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It was during the great eclipse of August '99 that we started to first suspect that there was a possibility that Phobos, or at least a planetisimal/moon much like Phobos, was visiting the earth.


I say "visiting" because somehow, someway this body does not appear to be "natural". This goes back to another set of events, facts and dates. During the summer of 2000, the comet 76P passed very close to Mars; Close enough to do some damage to the Red Planet.


One of the possibilities that we hypothesized was that during that close pass of the comet, Phobos was ripped from orbit. Further, that it was eventually captured by the earth and was seen during the eclipse. This, of course is pure science fiction to the Uniformitarians - however stranger things have happened.

However far fetched, another explanation began to emerge. This explanation began with the work of Bart Jordan which was presented to us by one of our readers. Bart Jordan is a mathematical genius and he was a child prodigy. He has written some incredibly impressive papers on the moons of Mars. He has shown that the moons of Mars are not natural, but that they are directly tied to the earth. You can read his paper HERE.


So if Phobos and Deimos are manufactured it is possible that they come and go. And it might likely be that they have never left their perfect orbits. That the evidence that we have and will present is another object. Either way the possibilities require some answers.

The images below are from the GOES satellites, taken on the respective dates. The last image that we have is from this October. It's pretty clear that they all appear at the very least, extremely similar to Phobos. And to have an object in orbit around the earth is quite a concern, especially if it is not a natural body.


We believe it supports the idea that there are others arriving in our little neighborhood of the universe.




The above images are each clickable to the larger original image.

Be warned some of them are very large.
This latest image was compared to a past image of Phobos.

I may be wrong, but it sure seems to fit the bill!


There are five points of comparison.


But not only five points, each of the five points are relative to each other. This makes it more than just a simple comparison. I know it seems very incredible and that it seems impossible.

  • Are these images all just an accident... a coincident?

  • Does it seems impossible that there was or is life on Mars?

These questions that are brought up by these types of images test our paradigms. The reality that we have known in this culture for decades. Sure there's a point where this type of speculation goes over the edge.


Does this?





In the October GOES image above there are other interesting artifacts.


For one thing, there appears to be cubes around and in the vicinity of the primary target. Did I say target? There are also artifacts that appear to be plasma shots from the surface in the direction of the primary object. There is a war occurring. But not just in Heaven above, but for the earth.


For now they're only skirmishes.


But the real battle is on the horizon.

  • Do you know what it is?

  • When it will begin?

  • Are you prepared?

The great northern gate is open. The curtains are drawn back.