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The myriad of theories surrounding 9/11 have served the perpetrators well for almost 7 years, giving the false impression freedom of speech was alive and well but ultimately spreading an almost mind-numbing confusion.

Most "911truth" organizations are run by the same people who organized this sham. This in order to 'control' the opposition, for as long as possible, in the hope it would all fade away one day in the public consciousness.

As most theories have built on the false assumption that airplanes were involved, the 'plane' myth has held strong - in spite of the widespread understanding no airliner crashed at the Pentagon or in Shanksville.

The misheld belief that 'thousands of New Yorkers' saw passenger planes crash into the twin towers is upheld solely by the relentless pounding of the mainstream media, the higher levels of which have complied to the requirements of this military false-flag operation.

Virtually all firsthand witnesses to the first "plane" were news-people as shown in SEPTEMBER CLUES Part 4 (see it at bottom page). As for the second "plane", most witnesses on the street reported 'a SMALL AIRCRAFT' or even 'A MISSILE' . These reports were actually aired on the day but never again.

Only about 36 videos exist depicting a large airplane silhouette impacting the towers. All of them are, by now, proven fakes. Many turn out to be simply cropped duplicates of the same composite, while most disqualify each other by the way of irreconcilable differences: trajectories, angles, pitch, yaw, speeds, lighting, hues - you name it. The few clips showing the actual 'plane' penetration depict a wide body aluminum airliner penetrating the steel-frame tower effortlessly without as much as a rear aileron breaking off.


This is of course utterly absurd and makes a joke of the laws of physics.

The current reluctance of most people to recognize and accept this research is - in many ways - understandable, the foremost cause being the massive conditioning power of the mainstream news-media.

However, the many errors made by the authors of these diverse video forgeries will not stand the test of time. Various doctoring techniques were likely used. Some of the fake footage (mainly the LIVE broadcasts which needed a high level of real-time control) used hybrid, multi-layered imagery with digital simulations of the Manhattan landscape. Others betray textures and 'grey-boxing' glitches much similar to geo-referenced imagery. More 'realistic' looking clips (the "amateur" films released later) were likely real shots of the strike with added CGI Boeing767-silhouette pasted frame-by-frame over the smaller missile.

This branch of 9/11 truth research is naturally being vigorously attacked and billed as "disinformation" - as it contains the only demonstrable and repeatable proof of this murderous hoax: no one is going to prove HOW the towers fell or that a NORAD stand-down WAS ordered.


This is what the perpetrators are counting on...






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