The Cause of the Hum.

Revised 9th November 2006.

The results of experiments carried out over the past few months confirm that the Hum is caused by gravitational waves.
These waves are generated by the high voltage electrical grid supply interacting with the charged particles of the Earth's ionosphere.

The interaction takes place at a height of about 250 miles which allows the waves to cover a very large area. Reports obtained from Hum sufferers show the effects must reach a distance of at least 50 miles from the pylons, and probably much further.

No increase in Hum level has been observed in close proximity to the pylons and on any given day, the Hum intensity is the same over 100's of square miles.

The effects of gravitational waves on the human body is unknown, the only information available is that collected from Hum sufferers themselves.

The first and most obvious effects is the perception of noise which is the result of the gravitational waves interacting with the body's own gravity detector, namely, the inner ear. Other effects such as aching muscles, pins and needles and heart palpitations are all symptoms which could be produced by a small but continuous electric shock.

Tests show the gravity waves pass through metal unaffected and this now reveals the reason why all attempts to block the Hum with metal screens and Faraday cages have failed.

The history of the Hum in the UK coincides with the expansion and upgrading of the National Grid system which now conveys electricity at 400Kvolts. Although not precise, it has long been noticed that the Hum level increases during the early hours, at weekends and times of national holiday, that is when the industrial demand is least and the load on the electrical supply is at a minimum.

The geographical distribution of Hum sufferers, which once was a puzzle, now becomes clear when such distributions are compared with a map of the high voltage grid.

It must be clearly understood that the Hum is NOT a noise in the normal sense of the word, it is a perceived sound generated inside the head of the sufferer. Only a small percentage of people can actually "hear" the Hum but the cause undoubtedly effects the population at large

Most sufferers start to hear the Hum at about the age of 50 with a two thirds majority of women. This is clearly the result of changes taking place in the body for the presence of the Hum has been established on a national scale for some forty years.

Still needing explanation is, why the gravity waves increase in intensity upon passing through a building, particularly through the roof, and why the waves produce an alternating voltage in the brickwork of some buildings.
An answer to the latter may reveal the cause of the electrical symptoms experienced by some Hum sufferers.

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