




From Book One of “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”

Session 1: Violent Reaction
Sunday September 23 2001

Michael and I picked Pat up at the bus station. Although she had come a long way, I felt that I should give her a short kinesiology session that evening. The session was done in my home. It was lucky that God was looking after us and made sure that the first session was on a Sunday, because Michael was at home and he was definitely needed!. Pat lay on the massage table but almost as soon as I started to muscle test her I got a violent reaction. After doing sessions on hundreds of different people, I had never seen anything like this. She was blocked, which is not unusual.


What was unusual was that as soon as I tried to unblock her she began to scream. Plus her left arm started moving in circles all by itself. It would start at her side and then move in a jerky movement across her body. Then move back to her left side and then start off again. I felt that it was her body reliving a time when it was pulling against restraints. Pat thought it might have been her deflecting energy, possibly in some way connected to the “alters8” that we later discovered she had. I called in Michael to help me and it was only through the deliverance that he did, with the help of Jesus Christ, that I was able to continue at all. The first session was quite frenetic and I did not take many notes, although it was taped and we were able to later on hear again the screams that suddenly came out of Pat’s mouth – a lady who until then had appeared very gentle, soft spoken and ladylike.

I got that she had metaphysical alien circuitry on her and began to remove it, while Michael was praying for her. She also seemed to have metaphysical implants in her which I removed as best I could. Her central nervous system, small intestine, and spleen were out of balance (as they are in many people). Her Psoas muscle, which relates to the kidney, was also out of balance, but I was not able to rebalance it until I removed a Wernicke’s command which was:

• “Don’t remember this”

As soon as we got this Wernicke’s command, we again got a very big reaction from Pat. More gasps, body jerks etc. Michael had to do tons of deliverance. As he did this, pains began to manifest and disappear in different parts of Pat’s body. At one time she even started gagging and threw up a small amount. (Alter: A split personality, generally one that has been created artificially by mind control.)

I was not able to complete a full 14 muscle balance on her, even after one hour. Normally this would take me only about ten minutes. Pat needed sleep and we decided that enough had been done so I drove her back to her motel. On the way back in the car something very odd happened. While stopped at a light I remembered that I hadn’t asked her to do something that I normally do at the end of a session. In order to help people to get present after a session, and to fill in any ‘holes’ in their space that may have been created by clearing stuff away, I get the person to name things that they can see around them out loud.


I asked Pat to do this. She was doing it quite slowly, when suddenly she went into a trance. It was very eerie. She sat as stiff as a statue beside me in the car. She didn’t answer anything I said. Her eyes were open. I didn’t know what to do, and said I was taking her back to Michael, when suddenly she snapped out of it. She said that this had happened to her before. She was able to hear everything I said, but wasn’t able to move or speak.

Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart
Monday September 24 2001

Because of what happened yesterday, we didn’t do a session until the evening when Michael was able to be in the house in case he was needed again. He was for part of the session, although it was not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Pat was in balance, so yesterday’s work had done something. With her eyes open, her gaits and cloacals were out of balance. I then tested her with eyes shut. Her hyoid and cloacals were out of balance with her eyes shut. Muscle testing indicated the cause of this was an emotion “withholding at 34 years old, related to a grey alien abduction.


When we got to this part in the session, her left arm started to move again in the same weird way. Pat began to get pictures of restraints, as though her arm was trying to pull away from something. I was getting the same pictures/idea as Pat, although I didn’t tell her this. I had to remove some Wernicke’s commands.


These were:

  1. “It’s useless to try” (from a reptilian scientist)

  2. “Don’t even think about it” (from a grey)

  3. “You’ll die if you remember this” (reptilian)

  4. “Have a heart attack if you remember this” (grey) – note that she had previously had many fears of having a heart attack

  5. “Have a stroke if you remember this” (reptilian)

  6. “Kill yourself if you remember” (government – MK Ultra)

  7. “Kill whoever helps you remember”

  8. “Kill whoever helps you to remember” (Since commands No. 7 and No. 8 were basically the same, it was interesting that they put basically the same command in twice. To find a Wernicke’s command, every single word must be found EXACTLY. Presumably this was to make extra sure that the command sunk in).

At this stage, we both got that a remote viewer appeared and was putting hooks into Pat. They started attacking her heart. We prayed it off. Then a reptilian appeared in spirit. He wouldn’t go no matter what any of the three of us did. I tried to command him to leave. I got angry. No response. Then I had a brilliant idea. I gave him a great, big, very loving hug. He took off on the instant. As soon as this happened, the pain that had appeared in Pat’s heart stopped.


I continued removing Wernicke’s commands.

  • “Don’t tell anyone about this”

  • “You will die if you remember this”

  • “Stab to death the person who helps you remember this”. When I was driving Pat home I asked her to name things again in the car. The same thing happened as last time – she went into what looked like a trance. This time I just kept driving. She snapped out of it by the time we got to her motel.

For more information, download Book One of “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story HERE



From Book Two of “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”

Session 8: Wernicke’s to Kill Us
3rd September 2002 am

I did a kinesiology balance on Pat. As I hadn’t seen her for a year, it was not surprising that she was quite out of balance. Her gaits and cloacals were out of balance. Then I was unable to muscle test accurately. The cause appeared to be interference from remote viewers. I tried doing deliverance against them but that didn’t work. Then I brought Michael in. He also tried deliverance but that also didn’t work until he prayed against principalities. This caused a lot of retching and other reactions in Pat.

With her eyes shut, her cloacals and spleen were out of balance. When I balanced these, her arm started moving by itself. Muscle testing indicated that the cause was three draconians who were interfering. Muscle testing indicated that she had been abducted at least four times since we had last seen her. I then looked for booby traps.


The following Wernicke’s commands were removed from Pat’s alter called Anne.

“Kill them in their sleep” (this referred to us, Michael and Stephanie Relfe, as Pat was staying with us during this visit and not at a hotel).
“Give a floating strike to the Relfe’s in their sleep” (this is a killing martial art technique, done to the throat). Pat then went into a trance, and was unable to do the eye movements which are needed to remove Wernicke’s commands. I didn’t write down what I did next, but some how managed to find and remove the last command:
“Give a Dim Mak strike to the Relfe’s in their sleep (this is another killing Martial arts technique)


Session 9: Wernicke’s from Reptilians
3rd September 2002 pm

We removed many Wernicke’s commands from Pat given to her by reptilians:

1.   “You remember nothing that we said”
2.   “You remain ours” (from reptilians)
3.   “Do not resist us”
4.   “Do as we say”
5.   “Resistance is futile”
6.   “Don’t think for yourself”
7.   “We are your friends”
8.   “Don’t remember wernicke’s”
9.   “Stephanie and Michael are your enemy”
10. “Michael and Stephanie are your enemy” (This was tricky of them to use much the same command, only worded slightly differently)
11. “Your mind is a blank”
12. “You remember nothing of this”
13. “Don’t pray”
14. “Don’t practice psychic stuff” (Note: One reason why Pat came to see me was because she felt there were blockages to her using her psychic abilities. She would constantly put it off by finding other things to do. For example, sometimes she would get a sudden impulse to clean a closet or go shopping).
15. “Put off psychic practice”
16. “Don’t believe in yourself”

The following commands were removed from her alter called Laurie:

1.   “Remember this”
2.   “Never forget your mission”
3.   “You have perfect memory”
4.   “You have photographic memory”
5.   “You have eidectic7 memory
6.   “Tell only us”
7.   “Your debriefing is only to us”
8.   “Watch him”
9.   “Watch Michael”
10. “Trust no one”
11. “You have no friends but us”
12. “We love you”

For more information, download Book Two of “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story HERE