by Joseph P. Skipper
May 26, 2011
from MarsAnomalyResearch Website


This report is about evidence that can be interpreted in more than one way with no absolute certainty about who has the right and/or wrong of it.


The first and second images below are the type that will help those wishing to verify this evidence in the official science data and then the images following that will be of the evidence itself.


This presentation will have to be done this way because the evidence is very distant, very thin, and very hard to find.

Also, you should know that this evidence came to me via email from a part known to me as Mark and he's suggesting that it may be a water pipeline. However, I lean in favor of a different conclusion in this report.


Let's see what you think.


You'll have to look very close in the above 1st image to see the thin dark line that is the evidence the yellow arrow is pointing to and note that it is just barely visible.


Even though we are dealing with very large JP2 images here, this demonstrates just how very distant this view actually is from the camera, at least in the version of the evidence that has been released to the public.


What this means is that views close enough to get real details of the evidence are not going to be possible and we're going to have to reconciled to distant small views.

I might add that, while I've used angled strips for my sources in the science data, I do not recommend the vertically straight strips that are also available.


Why? Well because the vertically straight .jpeg strips have been flipped both vertically and horizontally at official level. If you use one of those, because of the distortion, the evidence site is going to be that much harder to find.


Do not ask me why they do this flipping at official level as I have no idea why unless it is to increase the obfuscation factor in the image.

(click image)


The above 2nd image is an example of what the angled strip looks like and demonstrates the evidence site's location within the strip to help you find it.


Remember to use only the angled strip or you're likely to get in trouble. Now the following evidence images have all been sourced from the largest JP2 strip but note that I have rotated the strip 90 counter clockwise to maximize the amount of evidence that can be gotten into a landscape or horizontal type view.


The line evidence in question here did not seem to be negatively impacted by this.


The above 3rd image is the first to demonstrate the obvious arrow straight line system.


Note that the light color areas are over saturated with the very bright reflective white color. So, if this had been a tube system on the ground or just above the ground, any shadows on the ground could have been mostly washed out in this particular image.

On the above image's left side edge, note how the line system disappears in the dark area.


Since this dark area represents a cliff and deep downward depression in the terrain, one would think that, if this is a real tube system, then, where is the shadow and why isn't the tube system even more exposed and prominent in the depression?

Now this is a question that you are cautioned cannot be easily definitively answered, if one gives it a little thought. A tube real system would represent high technology that in turn would represent a technologically advanced civilization and we have to be careful in what we assume can and cannot be done by alien technology.


So, while I interpret this evidence one way, it must be recognized that it can also be interpreted another way.


In the above 4th image moving to the left of the 3rd image position, note that the line system as pointed out with the yellow arrows briefly reappears in the bottom of the large depression represented by bright reflective material and then disappears again further to the left in the dark material.


The red arrows point to a highly suspicious dark area that may represent a lot of structures.


I didn't bother to include a closer look here because the JP2 strip's resolution degrades more quickly than it should and so the closer look does not add much in the way of better information.


So the evidence area pointed out by the red arrows is just going to have to remain suggestive rather than definitive.


The above 5th image view is in the opposite direction to the right of 3rd image position.


Note how arrow straight the line evidence is but also note how the line seems to disappear under the isolated patch of dark material pointed out by the red arrow right of center.


Remember this as it is significant.


In the above 6th, 7th, and 8th images, all located further and further to the right of the 3rd image position, note how rough this terrain is with large formations.


Note how the arrow straight line evidence crosses it all without being influenced by it and note that there appear to be no shadows thrown by the line. In my opinion, this tends to suggest that the arrow straight line evidence is not something real on Mars but rather some kind of imaging artifact.


The above 9th image is actually one of the Moon.


I preserved this years ago as an example of what I believe to be image artifacts present in the official science data but then I lost the original source.


The point is that this closer view of this type of thing and its presence in the science data is probably imaging artifacts we are seeing very distantly in the ESP_017319-1785 JP2 image. So I'm of the opinion that the straight blurry line is an imaging artifact in the strip and not something real on or near the ground.


However, if that is true, then why does the line disappear and reappear in some of the darker material areas and not others?

In my opinion, and there is no sure certainty of this, portions of the line artifact are being covered over along its length by smudge applications hiding other evidence and only incidentally covering parts of the line.


The applications did not bother hiding the rest of the line because it is after all not something real on Mars that can stand on its own merit as a target and the literal minded AI obfuscation programming would not have anticipated the need for doing this.

I think the best example of this is represented by the dark patch pointed out by the red arrow in the 5th image.


The line evidence disappears under this smaller dark patch. That suggests that the line was present in the image first and then the dark patch was applied over it. That in turn suggests image tampering.

In other words, first there is the unobscured visual evidence in the developed image strip that includes the line artifact and then subsequent obfuscation processes in the strip have incidentally covered over parts of the line artifact and other intentionally targeted evidence creating large tampering areas of new but false information.


The point being that this is a story about image tampering and not so much about what may actually be real on Mars.