by Christopher Dunn
September 15, 2002

from GizaPower Website



  • The Evidence leading to Gantenbrink's "Door"
    On Monday, September 16, 2002 at 8:00 PM ET, FOX television (US) will broadcast live from Egypt an exploration of the Southern Shaft in the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Since 1993, when robotics engineer, Rudolph Gantenbrink made his initial exploration of this 8-inch square 200 ft. long mysterious shaft, millions of Egypt watchers around the world have been waiting for the day when additional explorations would take place and a tantalizing barrier to our past would be penetrated....

  • What is behind Gantenbrink's "Door"?
    Any explanation for the Great Pyramid has to explain all known features. Since its discovery, much has been written and speculated about what lies hidden behind the limestone block at the end of the Southern Shaft in the Queen's Chamber. Any hypothesis that purports to explain the purpose for the Great Pyramid if true should be able to reasonably predict what lies behind Gantenbrink's "door." Based on an engineering analysis, The Giza Power Plant hypothesis lays out such a prediction...

  • Beyond Gantenbrink's "Door"
    The Giza Power Plant hypothesis predicts what was found on the other side of Gantenbrink's "door"