To do business with Japan is to do business with the Yakuza

The Last Samurai, Defending Bushido

  • 3 Major Yakuza Groups, In Coalition

  • Penetrate Japanese Government

  • Open Offices, Signs on Street

  • Public Romanticizes Yakuza as Last Japanese Samurai

  • In Large High-Tech Corporations

  • In Control of Japanese Banks

  • Japanese Real-Estate Rip-off

  • $500 - 1,000 Billion per Year Income

  • Rapidly Spreading in U.S.

  • Uniting Mafia Groups Worldwide

  • Coalition with Aum Shinrikyo

  • Leased Russian Energetics Weapons

  • Crews On-site in Russia, Trained

  • Practice Firings into Western Australia for Three Years. (Dozens of Shots per Month)

  • Now in Escalation Phase, Killing U.S. Targets

  • All-out Strike on U.S. ready 1999-2000

  • Now held in check by KGB, dead-man fuzed by small nation friendly to U.S.