by T.E. Bearden
Explore Issue: Volume 8, Number 3


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Energetics is the Russian name for what the present author has long referred to as scalar electromagnetics.


In the Russian scheme, energetics as an overall name consists of three subsets:

(i)   energetics, which applies to nonliving physical systems

(ii)  bioenergetics, which applies to the physical bodies and cells of living systems

(iii) psychoenergetics, which applies to the minds, personalities, memories, emotions, and perceptions of living systems

Figure 1 shows the breakdown of energetics into its three branches.


As an overall field, energetics is the application of Stoney-Whittaker-Ziolkowski (SWZ) internal structuring of the scalar potential, to constitute "hidden EM variables" in the sense of Bohmís hidden variable theory.


It is thus the application and usage of vacuum engines, and vacuum engineering. Also, Bohmís quantum potential, including its SWZ structuring, is utilized and applied. Both local action and action-at-a-distance are incorporated in energetics.



Partial support by the Association of Distinguished American Scientists (ADAS) is gratefully acknowledged.





During the last two years, we have produced and published several papers with insights into the overunity energy field and the energy medicine field which indicate areas for further intensive and rapid development.


Parts 1 through 3 of this article summarized the progress made in understanding overunity energy systems, and pointed out the need for a new energy medicine. Part 4 summarizes the progress made to date in formulating the new energy medicine, and indicates the nature of future articles planned in the series.


Some startling new overunity energy principles are also summarized.




A "New" and Revolutionary Medical Therapy


The Priore Energetics Therapeutic Method
The first full explanation of the Priore effect - cellular dedifferentiation (biological view) or time-reversal/phase conjugation (physics view), via unorthodox application of EM - has been given. [See Figure 25.]





The Priore team cured terminal tumors, trypanosomias, and other dread diseases in laboratory animals in France, in the 1960s and 1970s, under rigorous scientific protocols by eminent scientists.


The Priore project was funded by the French Government to the tune of several millions of dollars (equivalent).

The pertinent papers documenting the teamís results in the hard-core French literature have previously been cited.4


The Priore teamís results were impeccable, but no scientist has previously advanced an adequate explanation of the mechanism by which the puzzling usage of EM was able to perform such miracles.



The Key: Energetics and Vacuum Engines

The key was in Prioreís manipulation of the internal EM hidden variables comprising the DC potential.


Antoine Priore constructed a near-harmonic series of internal bidirectional "pump waves" (in the nonlinear phase conjugate optics sense) that pumped the cell and all its individual parts - including the genes and chromosomes - with pump waves in the internal structuring of the cellís biopotentials. By standard nonlinear optics theory, this converted the cell and each of its parts to pumped phase conjugate mirrors.

The physical pattern of the disease constitutes an electromagnetic "signal wave" in terms of 4-wave mixing theory. It also constitutes a vacuum engine in the inner "hidden variables" domain inside the biopotentials, by a corollary to Wheelerís principle.


Thus, by standard pumped phase conjugate mirror theory, exact antiengines for the specific disease were self-generated in the diseased cell and each of its parts. The result was that the cell was time-reversed back to an earlier state (dedifferentiated back to its normal healthy state prior to becoming diseased or disordered).

It is accented that this mechanism is already the normal mechanism utilized by the bodyís DC control system for its reparative or restorative system (as contrasted to the immune system). In the pumped case, the restorative mechanism is highly amplified by the nonlinear optical pumping in the interior EM channel utilized by the bodyís own restorative system.

In other words, Priore found how to amplify and augment the bodyís own restorative system - something which had not previously been discovered, at least to such a degree. Independently from Priore, Becker had pioneered the use of DC potentials to accelerate healing of bone fractures [see Figure 26] and also to differentiate and redifferentiate cells.


In Germany, Poppís investigations into mitogenetic radiations from cells had revealed an underlying master cellular control system [Figure 27] which contained coherent photons.






In the Soviet Union, Kaznacheyev had gone much, much farther.


He had shown that, under the proper conditions, internally conditioned EM signals from damaged or dying cells transported cellular death and disease patterns into healthy cells, with his cytopathogenic mirror experiments. [See Figure 28]


However, most of Kaznacheyevís work appears to have been classified by the former Soviet government, and directly applied toward developing EM biological warfare systems.






Carefully controlled testing of this "weaponized" distant EM induction of cellular disease patterns was evidenced in the weak Soviet microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow over several decades. [Figure 29]


Two U.S. ambassadors were killed, dying with leukemia-like diseases. A third ambassador sickened, was transferred, and later died of a leukemia-like disease. Hosts of health changes were generated in personnel, but only in those areas free from EM force fields (i.e., with zero gradients of the scalar potentials).


This provided a 100% correlation to the thesis that the persistent (i.e., gradient-free potentials) were the culprit. In turn, that directly shows application of energetics, vacuum engine templates, etc. - which sometimes the Soviets refer to as the information content of the field. We have adequately documented this weapons application of vacuum engines elsewhere.


We will now briefly point out the work of Becker and of Popp.



Other Important Work Utilizing the Energetics Mechanism


Beckerís Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation of Living Cells


The "inner EM" or "hidden EM variables" explanation we have advanced for Prioreís work also dramatically expands upon Beckerís demonstrated DC potential restorative control system in biological organisms.


In profound work, Becker proved conclusively that DC potentials with extremely weak currents (picoamperes) could indeed dedifferentiate (i.e., time-reverse) cells, genetics and all, back to a previous state.


He also proved that it can iteratively redifferentiate cells, i.e., change the cell along the forward-time track, to a new cellular development (differentiation) type, thereby providing the local type of cell needed by the specific type of tissue and injury.

Again see above Figure 26.
In his pioneering of electrical DC potential (and picoampere DC current) treatment of otherwise intractable bone fractures, Becker showed that rather astounding healing occurred. He then showed that the red blood cell first dedifferentiated (time-reversed) by shucking its hemoglobin and growing a nucleus.


Then that "new" cell redifferentiated (time-forwarded) into the type of cell that makes cartilage. Then that new type of cell redifferentiated into the type of cell that makes bone. Whereupon the latter cells were deposited in the fracture as new bone growth.

Becker was nominated for a Nobel prize for this epochal work. For his noble efforts, he was hounded, castigated, his funding dramatically curtailed, etc.


Poppís Master Cellular Control System

The proposed vacuum engine explanation we have advanced of the Priore effect also dramatically extends Poppís discovery of the coherent virtual photon involvement in the master cellular control system of the living body.


Creating and using a vacuum engine (deliberate structuring of the virtual photon flux of the vacuum) is indeed the mechanism achieved by the Priore effect.


Weak vacuum engines are also achieved in the body, as part of Beckerís DC potential control system for the bodyís restorative system, and Poppís master cellular control system, once the Stoney, Whittaker, Ziolkowski (SWZ) internal biwave structuring of the scalar potential is incorporated.



Energetics Implications for Reversal of AIDS


Quick, Cheap, Highly Effective

The implications to AIDS, e.g., of directly "time-reversing" an HIV-infected cell and all its genetics, back to a previous normal state, is obvious.


The Priore cellular reversal therapeutic technique, if redeveloped and applied, could result in the total, quick, cheap cure of AIDS, including riddance of all HIV-infected cells, in possibly two or three treatments with very weak, non-ionizing radiation in special manner.


We accent non-ionizing radiation by strong, rippling magnetic fields; no nuclear radiation or overt high frequency EM radiation need be involved.

The moment an individual tested HIV positive, the Priore type treatment could be performed. Every cell in the body would be affected. Normal cells would just get a little younger. HIV-infected cells would just be reversed back into normal cells, genetics and all.


Thus a total cure for the AIDS patient could be achieved without waiting for the slow destruction of the patientís immune system and restorative system - which are followed by debilitation, intense suffering, and lingering death.



The Usual Progress of AIDS

The problem in AIDS infections is that, regardless of how one tries to "kill" the HIV-infected cells, not all of them are killed and a few escape.


Obviously, the few that escape were more resistant to the lethal agent than were those who were killed. As this is repeated, the treatment is repeatedly selecting the most resistant strains of the virus that are present.


Also, the unstable HIV virus itself continues to change and adapt.


The end result is:

  1. increasing numbers of strains of the virus actually infecting the body

  2. increasing resistance to the killing agent and the human immune system by those survivors

  3. the immune system is a finite system, and as it makes more and more antibodies and gets more and more of its own cells infected, it increasingly deteriorates and loses effectiveness

Eventually the disease "adapts" to its hostís weakened immune system weaponry and almost any other weaponry brought to bear to kill it.


Every HIV-infected cell is still an HIV-virus factory. As the viruses win the battle against the immune system and medical agents, these factories have more and more survivors, and the HIV infection grows apace.

With resistance achieved by the new strains of HIV viruses poured out into the bloodstream, the disease spreads until the standard symptoms and debilitation appear. Meanwhile, the immune system is steadily degraded, as is the bodyís recovery or restorative system. Other infectious agents which could normally be countered by a healthy immune system, now begins to pose lethal threats.

In the advanced AIDS patient, death usually results from opportunistic infections that develop and thrive in the seriously weakened body with its depleted immune system and depleted restorative system, killing the patient.

At the present time, all conventional treatments can do naught but prolong the process. The eventual result is almost certain death.


Energetics Dramatically Eliminates the Viral Factories

With the Priore approach, at any stage in the AIDS disease progression, the HIV-factories (HIV-infected cells) would be simply time-reversed back into normal cells, genetics and all. This would totally remove all HIV virus and all HIV-factories (infected cells).


Thus the present great problem of AIDS - the inability of the body and present medical therapies to rid the body of all HIV-factories in the body early on - would be solved. As proven by the Priore group, the energetics would also restore the immune system to vigorous functioning, and it would revitalize the restorative system as well.

Instead of prolonging the life of the AIDS patient a bit, it would dramatically reverse the disease and cure the patient.

In other words, it would represent a total interruption and elimination of the entire AIDS-producing process in the infected patient. Nothing else presently proposed has such an awesome capability for AIDS disease reversal.


Itís also a completely different medical approach: Instead of killing the struggling cells that are infected - which after all is killing part of the immune system as well! - simply help the infected cells immediately change back into normal cells again, by highly amplifying the very mechanism by means of which the bodyís cellular restorative system works anyway.

Becker et al. already rigorously proved in vivo that cells - genetics and all - can be time-reversed and time-forwarded by application of very weak EM. Priore rigorously proved that such can be applied to the whole body, to achieve remarkable and unparalleled remission of dread diseases.

AIDS was not known at the time of Prioreís major work, and therefore was not treated. However, the technical basis for the entire above discussion on the ability of energetics to cure AIDS, is already rigorously proven in the laboratory, and the results are published in leading French scientific journals.

The only barrier to the greatest medical breakthrough in history is the dogmatic minds of our present scientists and scientific administrators.



A Change of Scientific Viewpoint is Urgently Needed


Electrodynamics and Medical Science Are Dogmatic

It is our firm opinion that, if the conventional medical science and energy communities were less dogmatic and biased, these are the types of potential solutions they would be working on with alacrity, and developing at top speed.


The results in the preceding discussion have been rigorously proven by eminent scientists, in laboratory experiments. The technical basis we have extended from the work of Becker, Popp, Kaznacheyev, Stoney, Whittaker, and Ziolkowski is solidly founded.


That the results of these pioneering scientists are ignored and even suppressed is a glaring commentary on the extreme bias of our present medical science community.


It is also a sad commentary on the condition of our physics and electrodynamics communities, which adamantly refuse to overhaul electrodynamics and quantum mechanics, to incorporate Bohm-type hidden variable theory, particularly of the engineerable EM kind shown by Stoney and Whittaker, and also by Ziolkowski.


They are Also In Woeful Shape

Present electromagnetics, medical therapy, and electrical power technology are in woeful shape. Without further discussion, Figure 27 above, shows just how bad the classical electromagnetics problem is. The very foundations are seriously flawed.


The problem seems to this researcher to lie primarily with the "science controllers" - they who control and dispense the funding extracted from the taxpayers.



One Must Continually Review and Correct Foundations

Many famous scientists have previously commented on the absolute requirement to continually review and revise the foundations of our scientific models and theories, and on just how hard it is to displace the prevailing dogma in physics.


To show just how deeply Einstein felt about never totally accepting foundations as absolutes, here are his words:

"...the scientist makes use of a whole arsenal of concepts which he imbibed practically with his motherís milk; and seldom if ever is he aware of the eternally problematic character of his concepts.


He uses this conceptual material, or, speaking more exactly, these conceptual tools of thought, as something obviously, immutably given; something having an objective value of truth which is hardly even, and in any case not seriously, to be doubted... in the interests of science it is necessary over and over again to engage in the critique of these fundamental concepts, in order that we may not unconsciously be ruled by them."
[Einstein, "Foreword," in Max Jammer, Concepts of Space: The History of Theories of Space in Physics, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1969, p. xi-xii.]

Max Planck also was quite pessimistic, wryly pointing out that usually the orthodox scientists adamantly resist innovation until their deaths. As he stated:

"An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul.


What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out, and that the growing generation is familiarized with the ideas from the beginning."
Max Planck, in G. Holton, Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1973.]



Why Scientists Do Not Work on Such Proven Novel Approaches

Many scientists and graduate students would be delighted to work on these potential enhanced electromagnetism solutions, if the "money controllers" would allow funding for such efforts.


The dogma and biasing of the scientific community is achieved primarily by these "money and program controllers," many of whom (just as in other human fields) are interested primarily in personal power, prestige, turf, and control.


The working scientist must desperately struggle with intensive grant applications, along only acceptable lines, if he is to have funding and remain employed at all.

So conventional scientists are largely not permitted to work on problems such as AIDS and cancer and the energy crunch, along enhanced Stoney/Whittaker/Ziolkowski hidden variable electromagnetic lines.


Meanwhile millions of persons die needlessly every year, the meter stays on the gas pump for the automobiles, and the electric power meter stays on the house, factory, and city for electrical utilities.


And the wholesale pollution of the planet and our own bodies continues apace.



In Big Science administration itís the old "Golden Rule"

"He who has the gold, rules!"


Planned Future Articles

In light of the iron dogma in science, all a single researcher can do - with no funding, laboratory, staff, or supplies, and with open hostility from the orthodox establishment - is just doggedly persevere in trying to solve the foundations problems in energy science, and communicate the solutions as widely as possible. In the future we shall endeavor to continue to do just that, along the lines indicated below.


How To Increase the Energy Collection Fraction

A future article will show methods and processes which will and do increase the amount of energy collection from the raging Poynting energy flow, and will and do use (dissipate) the excess collected in electrical systems to perform useful work.


Working examples will be given; including the Letokhov-Lawandy effect (and the highly significant Lawandy patents and experiments), the Patterson effect (and patents), and the fiber fuse effect.

We will accent that the same energy flow can be retroreflected and additional energy recollected from it. Energy itself is always a flow, as opposed to energy collection.


Energy used once can be used yet again; the entire process can be iterated incessantly. A single joule of energy can do a million joules of work! We just have to collect that same joule of energy flow one million times. Already nature does it this way, scattering and reusing the same energy, over and over. It is high time that we learned and utilized natureís own "iterative energy reuse" system. Energy is never used up, but simply reused again and again.

So we will accent iterated, multipass, multicollection from iteratively retroreflected Poynting energy flows.


We will also discuss the use of the quantum potential in order to directly amplify energy collection by automatically iterating a local energy template at multiple distant collection locations.


The Letokhov-Lawandy (Anti-Stokes) Effect and the Patterson Effect

The first two effects (Letokhov-Lawandy effect and Patterson effect) are both cases of what is referred to as the Anti-Stokes Effect.


In the Anti-Stokes effect, the medium outputs more energy than the stimulation contains that one introduces. Classically, the remainder of the output energy is assumed to come from molecular transactions, etc.

However, Lawandy with TiO2 particles and Patterson with palladium-clad microsphere capacitors have added:

  1. an array of Poynting generators to the normal fluid medium

  2. iterative retroreflection of the Poynting energy

  3. multipass, multiple collection of energy from the multipassed S-flows

These extensions to the anti-Stokes effect caused the present author to name the TiO2-type case the Letokhov-Lawandy effect, and to name the charged beads-type case the Patterson effect.


In each case, there has been highly significant augmentation of the basic anti-Stokes effect to warrant naming it as a new effect of its own.


In addition, either the Patterson case or the Lawandy case can also involve a quantum potential, which has not previously been even conceived of in conjunction with the anti-Stokes effect.






See Figure 30 and Figure 31.


The Letokhov-Lawandy effect and the Patterson effect recover their excess emission energy directly from the vacuum energy exchange. They utilize iteration of both retroreflection and collection.


Iterated, multiple collection of energy from the same Poynting flow occurs. In addition, an exponential positive feedback effect also occurs:

As the multipass, multicollection process increases the local (collected) energy density, in turn that increases the magnitude (energy density) of the local scalar potential, increasing the E-field accordingly. In turn, that increases the Poynting energy flow, which further increases the amount of energy collected in each pass of the S-flow over a collector particle (Lawandy) or bead (Patterson).

This positive feedback continues until stabilized at some level determined by the increasing rate of escape by multiple scattering actions from the perimeter of the collectors.


The Quantum Potential As A Direct Energy Amplifier

The Patterson device and the Lawandy device also can partially utilize a quantum potential, which power engineers presently know zilch about, and which most physicists know very little about.


The degree of susceptibility to initiating a quantum potential (QP) is a function of the phase conjugate reflection activity produced by each collector (particle or bead). Formation of a quantum potential adds a totally new dimension to the energy collection: Once the QP forms, each collector (bead or particle) has some fraction of participation in the overall quantum potential.


This means that the energy appearing at one station has a fraction of its energy simultaneously and instantly appear at every other participating station, and vice versa.


The primary station does not "lose" any energy in this transaction, because now the local space is partially multiply-connected. In a multiply connected space, an object, field, or amount of energy can exist simultaneously in two different, widely separated, spatial locations (as seen by an external observer outside the system.)


In this case, to the external observer direct energy multiplication occurs, which violates any "energy propagation" model of energy transfer in a singly-connected space.

Nonetheless, overall conservation of energy is not violated when the vacuum interaction is included. One is simply replicating the same ordering (template) of the local vacuum, at multiple locations simultaneously. So the excess energy arises from the local vacuum at each station (as seen by the external observer).


In the particular case, imperfections in the quantum potential process limit the amount of direct energy amplification, by limiting the degree to which a multiply connected space is achieved.


Also, as the multiple connections in space improve and energy amplification rises, the distortion and instability of the multiple space connections i.e., the degradation of what Wheeler called wormholes) increase exponentially.

This provides a maximum, finite stability level so that the QP stabilizes at a finite value, as does the energy amplification factor.


Otherwise, there would be no limit whatsoever to the amount of energy that a quantum potential - e.g., as in Lawandyís new form of lasing - would rapidly produce. In fact, if perfectly formed in a perfect, multiply connected space, a QP would immediately produce a self-inflated "false vacuum," and a great new "Big Bang", resulting in the creation of an entirely new universe, separate from this one.


Whether or not it would utterly destroy this particular universe is a matter of conjecture. Fortunately, we need not worry about creating a new "Big Bang"; the normal processes allow the formation of only a fractional QP, with rapid degradation and total clamping of the maximum energy level, for a particular QP-generating process.

We published the mechanism for making a quantum potential some time ago, obscurely in 1989 and later in a book, Gravitobiology, in 1991.


At any rate, the exposŤ of the use of multipass collection, negative absorption by the medium, iterative retroreflection of scattered energy, and the quantum potential as a method of enhancing energy collection in overunity devices is planned for future articles.


The Fiber Fuse Effect

See Figure 32 below.


The fiber fuse problem is presently "unsolved" by conventional science (although Russell and his colleagues are very close). However, it always produces more energy out (by far!) than what one puts in to initiate it.


The extraordinary thing is that, even after the fiber fuse runs (at about a meter per second) the length of a fiber optics cable and "destroys" it (even for many, many kilometers), the physical damage - holes blown in the core about every centimeter or so - can often be reversed by simply reversing the laser light direction down the cable and re-initiating the fiber fuse from the other end.


The series of holes about every centimeter of so, down the entire cable, will then often be refilled again with material, sufficiently to restore a functional cable!





The Letokhov-Lawandy effect [Figure 30 far above] and the fiber fuse [Figure 32 above] are readily demonstrable by any university lab (sophomore level).


Patterson is proceeding toward commercialization of his independently validated overunity approach. Presently Lawandy seems focused on lasing; it remains to be seen whether or not he will recognize the electrical power system implications of the effect.


I suspect that he will or has already, and that we will see Lawandy overunity systems in our power future.




Other Surprises


In the future we will also acquaint the reader with a host of other overunity or potential overunity effects, devices, and principles.


We will cover, e.g.,

  1. the Wiegand effect

  2. the Johnson multivalued potential gate effect

  3. the Radus effect

  4. multi-kilowatt, parametric oscillating, self-powering overunity generators produced in Russia in the late 1930s and extensively published in the pre-war scientific literature, both in Russia and in France

  5. Stanford's and General Electric's development of true negative resistors (self-powering) in the late 1930s, under our greatest electrical scientist, Gabriel Kron

  6. Westinghouse's loss or abandonment of two major overunity processes, even after hardware was produced

  7. multi-looped feedback, open systems that accomplish S-flow iteration and multi-collection

  8. the use of the "missing half" of the EM energy that is in our circuits as a highly damped but equal energy flow down in the atomic nuclei

  9. the Sweet vacuum triode amplifier

  10. magnetic flux path switching

  11. the unsuspected violent energy flows produced by the human body

  12. the energetics energy flow of the Earth

  13. linkage of human body energy flow into the overall energy flow of the Earth

  14. the surprising and previously unsuspected direction emerging for future development of education, health, medicine, and engineering




Summary and Conclusion






In one sense the summarized work over the last few years has been enormously productive, at least in increased insight into electrical power and medical therapy possibilities.


As Figure 33 above clearly shows, asymmetrical regauging - which the electrodynamicists themselves admit is free for the taking - will generate excess force, excess energy, and positive work.


On the other hand it has been most frustrating to have to work without funding, and to have to watch helplessly as,

  1. so many millions continue to die needlessly of dread diseases such as cancer and AIDS

  2. the energy-connected pollution of the planet and rape of our pocketbooks continues apace

The funds spent by the U.S. Government in a single week on cancer, AIDS, and energy would re-establish the entire Priore approach, as well as develop a plethora of practical overunity systems, were those funds focused on the extended hidden variable electromagnetics approach that is represented by energetics.


Figure 34 above graphically characterizes the real problem: As a nation, we still have our collective scientific and medical and governmental heads in the sand, like the proverbial ostrich.


The ostrichlike attitude, "Pretend we donít see it, and maybe it will go away!" can no longer be justified.

Nonetheless we continue to make slow progress. As new developments occur, they will be shared openly with the reader here in Explore!, over the InterNet as in The Virtual Times (, in books, in journal articles, and in other publications.


This concludes this four part series.





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  12. Based on Stoney's and Whittaker's work. Oddly, Whittaker's 1904 paper showing that all classical EM fields and waves could be replaced by two scalar potentials was partially utilized in physics, and initiated what is now called superpotential theory. Reference to superpotentials is in Springer's Encyclopedia of Physics, passim. Two authors (Melba Phillips in Vol. 4 and H. Bremmer in Vol. 16) describe the Whittaker Potentials as a "special case" of scalar superpotentials, which are related to the "Debye Potentials" and the "Bromwich Potentials." Both articles refer to papers by Nisbet, McCrea, Casimir, etc. Dirac also worked in superpotential theory. Strangely, even though Whittaker's 1904 paper is credited today with initiating superpotential theory, Whittaker's 1903 paper showing the hidden EM variable (wave) decomposition of the scalar potential has been largely ignored, even though the two Whittaker papers taken together lay the basis for all of Soviet energetics and an engineerable hidden variable theory. However, exceptions to the general disregard for the Stoney/Whittaker biwave decomposition of scalar potentials are provided in papers published by a few scientists such as Ziolkowski, Cornille, and Barrett.

  13. Robert O. Becker; Charles H. Bachman, and Howard Friedman, "The direct current system: A link between the environment and the organism," New York State Journal of Medicine, Vol. 62, April 15, 1962, p. 1169-1176; R.O. Becker, "The direct current field: A primitive control and communication system related to growth processes," Proceedings of the. XVI International. Congress of Zoology, Washington, D.C., Vol. 3, 1963, p. 179-183. Becker has stated in effect that the restorative or reparative system in the living animal is electromagnetic in nature, but of a peculiar kind involving dc currents (and therefore dc potentials). He notes that it functions, however, as an analog command and control system. He points out that it corresponds to the entire organism, and calls for further study and experimentation.
    The present author has extended Becker's epochal work to incorporate the hidden variable biwave structuring of the scalar potential, and the fact that not just signal theory but vacuum engines are involved. The concepts of classical EM are insufficient to describe this system properly, because it uses the internal Stoney, Whittaker, Ziolkowski structuring. Instead of an EM "signal," the control systems sends a vacuum engine to the cell. That vacuum engine is a structuring of the local vacuum flux. The vacuum engine is a Maxwellian demon and it performs work upon the cell and all its parts, including its genetics. Hence its ability to dedifferentiate and redifferentiate cells, including their entire genetics.

  14. An excellent discussion of this work, for the layperson, is given in Robert Becker and Gary Selden, The Body Electric, William Morrow and Company, New York, 1985.

  15. This bone-healing application of the amplification and augmentation of the body's restorative system is approved by the Federal Drug Administration, and utilized in treatment of otherwise intractable bone fractures.

  16. F.-A. Popp et al., "Physical aspects of biophotons," Experientia, Vol. 44, 1988, p. 576-585; _____ "Photon Storage in Biological Systems," in Fritz Albert Popp et al, eds., Electromagnetic Bio-Information: Proceedings of the Symposium, Marburg, Federal Republic of Germany, Sep. 5, 1977; Urban & Schwarzenberg, Baltimore, 1979, p. 123-149. Popp approaches the results of the "internal EM hidden variables" quantum mechanically, using the standard Bohr QM instead of Bohm's more fitting hidden variable theory of QM.

  17. Actually Becker's DC restorative control system and Popp's cellular control system are one-and-the-same in the living body. Becker approached the problem in terms of a classical electromagnetics model; Popp approached it in terms of quantum mechanics and a quantum electrodynamics model.

  18. Stoney and Whittaker advanced the sum set of the hidden bidirectional EM waves that comprise the scalar potential. Ziolkowski added the product set. Here's a master identity statement for the deep thinker, one that has previously escaped scientific notice: Scalar potential not spacetime geometry virtual state presence of energy collection. Also, internal structuring of one of those terms is identical to internal structuring of each of the others. Internal dynamics of one is identical to internal dynamics of each of the others. So if you can internally engineer and structure one of them, then you can (given sufficient technological development) internally engineer and structure any of them. Further, all observables are composed of ensembles (structures) of the internal elements of one/all of these. Hence one can engineer the entire observable state -- so-called macroreality itself, including the vaunted "laws of physics" -- if one can engineer any one of the elements of the master identity. The importance of the Stoney, Whittaker, and Ziolkowski work is that, taken together, they show precisely how to engineer that entire master identity electromagnetically. Mind and mind/matter interactions can also be included in this engineering model, but that is another story for another treatise.

  19. Priore's last machine was a very large, 4-story affair capable of providing whole-body rippling magnetic field exposure to the entire human body. That device was designed to heal terminal illnesses such as cancer in two 5-minute exposures, to a very strong and rippling magnetic field containing the inserted Stoney/Whittaker/Ziolkowski biwave structure, where the exposures are one week apart.

  20. There appears to be no valid reason why such procedure could not be utilized for rather total rejuvenation of cells in the body, thereby reversing the effects of aging, or most of them. The Priore therapy was rigorously demonstrated to clear clogged arteries, restore suppressed immune systems, cure terminal tumors, cure terrible and advanced trypanosomias, etc.

  21. Indeed, in case of HIV infection, from the very outset of the infection the body's immune system makes a Herculean effort, literally killing almost all the hostile viruses and infected white cells. This effort continues without letup, so the body operates "normally" to all external appearances, for an extended period. However, gradually the repeatedly selected, more resistant viruses and infected cells survive, more and more. Slowly the body loses its titanic struggle, and the immune system -- which is finite and is also being progressively degraded by the virus, gradually loses the battle. For a vivid description see E. Pennisi and K.A. Fackelmann, "HIV toll: Over a billion white cells a day," Science News, 147(2), Jan. 14, 1995, p. 21. See the Jan. 12, 1995 Nature, for the report by the two study teams who uncovered the fact that the virus is not dormant initially, and an editorial by Simon Wain-Hobson of the Pasteur Institute in Paris. The studies show that HIV actually replicates furiously, inducing a titanic struggle between the virus and the immune system, from the very outset -- a struggle that the slowly degrading immune system eventually loses.

  22. There are a very small number of patients, however, whose strain of AIDS seems to lie dormant. They have the virus, but somehow the terminal debilitation phase does not occur.

  23. Present quantum mechanics is already known to be wrong because it does not possess just such hidden order; for an excellent lay discussion of the missing chaos problem, see Robert Pool, "Quantum Chaos: Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery," Science, 243(4893), Feb. 17, 1989, p. 893-895. For a more technical discussion, see P.V. Elyutin, "The quantum chaos problem," Sov. Phys. Usp., 31(7), July 1988, p. 597-622. Presently QM is based on random variable theory, taken directly from Gibbs' original thermodynamics statistics. So it excludes the organized macroscopic world we live in, because its "random variables" when integrated to the macro level yield only further randomness. In other words, random ordering of variables have a "signal to noise" ratio of zero. Hidden ordering of variables, on the other hand, will have a signal to noise ratio greater than zero (STN>0.0). If STN>0.0, coherent integration will steadily increase the signal faster than the increase of the noise. Coherent integration will eventually yield the familiar macro universe that we observe.
    If one believes in a correspondence principle as covering the boundary layer between observable and virtual, or between quantal and subquantal, then one can jolly well apply the principle in either direction. This means that the macrolevel can be used as a set of boundary conditions or a forcing function upon the subquantal level. In other words, one can insist on partial subquantal ordering, a priori, because of the observed macro-ordering. It is inexplicable that most quantum physicists, in still vigorously objecting to hidden variables, are in fact defending the prediction that they themselves do not exist.
    Classical electrodynamics is so riddled with errors and omissions that it must be completely redone. As stated succinctly by Bunge, " is not usually acknowledged that electrodynamics, both classical and quantal, are in a sad state." (Mario Bunge, Foundations of Physics, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1967, p. 176. Bunge adds: p. 182: "...the best modern physicist is the one who acknowledges that neither classical nor quantum physics are cut and dried, both being full of holes and in need of a vigorous overhauling not only to better cover their own domains but also to join smoothly so as to produce a coherent picture of the various levels of physical reality."

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  27. Excess emission from a medium has been known for a long time, but not much has been done with it until the work of Letokhov and the work and inventions of Lawandy. E.g., we quote from H.C. Dake and Jack DeMent. (1941) Fluorescent Light and Its Applications, Chemical Publishing Company, Inc., Brooklyn, New York, 1941. p. 51-52: "When a phosphor or other luminescent substance emits light, it gives in most cases an emission according to Stokes' Law. This law states that the wavelength of the fluorescent (emitted) light is always greater than the wavelength of the exciting radiation. It was first observed in 1852 in the memoir "On the Change of Refrangibility of Light," by Sir G.G. Stokes. In terms of energy the relationship states that e em < e ab. While Stokes' Law holds for the majority of cases, it does not hold in certain instances. In some cases the wave length is the same for both the absorbed and the emitted radiation. That is, the efficiency appears to be perfect or unity. This is known as resonance radiation. In other cases Stokes' Law does not hold where the energy emitted is greater than the energy absorbed. This is known as Anti-Stokes emission. In 1935 Prileshajewa showed that there is an energy difference as much as 1.1 v between the exciting light and the fluorescence of aniline vapor. This added energy is attributed to additions from the internal energy of the molecule."
    However, when the active medium produces excess energy emission, and continues to do so, then the added energy cannot be attributed to additions from the internal energy of the molecule, unless the internal energy of the molecule is itself continually being replaced from -- you guessed it -- the vacuum's fierce interaction with the molecule's charges. Further, the dynamic dipoles comprising the molecule or the particle/liquid boundary, can produce double-surface E-fields of large magnitude, as is well-known in electrochemistry. Multipass retroreflection between TiO2 particles (Lawandy) or between palladium-clad, charged beads (Patterson) can collect and disperse (as scattered coherent photons) additional energy from the powerful S-flows of the double-surface Poynting generators.
    It follows that, by "doctoring" anti-Stokes radiation situations so as to allow multipass retroreflection and thus multicollection, a permissible overunity process emerges that is practical. It is also one which can be developed into commercial overunity and even self-energizing power sources.

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  29. For simplicity I have referred to this "excess radiation by the medium" as the Letokhov-Lawandy Effect. However, it is an application of anti-Stokes emission, as we noted earlier. Lawandy is not the original discoverer of anti-Stokes emission, and there is a background of work in the area preceding Lawandy's own important new research and patents. E.g., see V.S. Letokhov, "Generation of light by a scattering medium with negative resonance absorption," Soviet Physics JETP, 26(4), Apr. 1968, p. 835-839. What Lawandy has done, of course, is to provide a rather brilliant and practical extension and development, building on the basic anti-Stokes effect, and adding a highly effective means of initiating multipass energy collection, which yields permissible overunity. We particularly stress that Letokhov's term, "negative absorption" (which has been adopted in the field) is just a euphemism for "excess emission." Translate this to "negative energy absorption" and then to "excess energy emission," and one can see why one might prefer to use the term "negative absorption" when filing a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, rather than directly filing on the true overunity process one has developed!