It is evident from the large number of e-mails sent to this site by Hum sufferers, that a great deal of time and effort is wasted by people contacting and sending letters to departments, authorities and institutions that have no expertise in the matter or powers to act; therefore, there follows a simple set of guide lines for those who wish to take some action.

It must first be accepted that at this point in time it is not possible to remove the cause of the Hum, however, there is every reason to make a formal complaint to your Local Environmental Health Department for if enough people complain something may be done.

An investigating officer will call at your home to make observations and noise level readings. It is most probable that he will hear nothing and the readings will be negative. Do not be alarmed or surprised, this is by now quite usual, however, make sure that you receive a copy of the report of the investigation in writing. This is important as you will need this later.

It is important to also understand that your Environmental Health Officer can only act within the powers set out by Parliament, at this time he has no remit to investigate any other adverse health effect.

Your next step is to write to your MP stating that you are being disturbed and your health affected by a cause which is outside the province of your Local Environmental Health Officer and ask that this matter is taken up with a government minister. Enclose with the complaint any evidence you have and a copy of the report from you Environmental Health Officer.

Self Help

It is unlikely that changing houses will cure the problem, however, it is known that some types of building are worse than others, this must be a matter of trail and error.

Reduce your intake of tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Eat organic foods with no additives, drink water with meals and when thirsty.

Spend as much time as possible outdoors and sleep downstairs in a basement or cellar if possible. Position the bed so that the head is near the centre of the room as far as possible from the walls and turn off the power to the house at night.

Doing these things will not cure the Hum but it may lessen the effects and make life more tolerable.

If you live in Europe you may make use of Article 8 of the Convention of Human Rights that every European Citizen has a right to undisturbed sleep in their own home

For details of how complain to the European Parliament click here

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