Kokomo Hum, Bristol Hum and other sites


The following list gives other web sites investigating THE HUM and sites concerned with the adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields.

Open Forum - Exchange your experiences with other Hum sufferers hum-sufferers

Taos Hum Homepage - Comprehensive details of The Hum in the USA with information, links and a discussion group. Homepage

German Hum Sufferers FAQ - pdf 140KB in English language http//www.igzab.de/download/IGZAB_FAQ_Print_EN.pdf

A report on research into Low frequency Noise commissioned by The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, (DEFRA)
The report contains a section on The Hum and is available as a PDF download at. http//www.defra.gov.uk/environment/noise/research/lowfrequency/index.htm

Observations on the DEFRA report by a Hum Sufferer click here

Detailed investigation into the Hum commissioned by the City of Kokomo Board of Public Works and Safety:

The Taos Hum Investigation From April 1993 to August 1996 an investigation into the Hum was carried out by The University of New Mexico. During that period six interim reports were published these are available complied as a single file. Taos Hum Reports

Also, Sandia National Laboratory prepared 2 reports for the US Government.

1/ Electromagnetic Test Report, Electromagnetic Investigation into the Taos Hum
2/ Other Possible Sources of the Taos Hum.

These reports were filed with the Albuquerque Office of the Department of Energy and should be available to US citizens.


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