Implications of the Hum transmissions for the population at large

Although only a small number of people actually “hear” the Hum and are often derided by the medical profession, there is evidence that the heath problems of Hum sufferers are also experienced by a large section of the population including infants and children.
Those who suffer the effects of the Hum can be regarded as the “miner’s canary” who’s sensitivity indicates a much large health problem.

Even a cursory glance at current national health statistics will reveal the staggering increase in ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Insomnia and Sudden Infant Deaths which have taken place over the past 40 years and for which there is no medical explanation.
Those who can “hear” the Hum and have had an opportunity to observe an infant could not have failed to notice how the child reacts to changes in Hum level especially during the early hours when they are obviously in considerable pain.

Additional evidence can also be obtained by studying data collected on Sick Building Syndrome and Sick School Syndrome. There is a remarkable similarity between this data and the list of adverse health effects reported by Hum sufferers. Of particular interest is the fact that, like the Hum, buildings are involved and that the effects subside dramatically when the sufferer goes outside.

It is not being claimed here that all modern afflictions are caused by the Hum transmissions, but even the most sceptic would have to admit that the list of symptoms and the timing needs an explanation.

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