by Philip J. Corso

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In memory of Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau

This great man was my superior as chief of U.S. Army Research and Development. He was a man of great courage; he put on a sergeant's helmet and fought with his men at Pork Chop Hill in Korea. He was deeply religious and went on "retreats" at Loyola. He was the most brilliant man I have ever known, who only gave me one standing order: "Watch things for me, Phil. There are things we do not understand. " His accomplishments changed the world for the better. Any success I had I attribute to him and to his leadership.








Chapter 01 - The Roswell Desert

Chapter 02 - Convoy to Fort Riley

Chapter 03 - The Roswell Artifacts

Chapter 04 - Inside the Pentagon at the Foreign Technology Desk

Chapter 05 - The Cover-up

Chapter 06 - The Strategy

Chapter 07 - The EBE

Chapter 08 - The Project Gets Under Way

Chapter 09 - The Project Had Officially Begun

Chapter 10 - The U2 Program and Project Corona - Spies in Space

Chapter 11 - Project Moon Base

Chapter 12 - The Integrated Circuit Chip - From the Roswell Crash Site to Silicon Valley

Chapter 13 - The Laser

Chapter 14 - The Antimissile Missile Project

Chapter 15 - My Last Year in R&D - The Hoover Files, Fiber Optics, Supertenacity, and Other Artifacts

Chapter 16 - 'Tesla’s Death Ray' and the Accelerated Particle Beam Weapon

Chapter 17 - Star Wars