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Part 1

The FOX archives of the 9/11 events have been replaced by an "image medley" cut together with footage borrowed from ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS.

The main reason for this was to remove from public view their infamous, damning "nose-out shot" (see the full analysis of this shot on this channel :"NOSED OUT" below).

This goes to confirm suspicions that all the 9/11 broadcasts were managed from a centralized psy-op command center such as SCL (Strategic Communication Laboratories

The live TV images were essentially computer generated in order to cover-up the true life events. Real images were sporadically times mixed in with computerized renditions of the Manhattan scenery.



Part 2






The complete video analysis of the WNYW FOX-5 "Nose-Out" shot aired live on 9/11.

Dictionary definition:

" TO NOSE OUT: Recognize or detect by or as if by smelling"


If you want further info on how the 9/11 TV fakery was carried out, please watch: SEPTEMBER CLUES


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