Even though I once suffered a severe accident under very suspicious circumstances (see Encounter in the Pleiades for a description), I did not realize that at the time of his arrest, John Ford's problem was actually my problem. I now realize that I was also a major target of the arrest.

I believe it may have all begun back in 1992 during the investigation of the South Haven Park crash. This was a UFO crash that occurred in a public park which is practically in the backyard of Brookhaven Labs. John received information which led him to believe that a ship came in and dropped some pods before eventually crashing at the lab. Although we did not have access to Brookhaven Labs, we were able to look all over South Haven Park and the property which is right behind police headquarters in Yaphank.


We were looking right under the nose of town officials who owned property right next to this location. Consequently, we were seen by a lot of Brookhaven town people as we investigated on county property. Although we were just nosing around for UFO debris, we certainly would have alerted anyone who had anything to hide. In retrospect, this made us all potential targets for retaliation. UFO investigation did not necessarily have anything to do with it. However, it should be mentioned that the bridal trails at South Haven Park were inaccessible the day after the crash as the Army occupied the territory, presumably doing a cleanup of UFO debris.

At the same time, John Ford and his neighbors had formed a political committee to stop the expansion of the town garbage dump. The dump has a buffer zone around it which separates it from the community. The town wanted to take this buffer zone and designate it as "Cell Number 3" and use it for dumping. In turn, John Ford's property, as well as that of his neighbors, would be designated the new buffer zone. During this time, one of the local ladies who was a part of this committee took a job working as a receptionist at the town dump. She kept a private diary of who came and went and noted what was being carried in. That is probably what the police were looking for when they searched John's house at the time of his arrest. They literally tore the place apart. As this story unfolds, this aspect with regard to the town dump will become much clearer.

Anyone watching us at South Haven park that day might have also seen my two-tone blue van with antennas on the roof and scientific equipment in the back. It was parked at John Ford's off and on that day. Most people would look at my contraptions and not have the slightest idea what it actually is. That would have spooked any observers who surely would have reported it. As we were also near the dump, they probably figured I had been sent in with environmental equipment to sample the air and get data for John Ford and his ad hoc committee which they surely knew about.

It was after this time period that someone began to repeatedly loosen the lug nuts on my vehicles and so try to cause an accident. I had a lot of runins with different officials including the police. I did not feel safe and sought out whatever protection I could find. Finally, I consulted my friend who I call the Colonel. He and the group he represented wanted to keep my rear end out of the fire. In order to protect me and to keep me from being arrested like John Ford, they provided protection which allegedly came through the Air Force.


I was given an 800 number that I could call if things got too tight. I used this more than a few times, and it even saved me from being arrested on one occasion. As I was being taken into custody, military policemen miraculously appeared and superseded the local police force that was involved. I was told that I was receiving protection from the Air Force because I was one of only four people on the planet who really understood time. This makes me an indispensable resource as far as they are concerned.

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John Ford was not going to sit in jail forever. After being in jail for over a year, the Northern Exposure TV show was to prove as prophetic as ever. After a psychiatric examination, he was declared incompetent to defend himself. His lawyer was suggesting an insanity plea. John was told this was a stall tactic, and we learned that he was not in agreement with actually pleading "mental incompetence." According to his own statements, John Ford was tricked. After the examination, John was legally declared mentally incompetent and had no real power to even change his attorney.

Whether or not John Ford's claims about UFOs and the like are true, we do know that he was a diligent researcher who left no stones unturned. His lectures were sometimes very dry, but they were thorough. The files that he had worked so hard to collect for so many years were confiscated and no one knows what has happened to them. The doctors did not mention this in their reports! Fortunately, some of his most precious information was hidden between the walls and was later recovered by a friend. Nobody fully understands the entirety of what John Ford knew. One of the reasons for this is that he kept too many secrets. As is the case with many intelligence operatives, he was a hoarder of information.

Regardless of the UFO claims, we do know that John was receiving drugs in prison. Part of this had to do with a back condition, but I noticed pronounced mood changes during my frequent visits. I was concerned that they were drugging him in order to make him more docile and agreeable to an insanity plea. Such a plea would diffuse anything he had to say because people could consider him to be insane.

To make matters worse, John was to be shipped off to the Mid-Hudson Sanitarium, a facility that is for the criminally insane. This means axe murderers and the like. He had already lost his pets, his house, and his research. Now, he was being sent to a place from which he has, as of this date, never returned. Even though John was being sent off to the sanitarium, he felt somewhat relieved. His "incompetent" status meant the D.A. could not prosecute him, at least for the time being. At the hearing prior to him being sent away, the D.A. reserved the right to prosecute him at a later date.


Keep in mind that John Ford was never convicted of any crime. He was accused, incarcerated, and funneled into a sanitarium after some psychiatric interviews and a lot of waiting around. It is possible he may never be allowed to live in the regular world for the rest of his days.

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Many years before the John Ford mess got started, Peter Moon, Duncan Cameron and myself were poking around Camp Hero one day. We were accompanied by Cori, a lady who lived in the local area. This was during a period when a huge hole had been dug near the transmitter building and a huge detoxification program was supposedly underway. Although a clean up of toxic materials was underway, I believe this was also used as a ruse for other operations. The place is still loaded with toxicity.

As the four of us drove around in Peter's car, we noticed that the front gate to Camp Hero was opened. After seeing a car go right through, we drove around the neighborhood right next to the base before parking near a grass field where we could monitor any traffic coming in and out of the base. Soon after we parked, a huge dump truck full of what looked like debris came out of the base. To our surprise, there was no license plate on the rear. This is illegal, so we thought there might be something very fishy. We took off and pursued the truck all the way from Montauk Point to the village of Montauk.


The truck moved at a pretty good clip, and we wondered if he was trying to evade us. It is about seven miles between Montauk Point and the village, and as there are no other roads to speak of, there was really no reason for the driver of the truck to think he was being pursued. After he passed through the village at a good clip, we kept on his tail. As soon as he got out onto the main highway, he obviously sensed we were following him. He sped off at a tremendous rate and was flying along at well over seventy miles per hour.


Peter had to stay just above seventy to even keep him in a reasonable distance, but the truck was going faster. Believe me, a big dump truck going that fast looks very suspicious, particularly in a rural area like Montauk. We followed him another seven miles or so to Amagansett where he was forced to slow down to a slow crawl. There, we were able to catch up with him and keep pace until we reached East Hampton. This was about a half hour in total. Although it was rather late in the day, we wanted to follow him and find out where he was going with all of the garbage from Camp Hero. Obviously, he did not want us to know.


Unfortunately, our friend Cori had to work the next morning and was not up for the trip. We knew it would be a long one. At East Hampton, Peter pulled in front of the truck and saw that it actually had a New York license plate on the front, but only on the front. Although the truck's owners were flaunting the law, we knew it was at least a registered vehicle. We returned to take Cori home and abandoned the investigation. The truck had already passed the East Hampton dump, so we knew it was not going there. We could only assume it was going to Brookhaven in order to dump whatever was in the truck. This adventure remained an enigma in our minds for many years. That was until, one day, the wheels of justice turned and the wind began to blow in a different direction.

In November 1998, John Powell, the target of the alleged toothpaste plot by John Ford, was arrested, hand-cuffed, and jailed on charges he received payoffs for allowing illegal dumping in the Brookhaven town landfill. He was also accused of directing a massive "chop-shop" operation. The shocking news of Powell's arrest was immediately broadcast loud and clear by the New York city media and was said to rock Long Island politics to its very core. None of the news reports we heard included even a scant mention of John Ford or his situation. Nevertheless, floods of coverage by the press painted a very dark portrait of Powell, John Ford's chief nemesis.

Powell was among nineteen people charged in a federal complaint stating they were part of interlocking criminal schemes that included "chop-shops," extortion, as well as arson, obstruction of justice, and the sale of narcotics. In the court documents, he was accused of abusing his political power.

The arrest of Powell, as I have already indicated, was part of a federal sting operation. Local authorities were bypassed, partly because it was feared that certain officials would have compromised the investigation because of their affiliation with Powell. The feds had been watching the chop-shop operation for over a year but did not suspect Powell was involved until they raided a trucking company owned by Joseph Provenzano. The feds had already wired guilty operator/employees who silently cooperated with the authorities. It was into this environment that Powell unwittingly walked and began saying the most incriminating comments possible.


He joked to Provenzano that the latter was suffering from the effort to turn "legit" because of wariness about investigators. Powell is quoted in Newsday from the tapes saying,

"You're not robbing and (expletive omitted) stealing. It's like the withdrawals from a alcoholic."

The next morning the jokes stopped when federal agents raided Provenzano's salvage yard. Provenzano called Powell, whose tape recorded response was "Some mother pointed them (the agents) your way."

Powell then had the unmitigated nerve to show up at the truck yard and began berating the investigators for harassing him and his brother (who owns a trucking concern implicated in the scheme). He even threatened a detective that "he'd get his gold shield for this."

All of this was extremely brazen behavior for a man who is not even in public office. His power was obviously enormous. The newspapers reported his affiliation with Governor George Pataki and how Powell got him elected. Although Pataki was quick to sympathize with Powell after John Ford's arrest, the Governor was not making quotes on this day.

The chop-shop operation came as an unexpected boon to the feds. When politicians are arrested, it is not usually for something so crass as street crime. Powell had broken some new ground in this regard. Still, the illegal dumping charges loomed even larger for him because they carry heavier penalties. Powell was accused of taking at least $20,000 in kickbacks to allow illegal dumping in the Brookhaven landfill. These allegations were made by the owner of a hauling company who cooperated with the feds. The hauler said he made payments to Lapienski, the chief deputy commissioner of the Brookhaven landfill. In court documents, Powell was quoted as referring to the town dump as "my landfill."

Unlike John Ford, Powell was given a reasonable bail of $100,000 of which only ten percent had to be put up to a bail bondsman. He was released, proclaiming his innocence and vowing to win this legal battle. Fortunately for John Ford, this was a battle that Powell was not going to win. Powell suffered political disgrace and his career in this regard has been virtually destroyed. Finally, and at long last, there was some relief on the horizon. The pressure on John Ford could let up.

Several months later, Ford's attorney worked out a plea bargain with the District Attorney whereby Ford entered a plea of not-guilty by reason of mental incompetence. In accepting the plea, Judge Gary J. Weber acknowledged that it was impossible to murder someone by such means as radium in their toothpaste and directed that Ford be reevaluated mentally for the purpose of returning him to society. Ford's attorney praised the decision claiming it was "technically an acquittal." In fact, John wanted to stand trial but finally accepted the plea bargain after talking to me. I pointed out that the court had already declared him mentally incompetent, and there was nothing he could do about that. He had nothing to lose by accepting their terms. But, it was only after Powell's arrest and fall from power that Ford was acquitted. Any coincidence here?

Before accepting the plea bargain, District Attorney Catterson elicited the approval of the victims of the alleged toothpaste plot in order to satisfy the judge. By approving of John Ford's acquittal, Powell was likely seeking the favor of his prosecutors, but it was too late. Powell had a nightmarish road in front of him.

On December 2nd, 1999, John Powell was found guilty of extortion by a jury for accepting $20,000 from a local trucker for access to the Brookhaven town landfill. Shock waves went through the court room as dozens of supporters gasped or cried. Outside the court, Powell was indignant and showed no signs of contrition. Questioning the fairness of the trial, he said he did learn one thing: "Innocent people go to jail."


The Assistant U.S. Attorney, George Stamboulidis, was humble in winning the case for the prosecution. During the trial, he said that the prosecution had "ripped the lid off. ..the corruption that was John Powell's Brookhaven."

Powell also faced additional charges on racketeering and for being a known accomplice in the chop-shop ring that "chopped" stolen trucks and resold them for $50,000 each. After a couple of months, he pleaded guilty to this charge and admitted his involvement in accepting bribes. This was apparently an effort on his part to reduce the time he would spend in prison.

Just as this book went to print, Powell was given a light sentence of twenty-seven months and was fined $16,000 for his role in the stolen truck ring. He was ordered to turn himself in to federal authorities on June 5, 2000. The $16,000 was restitution for his victims, one of them a lady whose letter was read by the court at the sentencing. She said that it would take years for her family business, founded in 1912, to recover from the loss of two trucks and a bulldozer. There was no mention of any restitution for John Ford and his difficulties.

Powell's attorney indicated an appeal was unlikely.

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Powell's arrest ended a major chapter in Long Island politics and, at first glimpse, seemed to considerably ease the pressure on John Ford. They only problem is that, at this writing, John Ford has been returned to the sanitarium, and there is no imminent expectation for his release. He has definitely received a considerable amount of drugs, if only for his back condition. His UFO investigations have been rendered null and void. If he is released, there is always the possibility that he might renew them. Even if he is discredited by reason of the court declaration, he could always pass data on to others who could release it under a more suitable public relations image.

I do not really know if John Ford was arrested for his UFO research, but there are ample questions that need answering in regard to this. One thing is very certain. John Ford had made himself the number one enemy of John Powell by reason of his investigations and knowledge of the town dump. There was also plenty of infighting between the two with regard to Brookhaven politics. It is obvious that the entire affairs between the two men were multilayered and extend to regions that we may never find out for sure.


To his own detriment, John Ford was a master at compartmentalizing information and keeping things secret. He shared a lot with me, but I know there was plenty he did not share. I certainly do not tell everything I know. When one's survival is threatened, one has to be very discerning who they exchange information with. If he had shared more of his information with other people, maybe he would not have ended up so alone and betrayed by the people he thought were supporting him.

In this book, we have kept speculation to a minimum by sticking to the newspaper accounts and actual facts of the case with regard to John Ford and John Powell. To say that Powell was part of a UFO cover-up is going a bit too far if one expects incontrovertible documented proof. However, we do have a thread which ties Powell to Camp Hero and that is the dumping fiasco. Was it just a coincidence that Duncan, Peter, and myself happened to be at Camp Hero the day that truck made its run?


After all, Montauk is not a place any of us visit very often and usually not all together. It remained a mystery for years.

According to what I heard, the toxic waste at Camp Hero was disposed of by Grimes, a major contracting company at Montauk who does most of the work at Camp Hero. I was told that Mr. Grimes is a cousin of Lapienski, the chief deputy commissioner of the Brookhaven land-fill. Allegedly, some funny deal was worked out between these characters. Even if this is true, it still leaves a major smoking gun.

One of our astute readers of the Montauk Pulse pointed out that the government has plenty of outlets where nuclear waste can be dumped. Further, these landfills require that all nuclear waste be identified with regard to where it came from as well as an explanation as to when and how it was produced.

Next, we have to consider who has ultimate responsibility for the disposal of such waste with regard to Camp Hero. It is the Army Corps of Engineers. According to what I heard, they contracted Grimes and looked the other way. Of course, they might not be aware of what happened. But, if so, why would they do such a thing? Is it because they did not want to be bothered? Remember, the government has facilities for such dumping. As the contractor is being paid, how much extra money is he really going to save by going to Brookhaven? Whatever it might be, it is certainly not worth the risk of being caught. The penalties are too severe.


The Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the clean-up as it is a former military facility. There is no dispute about this. Keep in mind that Camp Hero is still a very top secret "hot" area. All of the books about Camp Hero at the Montauk library were taken off the shelves in the 1990's as they were considered confidential by the military. It is obvious that whatever was being transported out of Camp Hero for dumping did not meet the criteria for being dumped in a government fill. Someone in the military wanted Grimes or whoever to dump it in a clandestine matter. Exactly how complicit local politicians such as Powell were in this scheme is anyone's guess. How deep the connections run is another question, but it is obviously the tip of an iceberg.

The Montauk Pulse reader who pointed out the availability of government landfills also had something else interesting to say. He said he read in a magazine where Bob Lazar, the refugee scientist from Area 51, explained how one particular UFO's propulsion system worked. Inside the power propulsion compartment of this UFO was a lead-metal cup which contained element 114 (also its atomic number). Underneath the cup, the element is bombarded with protons which raises the atomic number to 115 whereupon the element becomes element 115.


This newly produced element decays in a few seconds. Secret research from the atomic bomb tests during World War II revealed that decaying atoms also give off gravity waves. This particular UFO used an amplifier similar to a radio amplifier in order to harness gravity. These amplifiers are housed in three metal balls underneath the craft which enable the gravity waves to surround the ship and thereby defy gravity. Obviously, all of this produces radioactive waste which cannot be easily accounted for. Whatever waste matter was at Camp Hero and exactly what it was used for is anyone's guess.

At this point, I can only make conclusions based upon the data thus far uncovered. I do not know every-thing. We do know that after John Powell was arrested, Newsday reported that police commissioner Cosgrove was fired because the feds wanted to have a more cooperative commissioner in there in order to assist with the investigation of Powell. My friend, the Colonel, believes that I was the main target in the apprehension of John Ford. They apparently believed that without me, John Ford could not do too much.

It is believed that the group who was after me and John Ford is called Omega. One of their main connections in Suffolk County is supposed to be through the mob. The Kennedy family are also reported to be associated with the Omega order. This could perhaps explain the downing of JFK Jr.'s plane on the anniversary of Flight 800. Someone could have been sending a message. The navy was very active in the recovery of the bodies. The autopsy was accomplished in record time and all the wiring in the plane was completely fried and nonfunctional. Only an electro-magnetic pulse like a particle beam could have done damage like that. Brookhaven also publicly reported that their particle accelerator was turned on the day of that tragic incident. These are questions that will certainly not be broached or fairly considered in the mainstream press. Instead, there will be "tunnel vision" investigation.

John Kennedy Jr. was in the middle of a lot of controversy before he died. The regular press had him talking with a Mossad agent the day he crashed. Kennedy wanted to report on certain conspiracies and assassinations in Israel, but the agent warned him off. Kennedy also had my book The Montauk Project placed in his hands according to a friend of mine. Although he lived right next to Camp Hero during summer months as a teenager, he never acted on this line of investigation. After his death, Life magazine featured a cover photo of Kennedy at Montauk when he was a teenager. The photo was taken by Peter Beard, a photographer who lives next to Camp Hero.

Although exactly what happened with Kennedy is unknown, it is known that there are many factions within the U.S. military and U.S. Government. One hand does not always agree with the other, and there is a lot of infighting. Between Kennedy, Powell, and the illegal dumping, one thing is clear. All roads seem to lead back to Montauk.

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(missing text)

...remodeling work on my fifty acres in Cape Cod. What had once been millions had dwindled down to about half its original value. Needing about $100,000 for a transaction, my lawyer sent down a man to do the arbitrage necessary to release the money. The arrangements were not as simple as just requesting a wire transfer. All of a sudden, the accounts were frozen in Barbados. If you remember, there was a huge financial disaster in January of 1999 that hit most of the Oriental banks.


Banco Nacional, it turned out, was tied to the Oriental banks through its ownership. We were told that we could take out $10,000 in local currency, but that was it. This was not near enough, and we complained. Soon after our complaint, we received a letter from the bank that indicated that if I signed a certain document, I would be one third of the assets originally deposited. My lawyer advised me against this because if I did sign it, I would end up with only a little bit over a million dollars. If we waited until everything smoothed over, I would probably get the original four million.

My connections to the Air Force turned out to be quite helpful. They knew I was in trouble and was about to lose four millions dollars. I was approached by a young Air Force lieutenant who told me that the Air Force was able to take their money out of Banco Nacional in the form of Military Treasury Notes. These are issued by the U.S. Treasury but are only for military use. The lieutenant suggested that when the Air Force took their money out, I could authorize them to take my money out and put it in the military financial network.


So, my money was withdrawn in military treasury notes, but I could not have access to it. We thought I would be able to take it out of the military financial network whenever I needed it. This was not the case. There were too many legal strings attached. I sat with a group of my friends in the Air Force, and we tried to figure out how I could get out of this mess. Someone said I could use the credit to buy a cruise missile or an airplane on the surplus market. This did not appeal to me, so I asked about property. They said that there was plenty of property. I was referred to the Defense Logistics Agency which handles surplus sales. I thought that maybe I could buy one million dollars of surplus and maybe sell it for two million.

A lady we affectionately called "Tank" suggested a missile silo out in Wyoming. I said that I wanted some- thing in New York. Eventually, she sent over a land manager for the northeast region. After going through a catalog with him, I told him that I wanted to buy an old military base, but it had to be wooded and environmentally clean with an accompanying declaration. Hopefully, it would have an underground with some buildings but not too many. That would be too expensive to maintain properly. The land manager made different suggestions.


Every place he showed me in the catalog had a map location and a photo of the property. I eventually found one that was just environmentally certified and turned out to be a communications station that was a "satellite" to a nearby larger base. It was roughly 600 acres with the rights to grab federal property around it on federal quit-claims. If I played my cards right, I would be able to grab about fifteen hundred acres in total. He said that they expected it to sell from somewhere around three to four million dollars and that I should submit a bid. I got the property for an undisclosed amount and salvaged the holdings I originally had in Barbados. It had twenty buildings, six of which I removed. There was a huge underground of 400,000 square feet. As I refurbished it, the army contacted me and said they wanted to rent part of the property from May of 1999 to May of 2000. Could we work out an arrangement?

The papers I signed said it was rented to the U.S. Army Millennium Management Group. I suspect this had something to do with Y2K. They indicated they would be finished by May 20,2000. May 5th, the holiday of Cinco de Mayo, featured a planetary lineup of seven planets in the constellation Taurus. Psychics have said that the energy oddities on the planet will shift after that date. This means that the property will not be a "hot spot" anymore.


I know it was because the property features "Spook Hill", named so by locals because of spooky things that go on at one particular hill. There have also been television shows which carted their cameras to a nearby mountain so that they could view what was going on down at "Spook Hill." UFO activities and that sort of thing were also reported. I do not want to reveal the exact location so as to avoid people besieging the place. There is important and possibly dangerous work to do there in the future.

Many years ago, Duncan Cameron channeled in the early 1990's that he and I had two important jobs to do. One of these was referred to as the "Freeman Function." We never knew what it meant except that he would get that "the Freeman Function does this or that." Finally, after we got the transmitter set up for B 103, I noticed what this was about. Guess where the transmitter for B103 was located? On Freeman Avenue! That turned out to be the Freeman Function. Presently, there is a large radionics broadcaster hooked to the transmitter and that is the Freeman Function. It transmits "good vibes" for the area.

Duncan also read that a big machine would be built near the "Promised Land." I was not sure what this meant, but we knew there was an area near Montauk that was called the Promised Land. It contained warehouse buildings that were labeled a fish hatchery. This did not make any sense, but Duncan indicated we would go to the Promised Land around the year 2003 and build a big machine that will control the Philadelphia/Montauk vortex from the 2003 point.

After buying the surplus army base, I soon discovered that it was right near an area referred to as the "Promised Land." Apparently, Duncan's reading was uncannily accurate. I had purchased the property without even realizing what the local names surrounding the property were. Further, when you go to the Promised Land at the present day, you can sometimes find this big machine fading in and out of existence. First it is there, and then, it is not there. I have since learned that it is actually coming in from out of the future. The exact location of the building is not real easy to find.

After I bought this property in 1998, I remember Duncan was taking a trip to Egypt where he spent some time in the Great Pyramid. That same weekend, which I believe was the summer solstice, I went to a ham fest in New Jersey. It was incredibly hot, and I was riding around in a senior citizen cart. A lot of my friends thought I might be disabled, but I explained to them I was just tired of exhausting myself in the heat. While riding around, this fellow approached me. Asking me who I was, I told him that my name was Preston Nichols. He then told me that he was me from out of the future. Sure, I thought. I can take a joke. He looked at me rather intensely.


He was a little thinner and a little grayer, but he looked very similar. We ended up running around together, and he gave me a little widget which he said was from the future. He wanted to take me to my property and show me certain things. Going down to the parking lot, we got in this old powder blue Lincoln Continental. I guessed that it must have been from the late 1960's or early 1970's. After driving for quite a while, I began to recognize that I was going through the Promised Land. We turned onto my property and stopped at the gate house. My caretaker did a double-take because he saw two of us sitting in the car. He said that there were strange things going on up the hill today, but he was not going to go up there.

As we drove up the hill, it was as if we suddenly went over a line that went from a beautiful wooded property with an old derelict base to what looked like just trees standing with no foliage. Some sort of defoliation had occurred on the property. As we drove up to the building, I saw it had a nice paint job on it. Walking into the main building, I noticed there was a tremendous mural painted on the theme of time. In the main hall, the wallpaper consisted of more paintings that were hauntingly similar to my mother's art. There was also an elevator which is not there today.


Around fifty to seventy people were walking around. As Preston from the future showed me around, I recognized some of the equipment. He took me down in the elevator to a big pyramid that is underneath the property. There were big crystals inside of the pyramid which were hooked up to all sorts of wiring that was connected to the higher level of the underground. From what I can figure out from this experience, we built some sort of time device on this property. Duncan Cameron's reading indicated that every so often, one could see the 2003 installation. In other words, it was built in or for the year 2003. Whenever 2003 influences our present time, it does a flip. The property exchanges 2003 for whatever the present day is.


Duncan also told me certain things about the future which I am not at liberty to go into the full details of at this point. I also saw the golden horse on this property. This is the golden horse that was mentioned in The Montauk Project, and was found amidst ruins far in the future. Duncan remembers hopping on the horse in 2003 and riding it back to one million or one billion B.C., but I do not remember the exact date. I currently know where the pedestal is for the golden horse. It contains a cutout where a television monitor can be placed. The purpose of this was ostensibly to take control of the Philadelphia/Montauk vortex in order to make it so that the 1943-1983 project never happened. The idea is to clear up some of the negative effects that resulted from the Montauk Project.

I eventually returned to the ham fest where I had left with my future self. It seemed like only two hours had passed when the time I spent in the future was much longer than that. I eventually saw my future self again, but I was much older and am not going to say much more than that for now. One thing that was indicated to me was that it was OK to see my future self if I was invited.

I am fully aware that this book goes from the incredible and bizarre to the mundane and tangible and then back to the bizarre again. This is how my life has been. I have experienced multiple time lines and have seen myself from the future. This potential exists for everyone. I just happen to be a magnet for it. This has to do with the fact that my purpose is to help mankind get through the coming transition of consciousness. We have already experienced tremendous change as a culture since The Montauk Project was published eight years ago. There are a lot more changes ahead. I have not figured everything out and have to struggle with all of this from time to time. My next book is planned to be The Time Travel Primer which will go into more technical data about time travel as well as trying to unscramble the 2003 project. That information is not ready to be downloaded yet because I have not processed all of the data.

One thing I did not mention yet is the mystery of where the phone call came from that warned me away from John Ford's house the night of the arrest. The call was traced as having come from the base where the Millennium Management group was working. This is the same base I purchased. The only thing was, I had not purchased it at the time of the phone call! The message evidently came from the future. My friends remember the phone call at the time it happened, so it is not as if I made it up.


Also, there was the Northern Exposure television show which predicted the fate of John Ford. It certainly appears that forces from the future not only conspired to free me from trouble but also to set me up in business so that I can have an impact on the time line. Nevertheless, there are plenty of counter forces around, too. My money is currently locked up by the IRS to the point where I cannot do much of anything. There are many factions within the government. Some try to help and some try to hinder. I was also contacted through the mail by Ed Zabo, the man who was arrested and served time for possession of explosives in connection with John Ford. He was always suspected to be part of the set up of John Ford. We eventually had a phone conversation.


He phoned me, and the number was traced to come from the office complex of a fireworks manufacturer who was apparently implicated in the Northern Exposure episode as an arms dealer. Consequently, I decided to stay away from Mr. Zabo. Additionally, there has been a major attack on Peter Moon which appears to be a result of his book The Black Sun as well as his job of being my ghostwriter. The Music of Time is the first book we have been able to produce in years. While it is not prudent to go into the nature of that attack at this time, I have been assisting him and we are hopeful that the future will see us through.

Remember that, in quantum physics, the future, past, and present all exist simultaneously. The links to the past and future exist primarily through the function of consciousness. My adventures would not be considered so incredible and popular if everyone experienced them in a commonplace manner or if everyone was fully conscious like a Buddha or Christ is idealized to be. My "time muscles" just happen to be little more primed than most everyone on this planet. I hope that as you continue to better your understanding of time that you can have some wonderful adventures as you access your own future selves.

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In the introduction to this book, I told you that once you had digested all of the information, I would offer some more perspective on the veracity of what Preston has offered us. Before I go into the specific details and stories with regard to verification of Preston's information, it is necessary to make some comments of a general nature with regard to the whole subject matter of this book and how it must be viewed.

We long ago realized that our reading audience more or less embraces about five different categories.

  • First, there are those who interestedly read anything Preston or I have to say and just flow with it and enjoy the idea stream. These people also hold their own power of discernment and do not necessarily accept everything as literal truth.

  • Second are those who wildly embrace everything and do not use any discernment.

  • Third, are technical people who want to learn anything they can about Preston Nichols and how to build exotic technology that might influence the mind or time itself.

  • Fourth are the mildly curious and skeptical who might find too many points of irregularity with their own mind patterns to get anything out of the subject. While they arguably might be throwing the baby out with the bath water, they are also preserving the status quo of their mind patterns. If they can reject the basic tenets of the Montauk Project, they can rest assured that none of this has anything to do with themselves.

  • Fifth are those who must reject the information at all costs. They read just enough to openly and aggressively reject any information in such a manner as to discredit the entire subject. They would tell you that Preston is an absolute lunatic and has nothing of worth to say.

Included in the above are certain hard core scientists as well as others who are very dissatisfied with practically anything offered by Preston Nichols because it is not handed out in a prepackaged form so they can consume it and understand everything there is to understand about time. They think his utterances do not explain anything.


Of course, these people are overlooking the fact that the human condition has been such that we are not exactly clued in on all of the inner workings of nature and creation. It is only in such an environment that a series of legends, experiences, and true data could give rise to something so enigmatic, profound, and intangible as the Montauk Project. If professors in universities understood such things and could explain them, there would be no mystery. Unfortunately, too much of the Montauk information is tainted by the chaos and confusion surrounding Preston Nichols. Considering that nature consistently creates through the interplay of order and chaos, we should not be perplexed this.

Personally, I would like it very much if Preston could put out all of his information in a more concise and packaged format. If you heard the original data as it comes to me, you would find that it contains a lot more chaos than appears within the cover of this book. It is not always a simple job to present it in an organized and understandable format. Sometimes, Preston will say something that does not make any sense. It can be downright wrong. Then, you turn around and find some incredibly outrageous idea he has been sounding off about is undeniably true. In this last regard, nothing was more riveting and jolting in my own life than the drama and intrigue which surrounded the arrest and incarceration of John Ford.

John and I met in Preston's house the February prior to his arrest. He wanted to ask me questions about writing a book, and we discussed the possibilities open to him. From talking to him, it was clear that he had a lot of information concerning the political and industrial connections to black operations such as the Montauk Project. These were leads that Preston was not interested in re-searching for purposes of personal preservation. John was going to give me an outline and sample chapter by May of 1996, but things became very heated in his own personal life. One day, Preston called me and told me there would be no book coming forth from John Ford.

The first time I visited John Ford in jail, I watched him and Preston talk intelligence agency banter the likes of which I had never heard. It was like two "homeys" talking a different language. There was obviously a lot more going on than the rants of an insane and delusional man. Whatever the intelligence connections with John Ford might be, this is a human rights violation that goes off the top of the scale. It is unconscionable that a man is incarcerated without a quick and speedy trial and is tricked into losing his rights.

Prior to writing the first draft of this book, I asked Preston if it would be all right to go into all of the legal and political factors surrounding the problems with John Ford. As John Powell had been arrested, he said there should be no problem. When he read the first draft, he was very happy in that the work completely vindicated him. Unfortunately, the book could not go into print as it was written. His father and the Colonel both feared it could get him killed. Too many names and pertinent information were included.


Although much of the information was public knowledge in that it had appeared in newspapers or been disseminated otherwise, the original book connected too many dots." Hence, I was forced to delete a lot of information. None of this changed the principle components of The Music of Time. The overall story is basically the same. Although the other information would have added considerably to the sales of this book, it is deemed better to be alive with less money than dead with more.

I cannot tell you if every last thing Preston has told us is true, but I saw his life dramatically change when the Air Force came into it. It was not a joke or an act. Preston's father also witnessed dramatic changes in Preston's life as the drama around John Ford began to unfold.

After what I have said here, I am well aware that some people will still be perplexed about the experiences and testimony of Preston Nichols. There are too many un-known and unexplained factors. Wouldn't it be nice if we could be handed simple to read text books from teachers that explained everything? We could just nod our heads and smile placidly because everything was clear.

The great unknown is loaded with chaos. It is the job of life to create order out of the chaos. If there is too much order and predictability, then things become stagnant. It is then the job of life to introduce a little chaos and make things interesting again. Preston Nichols would be the first to agree that there are elements of utter ridiculousness in some of his studies. That is merely the reflection of the great pool of life itself. When we consider the plight of John Ford, it is obvious that there are more pressing and dramatic concerns that are not very funny at all. Preston's life, despite the bizarre enigmas, is very serious business. It should not be taken lightly.

The music aspect of the book also met with personal intrigue and drama in my own life, but that is too detailed to go into. It is not as dramatic as the John Ford scenario. Although I attempted to verify certain instances of Preston's history in the music business, I found that by the very nature of what he was involved in that it would be impossible to meet with full cooperation. Instead, I was in a position where I would likely encounter deliberate deception.

For myself, one of the biggest enigmas described in the pages of this book emerged when I asked Preston a seemingly innocuous question:

"Who is the most talented musician you have ever worked with?"

There was no hesitation whatsoever. "Chuck Hamill, no question," he said with complete conviction.

This man is supposed to be the brother of actor Mark Hamill, but I have found no documented historical record of him save for the picture that appears earlier in this book. While this is the typical profile of a government or a "space-time agent," the enigma was further complicated when he told me that Chuck had at least three other well known identities in the music world: Gary Puckett, Peter Knight and Scott McKenzie.

Scott McKenzie is famous for the song San Francisco ("All those who come to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair") which made him a one hit wonder. I had seen Scott McKenzie on television once, but he did not fit the description I knew of Chuck Hamill in any way shape or form. Common information will tell you that Scott McKenzie was an early friend of John Phillips, the founder and primary talent behind the Mamas and the Papas who was also credited with writing San Francisco.


Preston has said that names are bought and sold in the music business all the time, and he is positive that Chuck Hamill actually recorded the song, even if Scott McKenzie got credit for it. In his autobiography Papa John, John Phillips states that Scott McKenzie had severe substance abuse problems, as did he himself. Phillips claimed to have written San Francisco for the Monterey Pop Festival, an event he also sponsored, so that the concert-goers who came would be loving and peaceful. That was an open statement of intended mood control. Phillips also commented that when it came time for Scott to sing his famous song at the festival, he was completely inept and sounded horrible. Therefore, when the documentary on the film for the Monterey Pop Festival was produced, Scott's was the only song that was dubbed over with the original recording. As the song is not an easy one to sing, one has to wonder what really did happen.

As for Gary Puckett, Preston explained to me that while Chuck did the recordings, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap were a touring band that did the road shows. If you look long and hard enough, you can find potentialities where Preston's stories do hold up.

I am absolutely convinced Preston has some sort of connection to the Moody Blues, but his identification of Chuck Hamill as Peter Knight presents a serious problem to the casual researcher. There was a famous conductor from London named Peter Knight who was credited with the orchestration of the Moody Blues album Days of Future Passed. This is identifiable as a man who is much older and different from Chuck Hamill; but, as was al- ready mentioned in the text of this book, a "Peter Knight" appeared in Rolling Stone magazine describing his problems with intelligence agencies hounding and hassling him. He was running for cover and was underground. This story fits the exact description of the Chuck Hamill we know from Preston and serves to escalate the enigma factor and gives us cause to embrace the idea of one reality crossing over into another one.

For us to accept the above scenarios, we have to accept that there is incredible duplicity occurring on many different levels. Chuck Hamill earns the status of "tempus fudger" as he can apparently see you, but you cannot see him. If such a thing as "space-time agents" do exist, this is how they would interface with us.

Chuck's brother, Mark, is quite an enigma himself. Although extremely talented in many respects, it is highly doubtful he would be very famous at all if not for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. In a TV Guide interview, I once read that he claimed no X-Files or UFO experiences but that he would like to have them. This is very hard to take when you consider that he appeared on CBS This Morning in 1993 when his house was the only one in the neighborhood that did not bum down during huge fires in Malibu.


He explained that he did an American Indian ritual that was designed to preserve the house. Is this not an "X-Files" experience? This only backs up Preston's statements that the man was deeply involved in the occult and reveals that he is not being fully candid about his life. What is most peculiar is that none of his biographies anywhere mention that he was involved in the music business at all. There is no question that he was involved in the Ohio Express and the 1910 Fruitgum Company. Why is this ignored by his publicists? There has to be a reason he has obscured his past.

When we consider the mind control aspects of drugs and Montauk with regard to Preston's associations with Phil Spector, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles, there is ample evidence to suggest a strong, even if fully unexplained, connection. In the book He's a Rebel, it is described how Andrew Oldham, a major pill pusher, fights for management of the Rolling Stones and eventually succeeds. When Phil Spector arrives in London, Oldham turns out to be one of the few people Phil Spector can or will listen to.


Keep in mind that Spector was considered to be a dictator and listened to very few people at all. Oldham turns on Spector to drugs for the first time while he is in London, and Spector is highly drugged when he meets the Beatles. Spector then flies back to New York with the Beatles on their first trip to New York for their Ed Sullivan Show appearance. He famously disembarks from the airplane with the Beatles and begins a long time association with the group. Oldham, in the above role, fits the exact profile of a controller. In mind control lingo, a controller is someone who controls a mind control victim through drugs, hypnotic commands or whatever.

The picture becomes clearer still when we consider Ronnie Spector, Phil's ex-wife, who accuses him of abus-ing her and locking her up in his mansion as a virtual prisoner. But, the most telling aspect of Phil Spector is when Danny Davis arranges for La Toya Jackson to meet Spector as he feels it is her best chance to spark a singing career for herself. Described in the book He's a Rebel, Spector sits down uncomfortably close to La Toya and offers her a key with the words "Bates Motel" inscribed upon it. She did not understand the reference to the movie Psycho until later. His behavior was too bizarre to be believed. After being completely sweet and nice for a short period, Spector would leave and return in an abusive and threatening manner.


La Toya tried to get out of his clutches for four hours. Spector would go into tirades every fifteen minutes or so, leave, and then come back "each time with a new personality." Sometimes it was vitriolic, entertaining, or up and down. His extremes reveal the same sort of tortured soul described by Ronnie Spector in her book Be My Baby.

The above behavior is a clear description of a symptom that is known as multiple personality disorder. In The Black Sun, it was described that manipulation of individuals occurs when people are abused severely and new personalities are developed to cope with the trauma, often carrying out the instructions of a programmer. In one of his biographies, it is described that Phil's problems may have begun when he was playing with the Teddy Bears as a young man. On a gig one night, when he was using the lavatory, a patron is said to have brutalized him and urinated on him. While this was a traumatic event in itself, it may have set the stage for or reinforced different programming. Phil Spector's sister was also institutionalized. He was extremely sympathetic with regard to her condition, and some say it was because he could relate so well to it himself.

Phil Spector was also notorious for putting out records by groups when they did not even sing on the record. The Crystals are just one group in point. This backs up Preston's contentions about recordings not being properly credited to the actual artists. You can also find plenty of other examples of that if you do the research.

The Beatles themselves fit into the mind control mix. Much of what you read about them is publicity oriented and steers away from key truths. Lennon himself decried the official biography of the Beatles and was highly critical of the drug debauched orgies put together for them.

There is an interesting book entitled The Lives of John Lennon by Albert Goldman which describes Lennon as an abusive sufferer of multiple personality syndrome. It chronicles bizarre episodes in the musician's life. At one time, Lennon wanted to make a press announcement that he was Jesus Christ. But, what I found most bizarre about Lennon in the above biography was a trip he took with Yoko to Alborg, a Danish town buried deep in snow in an arctic-like environment. Going there with Yoko to see her daughter, they ended up involved with her ex-husband in a mind control cult whose leader, Dr. Don Hamrick, was trying to link up humans to ETs and saw the Beatles as a natural medium to accomplish this.


The Lennons stayed in Alborg for three weeks and took plenty of drugs. The book recounts how Lennon's manager, John Brower, visited Lennon during this period and got to meet Dr. Hamrick. Brower described him as six-foot-three with long stringy gray hair, like Baby Huey. He wore shorts and no shirt with "a hole in his back as big as my hand." The spine was showing, and he could see one of his lungs pumping. His flesh was laced with stitches from major surgery Hamrick had in London a month earlier.


Although the doctors wanted him to recuperate for a couple of months, he left after one week. Bower described Hamrick as speaking slowly with a sort of German accent. He showed him a scale model of a Buck Rogers city that was floating mysteriously about a foot above the table. He said he had been given an antigravity secret from the space people and was building a city above Brazil in the clouds. The scale model was to illustrate the power of what he could do. Lennon actually championed this man, but there is no elaboration in the book on the exact nature of the little floating city and how it was accomplished.

If there are any doubters about John Lennon's mind control connections after reading the above, they should be convinced by examining Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered the famous Beatle. Chapman was loaded with mind control connections, the most notable of which was discovered with him at the murder site. When he killed Lennon, Chapman did not run away. Although he easily could have done so, he clutched a copy of the book Catcher in the Rye. John Hinckley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan, was also found to have a copy of Catcher in the Rye. In one of his letters, he told Jodie Foster of how he was distraught over Chapman's killing of Lennon. In 1989, there was another publicized murder where the assassin was armed with a copy of Catcher in the Rye. The victim this time was celebrity Rebecca Schaeffer, the young star of the television show My Sister Sam.

Despite the obvious associations, authorities never did a proper investigation of mind control in the John Lennon murder case. When Chapman was jailed at Ryker's Island, he was given unprecedented contact with the outside. This included all sorts of strange characters that had motives and opportunity to tamper with him. After all of these visitations, Chapman miraculously changed his plea from "not-guilty by reason of insanity" to just plain "guilty." He had an excellent case for being declared insane. There was a twelve board panel of psychiatrists who were dedicated to determining his mental health, but the possibility or potential of mind control was not discussed even once.

The Beatles also thought enough of Aleister Crowley to feature him on their Sgt. Pepper album. Ringo Starr, whose substance abuse problems are legendary, recently released a new album entitled Vertical Man. Most people would not know it, but this is a direct reference to a passage in Aleister Crowley's book Magick: Theory and Practice.

George Harrison was good friends with the leader of the Hare Krishna movement in America who also happened to be the director of a major pharmaceutical company. There was recently an attempt on Harrison's life by a man who emerged from an asylum and stabbed the Beatle in the chest. Although Harrison has reportedly said there is more to it than a simple murder attempt, the press has been very mum on exactly what the full circumstances of the case were. While Paul McCartney might seem to be the "best boy," he was a public advocate of taking LSD. By his own comments, he now appears to feel very guilty of his role in all of that.

My own reading and interviews with people in the music business indicate that the industry is beset with Mafia and drug connections. Performers are indulged and lulled with sex and drugs to the point there they often lose control of their own lives. The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson is just one example. He was under the complete control of a psychiatrist at one point and was not even allowed to see his own family until they sued the psychiatrist. This was a public outrage which has been well covered elsewhere.


Brian's brother, Dennis Wilson, was deeply involved with Charles Manson, the man convicted for his involvement in the Tate-LaBianca killings. Some believe that Dennis Wilson's untimely death by drowning had to do with his connection and ultimate rejection of Charles Manson.

Other observers of the music business have expressed curiosity at how organized crime dedicated so much time and attention to a business which was, particularly in the '60's and early '70's, small potatoes in terms of big business. Why so much interest in a relatively small industry? There are obviously control factors through the music which would make control of this industry very important to those interested in mind control.

Besides checking out various books on musicians and the industry, I have met other people who remember Preston from his days at Bell Sound and Buddah Records. I also consulted Preston's father, Bob Nichols, who de-scribes himself as the "doubting Thomas" of the family when it comes to the Montauk Project. When I asked him if he remembered any of Preston's associations with the music industry, he said he could remember only one time. He said he came home to find the Beach Boys in his living room. They were there so that Preston could fix an amplifier.


This story was relayed by Preston in the text of this book. Later, I asked Bob if he realized that the only association he remembered just happened to be one that concerned "Wilsons." He was amused by that and knew what I was referring to. For those of you who are not familiar, the name "Wilson" figures heavily with regard to strange name synchronicities in the other Montauk books.

Another time, I asked Bob if he remembered Preston's association with Chubby Checker. He said, "Oh, yeah, I remember him coming over to the house several times."

Bob himself was not involved in Preston's music career nor any of the Montauk experiences. In fact, Preston has kept his father quite shielded as to many of his activities. If he told him too much, it would only have caused his father unnecessary worry. However, this began to change when the John Ford situation came to pass. At this writing, Bob is in his eighties. He never expected to live past seventy, and the main reason he has stuck around is to do what he can to look after Preston. The last few years have been harrowing but very purposeful for him in terms of keeping an eye on the house for strange characters and the like. His observation of the John Ford case and how it affected Preston removed a substantial amount of doubt from the "Doubting Thomas." That does not mean he believes every last story of time travel, but the immediacy and drama of Preston's situation was no longer something to speculate about. It came too close to home.

If the cold hard truth shows itself through Preston's involvement with John Ford, there is no reason to automatically discount the esoteric aspects concerning Preston's history in the music business. It is just as bone chilling.

There are many more mysteries to uncover for Preston and myself. We are currently planning to write another book about time travel which is tentatively titled The Time Travel Primer. Preston himself is also anticipating his own participation in the 2003 project. Life will not be boring. Hopefully, it will be pleasant and free from oppression.

Thank you for all your support.

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