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Apart from the many well researched properties of water, which make it unique as the life supporter of this planet, there is one ability of water that mainstream science has tried to ignore and deny.


It is the "memory of water phenomenon".


This phenomenon obviously lies beyond the accepted level of enquiry and little effort has been made by conventional research institutes to understand this phenomenon. However there are exceptions, and an exciting new understanding is emerging of the marvelous substance - water. Various researchers, such as Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig and Prof. Schweitzer, have provided clear proof that water acts as a liquid tape recorder and is able to receive, store and transmit electromagnetic vibrations.


Because water molecules have a positive and negative pole, they behave like little magnets. They attach themselves to their neighboring molecules and form clusters of several hundred molecules. This has been known for some time. These clusters are very sensitive structures and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them.


This is what gives water the ability to store information.



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Independent research by Dr. Derek Hasdell (Shavante) in Japan has produced astoundingly beautiful images of energized water.

This photo of Tokyo tap water energized with the Vortex Energizer,

taken through a phase contrast dark field microscope at 1000x magnification

bears a striking resemblance to Dr David Schweitzer's photos.


This is closely linked to homeopathy.


In homeopathy a substance is diluted so many times, that eventually there is no molecule of the original substance left. Yet it still has an effect. This has been shown in countless experiments, and, after all, homeopathy is 200 years old and still going strong.

Homeopathy works because of the clusterís ability to store vibrational imprints. Every substance and element has itís own individual vibrational pattern - a bit like an energy blueprint. If you carry out the homeopathic process of diluting and succussing, this vibrational pattern becomes locked into the cluster structure of water. When you drink this homeopathically prepared remedy, the cluster structure is transferred into you and you respond to the vibrational pattern of the original substance with which the remedy was prepared.

This phenomenon was shown to occur under rigid scientific conditions by Prof. Benveniste in France in the late 1980s and was confirmed by researchers at five different universities.


It caused quite a stir and a subsequent cover-up by the mainstream scientific community




If water is as susceptible to vibrational imprinting as this, will it also take on the imprints of environmental pollutants and chemicals and transfer them to us when we drink water?


It does seem to be so; Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig in Germany has carried out tests which show that not only do the physical pollutants have a damaging effect, but also the water which has been exposed to those pollutants, because the cluster structure has taken on those vibrational imprints. This has huge ramifications for us all.


Basically, conventional water and sewage treatment systems are not adequate.


They may remove the physical pollutants and produce tap water that is chemically clean, however the cluster structure of the water is completely unaffected by the treatment and will, after treatment, still convey the vibrational pattern of toxins and chemicals to the human body. But the problems do not end with tap water. There is no water course on this planet that is completely unaffected by human impact.


Atmospheric pollution, coming from industrial processes, nuclear tests and electromagnetic pollution, coming from the global power and communications grid, have all had a negative impact world wide.