Searching for the Hum

Most people begin to “hear” the Hum around the age of fifty, this is not an absolute, but a figure based on statistics.

The search, which has been followed by many thousands over the past forty years, usually has two phases. The first phase involves looking for a low frequency sound around the house with central heating, fridges and freezers, air conditioning and water pumps. The search then extends to the neighbours, local factories and super markets.
This procedure lasts about a year and often involves the local environmental health department, acoustic experts and the local press. The result is inevitably negative and no low frequency source is found.

The second phase concentrates on radio waves, particularly those of extremely low frequency used by the military, and at the other end of the spectrum, the mobile phones. This phase is more difficult and likely to be expensive in terms of equipment, however, after another long search it will become apparent that there are no radio waves which can account for the Hum.

The Hum sufferer, sadder but wiser, will now be back to square one and to make any progress it will be necessary to accept two facts.

1 - What started as a noise around the house covers at least three continents and is most probably a global phenomena.

2 - That the use of contemporary science will not provide an answer

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