Preston Nichols


Preston Nichols, was born in Long Island, New York, in 1946. He received degrees in Parapsychology, Psychology, and Electrical Engineering.


After graduating, he went into Defense Electronics and worked at Brookhaven and AIL. In 1968, Preston's involvement with Montauk began. He became involved with the tail end of stealth research at AIL. Preston was told that stealth research started right after the Philadelphia Experiment. (check for Montauk books HERE)

Preston claims to have actually read the final report of Project Rainbow - which we know as the Philadelphia Experiment. The report named the Cameron brothers as being the Navy liaison in the experiment. Next, he got pulled into the mind sciences project at Montauk. They were working on interfacing a person's mind to the computer.

Preston worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program. Preston trained the Montauk Boys to be "PSI Warriors". The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person's thoughts. A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a group of coils pick the emanations. A bank of radio receivers designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning thought into computer code. The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality.

This chair was used for many purposes. One was to open up a vortex for time travel. Another was to collect and amplify the energy of fear generated from the Montauk Boys. Many Montauk Boys were lost forever to this program.


Preston still believes he is periodically pulled into working with these secret programs. The people who abduct him don't seem to care too much that he is talking about his experience.


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Of all the stories portrayed here, Stewart Swerdlow's is perhaps the most bizarre and tragic. 


Stewart was born in Long Island New York in the late 1950's, and from an early age, remembers encounters with Alien beings. In fact, some were not even humanoid.

His birth was even more bizarre. The doctors told his mother there was no chance she would ever have children and yet, Stewart was born. Even today, his birth is a mystery. While in high school, Stewart was picked up at night by, what he initially thought, Extra Terrestrials, and brought to Montauk. Later on, he learned his hijackers were military officials working under the guise of E.T.'s.

Because of Stewart's "special" characteristics, he became part of the Montauk genetic experiment program. He later learned that only 1% of the people in that program ever survived. Stewart became sort of an abnormality with special skills. These skills were used extensively as a programmer of the Montauk boys. While at Montauk, Stewart knew of Al Bielek. He confirms that Al was the Psychic Program Manager while he was there.

In 1983, when the Montauk Station was destroyed (however later built), Stewart went into a tailspin. He believes the station had a lock on him and in some sense controlled him. When the lock was released, he lost his identity.
Over the last 17 years, Stewart has been working hard to successfully regain his identity. He was put in Federal Prisons to persuade him not to talk about his past. What is unique to Stewart is that he never lost his memories of his experience at Montauk.

Presently, Stewart is teaching others how to use the techniques used at Montauk for positive purposes. He teaches seminars on how to align and enhance the mental capabilities of his students.


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Dr. James F. Corum


Dr. James F. Corum looks at the Philadelphia experiment through the critical eyes of a scientist.


In the late 1970's, he recruited a team of scientists to, for fun, see if there was any scientific basis for the description of events that occurred during the Philadelphia experiment as expressed in the book, "The Philadelphia Experiment", by Berlitz and Moore. Much to everybody's astonishment, there was.


In 1994 at the Tesla Symposium at Colorado Springs, he, along with his brother K.L. Corum Ph.D. and J.F.X Daum, PhD., presented their findings in a paper titled "Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, The Torsion Tensor, and the Philadelphia Experiment". They were, in a laboratory, able to replicate radar invisibility with their "egg of Columbus" apparatus. (See Acrobat Reader file HERE).

Their initial conclusion was as follows:

"The analysis would appear to lend credence to the hypothesis that something more than mythology is involved, and it renders plausible the conclusion that sufficient motivation exists to actually conduct a "Philadelphia Experiment" to examine radar stealth on ships with electric drives. Independent of whether our assumed values are practical or not, the analysis, which uses no phenomenology that wasn't known subsequent to 1938, would probably have brought WWII Naval investigators to the point of radar stealth experimentation.


In fact, it would have been derelict behavior for the Defense Science Research Board not to have conducted such experiments if it were aware of the Phenomenology (as it must have been) in 1943. Such an approach to stealth, however, is impractical and certainly would be of little interest, as such, to the military today."

His paper is, as he says, to serve as a "basis for discussion" for "critical, not skeptical" scientific thinking about the possibilities of scientific explanation for the events surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment. He asks other scientists to review his team's work and provide critical feedback.

Dr. Corum currently works at ISR as the chief scientist and provides technical guidance for the younger scientists and researchers. As a child growing up in a rural New England farming community north of Boston, Dr. Corum was fascinated by radio waves and amateur radio. 

He attended Lowell Technological Institute in Massachusetts where he received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and then attended Ohio State University, studying radio astronomy, for his master's and PhD. After college, Dr. Corum joined the National Security Agency in 1965, working on classified projects as an electronic engineer, then took a faculty position teaching electronics, physics and mathematics at the Ohio Institute of Technology in 1970. 

Dr. Corum and his wife, Linda, moved to Morgantown in 1974 and he has considered it his "base of operations" ever since. He was on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering Department at West Virginia University for 13 years. The academician was invited to the Soviet Academy of Sciences to Moscow to discuss his discoveries in ball lightning. He has performed satellite consulting around the world. 

Traveling down the last strip of the Orient Express he researched the life of Nikola Tesla. He has published over 100 papers, has several foreign and domestic patents, and several books. 


After serving as chief scientist for a Huntington Beach, California firm, Dr. Corum returned to work in West Virginia. 

























Larry James



Larry James (not his real name), claims to have been in charge of the operations of the Time Control program at Montauk from the early 1970's until 1985.


For the first time, Larry has agreed to share his experience. However, he only agreed to do so if we would not publicly identify him. He asked that no pictures be taken of him and no reference to his real name be made. Larry leads a normal life and wants to keep it that way. He isn't interested in getting caught up in much of the hype that surrounds the Montauk Project. We had no choice but to honor his request.

As you listen to the interviews with Larry, you'll pick up on the fact that his voice sounds rather young. Larry wanted to get out of the program in 1985. The way he got out was to transfer his "soul" into another body. He did the procedure for several other people, why not for himself?

These interviews cover a wide range of topics. You'll hear both Larry talk to Al about why his soul (then Ed Cameron) was transferred to another body, different experiments that were performed with our time travel technology, and how time travel is accomplished. According to Larry, the Montauk time travel equipment was generally operational in the early 1980's.


Their group performed several time travel experiments. Apparently, they were able to alter the outcome of the American Civil war, try out different scenarios with World War II, and go all the way back to the Roman Empire to test different outcomes.

After they experimented with the past, they would evaluate if their current state (1980's) was better or worse.


If better, they let the revised scenario exist - if worse, they changed the scenario back. While performing these experiments, they quickly learned about the dangers associated with these experiments. If too many trips to the past occurred causing too much change, that time line had the potential to fracture and "blink" out of existence. The gift of time travel can be equated to the gift of nuclear fission.


Depending how it is used, great benefits can be derived - or great destruction can occur. That's why the program remains secret and will probably always remain secret.

Larry's information will certainly stretch the imagination. It will cause one to question the very nature of our existence. Soul transfer leads to, what Larry calls, a "Swiss Cheese" memory. As with Al, certain information is remembered as if it happened yesterday, and other information remains buried until triggered by an event. So, keep an open yet discerning mind, and get ready to change your paradigm.

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