Images from Mike
October 5, 2007
from Rense Website


We don't know what these peculiar objects are, but they certainly don't look like anything one would normally find at an airbase. Note that what at first glance may appear to be incorrect shadows are actually enormous pits dug out of the earth.


And the three-sided pyramid is perhaps the most intriguing of all, especially since it appears to be made of dirt.





Brian Uziel


I was in the USAF for 11 years as a communications maintenance troop. As a 30470, a stateside assignment I had was in a Base and Installation Security shop, which provided me with daily work inside the Bomber Alert and Weapons Storage Area of a SAC base.

Although I can't confirm what these structures are, they don't seem at all bizarre to me.

The first picture is the most difficult to identify, or guess about. Something about that shape rings a bell in my memory that this is a RADAR type sensor structure. I've never seen such a building in person, but I have been exposed to lots of official technical and magazine pictures. The second picture is easier to speculate about. The right side seems to be descending into the ground. This is much like the tunnel walkway to lower levels of a crew/area support building that I have used.

Additionally, it looks like the top level of the building is in the process of being covered by soil/sand. This has many reasons and advantages for any military building ( such as noise levels, security, climate control and comfort ) let alone one in such a place as Area 51. The third picture is hardly mysterious.


This is the same type of covered arch shape where weapons (bombs) or other secure items are stored, provided that both ends have walls, one having a very heavy wide locked set of doors. The top of the soil mounds around and over it where covered in asphalt on all the ones I've been inside. Similarly, usually opened ended ones are basically parking spots for aircraft. I think you should be able to find photos on the web of TAC/USAFE fighters in Europe using these for protection of the planes that are ready for quick response in an intercept role.

All in all, I would speculate that it is a more or less self-contained area for a single aircraft/mission. Much like the old Bomber Alert crew quarters and chow hall that I was used to. But in this case it's " X stuff " with more people for control, maintenance, etc. The only thing "bizarre" may be if under pic 2 an elevator brings up 1 "aircraft" at a time from a larger under ground bay ready for quick roll out.

Thank You,
Brian Uziel