by Cassius Kamarampi
October 31, 2016
from EraOfWisdom Website





Donald Rumsfeld




Did you know that Aspartame literally turns into formaldehyde and methanol inside your body?


It breaks down into, according to one paper (Effects of Aspartame Metabolites on Astrocytes and Neurons),

"phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%) and methanol (10%) during metabolism in the body. The excess of phenylalanine blocks the transport of important amino acids to the brain contributing to reduced levels of dopamine and serotonin."

Well put by another paper (Formaldehyde, Aspartame, and Migraines - A Possible Connection):

"Aspartame is a widely used artificial sweetener that has been linked to pediatric and adolescent migraines. Upon ingestion, aspartame is broken, converted, and oxidized into formaldehyde in various tissues."

Five academic papers are cited in this video, showing exactly what Aspartame does to the body, including one study that plays devil’s advocate, and honestly fails.

Aspartame, as methanol can cause blindness, is linked to deterioration of vision, several cancers, and a litany of other ills. One chemical Aspartame breaks down into in your body, aspartic acid, acts as an excitotoxin.


This video explains what Aspartame really does, and how two time Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld almost single-handedly pressured the FDA into legalizing it for the pharmaceutical corporation Searle.







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