Distance from Earth:

11.4 light years

Star name, type:

Procyon A, white-yellow main sequence star F5V

Star mass, radii:

1.50, 2.30 x Sol

Star2 name, type:

Procyon B, white dwarf DA-F

Star2 mass, radii:

0.60, 0.02 x Sol

Binary separation:

8.9 - 21 AU



Hypothetical planet location:

2.7 AU

Possible life:



Image description:

View from the satellite orbiting the gas giant planet located at 2.7 AU.


We assumed that the satellite is enough big to sustain it's atmosphere. The life factor was set to 5% because of the history of this system.


Procyon B was bigger than Procyon A, so it burnt out faster, which means that once this star went through all processes that stars go, (main sequence, red giant, planetary nebula).


And all that happened just 8.9 AU's from this system.