by Dawn Abel

April 2004

from MayaMysterySchool Website

I am publishing this report that was written following an intensive conference this past weekend in San Francisco, which exposed the details of the 9/11 World Trade Center cover-up. Because our freedom, liberty, and our very existence as world citizens are at stake, I feel that this alert is important to any Mystery School student and practitioner who understands the ramifications that non-action and denial would bring. I encourage you to read this, take this seriously, and then sign the petition at:

9/11 Report

by Eric Arnow

I just attended three days of presentations and discussions in San Francisco at the International Inquiry into 9_11 Phase One. I left feeling energized in helping to educate and mobilize my brother and sister citizens, both in the United States, as well as all over the world in this pivotal time in our history.

While I am only one person, I will give you some of my impressions of the event. One of the first presenters was Webster Tarpley, who published "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush", (the father, which was published over ten years ago).

One of his key points was to show how psychological operations are carried out. Many researchers at the conference presented the thesis that 911 was a psychological operation against the American people, in order to cow us into waging perpetual war, and to accept severe reductions in our civil liberties.

He pointed out that while people like Mohammed Atta, the purported lead hijacker was Muslim, his drinking and drug taking did not fit the profile of a follower of Bin Laden. He pointed out that the serious lapses on that day, such as the President's continuing to read to a class knowing that not one but two WTC towers were attacked, or the failure to scramble jets to stop hijacked jets in violation of Standard Operating Procedure, indicated what I would term willing acquiescence at the highest levels of government. Indeed, several FBI agents complained bitterly and one resigned due to their investigations before 911 being blocked by David Frasca, who was promoted AFTER the attacks. And Richard Myers, the Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sat at his desk during the attacks, and was also promoted to full Chairmanship.

This view was confirmed by Ellen Mariani, a widow of 911, and her attorney Philip Berg. Mariani is suing Bush and company under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act. Berg cited over 100 safeguards to protect against such attacks had failed, which hardly seems coincidental.

Ken Jenkins, an independent researcher told of how 911 was perpetrated because of the need to replace the threat of Communism with the threat of Terrorism, in order to convince the public to accept ongoing huge military expenditures. Citing the very words of the Neo_con website, he pointed out its view that "a New Pearl Harbor" was needed to accomplish this shift in public opinion. Bush himself referred to 911 as another Pearl Harbor.

So the motive for the crime of 911 is exposed, and the means, a series of "shock and awe" events occurred. First one, then two WTC towers hit. Then they collapsed. Their collapse, plus the collapse of WTC 7, which wasn't even hit by an airplane, instilled a deep sense of vulnerability so the public would rush for the safety of the Bush regime. We then had antrax attacks, which immediately preceeded the passage of the USA Patriot Act, which gutted the Bill of Rights and which Congress didn't even read, much less hold hearings on.

The means were enlisting a group of people who conveniently fit the ethnicity of the areas of strategic interest. Opinions differed among presenters as to whether the hijackers were even capable of flying the planes. Some see strong evidence of the planes being flown by remote control, owing to the difficult feat of flying large aircraft by questionable pilots who were failing their flight courses, particularly in the case of Pentagon.

One the most compelling and disturbing aspects of the event was the examination of numerous wars fought by the United States that were initiated by a false pretext.

  • The Mexican War, which took Texas, California and the entire Southwest from Mexico was started based on a fabricated story of Mexican troops attacking across the border

  • The Spanish American war started because cartoons in US newspapers showed depictions of Spanish mines being used to sink the US Ship, Maine, when it was subsequently shown that the blast was internal, perhaps even caused by deliberate US sabotage

  • The US entry into WWI was caused by using the Lusitania as bait for the Germans

  • WWII resulted when FDR knew of pending Japanese attacks, which he had actually provoked by cutting Japanese oil supplies

  • The infamous Gulf of Tonkin bogus attack that got us entangled in Vietnam

A very compelling matter was the presentation of "Operation Northwoods", which the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff presented to JFK in 1962, and which called for attacks on US targets in US cities, the sinking of a ship in Guantanamo Bay.

"Publishing casualty lists" in the newspapers would evoke a "helpful wave of national indignation".

This plot was designed to enlist the support for a war against Cuba. While Kennedy rejected the plan, and "by coincidence" was killed a year later by supposed Cuban sympathizer, Lee Harvey Oswald, the document clearly shows that the highest elements of the US military were willing to sacrifice the lives of US citizens in order to foment a war.

If they were willing to do that in 1962, and given the history of fraudulent events used as pretexts to start wars, the consensus judgment, indicated that 911 was an "inside job".

The greatest obstacle facing the 911 movement, is the psychological resistance of the public to the possibility that our leaders would so horribly betray their own people. Yet that is exactly what the evidence shows.

When the public finally "gets it", it would mean the end of the Military Industrial Complex, which Eisenhower, the former General and Republican president warned of in his farewell address in January, 1963. Instead of fighting for control of Eurasia either for vainglorious ego reasons or to control the world economically by controlling oil, a strong view was that the military should be cut back (there are over 700 military bases in 130 countries and the Budget deficit is about equal to the military budget itself)

Indeed, with overwhelming evidence of a drop in oil and natural gas supplies versus demand, a rapid shift is needed in how energy is generated by reinvesting heavily in new technology. If you are sick of high energy prices, think of why we are fighting in Central Asia, where, in any case oil will run out within our lifetimes anyway.

The pending case of Mariani vs. Bush, as presented by 911 widow Ellen Mariani and her attorney Philip Berg were seen as pivotal in exposing the Bush administration, and Philip Berg has urged everyone who wants to stop the Bush agenda to sign the petition supporting the trial seen at So far, 7000 people including myself have signed the petition. If you are afraid to sign this petition, then you will know that Bush has succeeded in his goal of intimidation. Berg has stated that when 70,000 people sign it, or better yet 700,000 people or 7 Million (you can be sure that a lot more than 7 million people recognize that Bush lied about Iraq, and therefore can now seriously consider that he has lied about his role in 911), the administration will FALL! If you doubt this, look what happened in Spain.

If you sign it and pass along this message or your own, with the petition website, the goal is easily reachable. If each of you send this message to 30 friends asking to do this very small act, in just 5 "generations" of emails, there would 24 million signers. Bush is Weak. That is why he has to lie. Don't let him get away with it!

The truth is out there for all to see. The National Commission hearings were obstructed first by Bush, then undermined through a budget only a third of the Columbia disaster budget, and highly tainted due to significant conflicts of interests among the various commissioners. Indeed, Lee Hamilton presided over the failed Iran Contra hearings, and was recently quoted as saying that the commission investigating that scandal did not impeach Reagan even though it had the evidence, so as to "spare" the American people. The Head of the Commission, Thomas Kean, has business ties himself to Saudi oil interests. The secretive Henry Kissinger being touted at first as the head, was a giveaway that the Commission's purpose is to cover up, rather than to show the actual deliberate criminal negligence and possible actual complicity in preventing normal safeguards from working.

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we want a perpetual war and destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, or are we willing to face the truth of our own leaders sacrificing 3000 lives to stampede us.

Finally, there is no substitute for good old fashion exercise of FREE SPEECH. Tell your friends, Leaflet, Discuss it with colleagues. This is not a left or right wing issue.

We Americans don't like being lied to or manipulated, and certainly don't like our own people being killed for the benefit of a few megalomaniacs.

Here's to what we all want America to be, a place of fairness, honesty and as a place where the multi billionaires no longer call the shots.


Eric Arnow