October 2009

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Jean-Marie Bigard strikes again!


This time after apologizing to the audience because of his views regarding the events of September 11, 2001, i.e. the supposed terrorist attack on the WTC, Bigard has made a third sequel of his comments, which you can see on Javno TV and his official Website.

"Barack! Now that you're the boss of the United States… Please! Please, Barack! Show us the video with the Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon! It's the most protected place in the world! Isn't it? It's not 3 or 4 cameras. It's 86! Watching the Pentagon from every angle. Impossible to miss the plane… have the FBI show up the Boeing!"

Bigard addressing Barack Obama

Now he focuses on commenting the “magic passports” of terrorists found at the foot of the crashed towers, like in Chanceville.


According to Bigard, a passport found near the collapsed towers was miraculously not burned like all others, while the one found at the scene of the Chanceville plane crash was burned “just right, with a Zippo lighter” – and does not show anything apart from the photo, name and surname.

In his third, latest part, the French comedian, otherwise a close friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy's, addresses U.S. President Barack Obama. He wants Obama to explain why there is no footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon and folding its wings, disappearing in the building, with no engines impact on the sides of the hole.

A year ago, Bigard said, he said that there was no plane that hit the Pentagon and this caused him a lot of trouble. At the anniversary of the September 11 attack, Bigard said he would never again talk of 9/11 or express his doubts.

Take a look at what the French actor and comedian has to say about the “terrorist attack” and how he gets rid of FBI agents with a birthday card trick and a Big Mac.





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