For Immediate Release:  October 24, 2002




On April 24, 2001 the Baltimore Sun and ABC News reported on a shocking, declassified Pentagon document, titled Operation Northwoods.  In Operation Northwoods the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for hijacking jet airliners, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and wounding civilians in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC using paramilitary sniper teams.  Page eight of the formerly Top Secret Pentagon plan stated that “casualty lists in US Newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.”  The opening paragraph in the Baltimore Sun read “US leaders proposed in ’62 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion.”

The Northwoods Document spells out the US Government's plan to frame innocent people for the shootings and bombings that the US Government was preparing to commit. Page 9 of the Northwoods Document states that after the Government carried out shootings and bombings in Washington DC that "the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government." Now in 2002 they're telling us that they think that they have the two men responsible for the sniper shootings in DC. Can the government be trusted?


Forty years after the Northwoods plan was rejected by John F. Kennedy, we see striking similarities between the sniper attacks and the terrorist activities called for in the Northwoods plan.  Whereas the  Northwoods document planned to create a pretext for war with Cuba, the sniper attacks are being used as a pretext to put military on the streets of America and to push for gun control.  Now, White House officials are saying that there’s a good chance that al-Qaeda or Iraq are behind the sniper attacks and are warning the American people to look for similar attacks in other cities, thus creating a timely pretext justifying  military action to capture Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil supplies in a war with Iraq.


On his Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Documentary Filmmaker Alex Jones has consulted with many law enforcement and military experts, including Colonel Craig Roberts (formerly of US Army Intelligence, a former Marine Corps Sniper and the Best-selling Author of One Shot One Kill) who stated on-air that this operation could only be State-sponsored and was clearly the work of a rogue element from the top levels of global intelligence agencies.  On The Alex Jones Show, Roberts said that the MO of the sniper attacks are indicative of a 2-3 man team trained in the Special Forces ambush tactics of reconnaissance, insertion, concealment and successful evasion.  According to Jones’ research, the sniper team’s attack profile is consistent with US Special Forces ambush assassination tactics. 


Best-selling Doubleday Author James Bamford, who broke the Northwoods Story in his Book, Body of Secrets reported on page 82 that, "the plan, which had been written with the approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called for innocent people to be shot on American Streets."


Says Jones, “In Operation Northwoods, we have a declassified US Government document, approved right up to the President, that advocates carrying out terrorism against the American people to terrify them into accepting tyranny.  It is now public knowledge that Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor as a pretext for war and that the Gulf of Tonkin attack that launched the Vietnam War was staged by LBJ.  This is all now admitted historical fact, and there is no way to ignore the US government terror plan contained in the Northwoods document.  The plan even lists the cities to be targeted, and one of them is DC.”

The national media from day one told us that the sniper was a lone gunman.  Now politicians are telling us that we must give up our liberties for security, Senator Charles Schumer wants to ban so-called assault rifles and to institute ballistic fingerprinting on all guns as well as on ammunition, the new North American Military Command (NORTHCOM) that was activated October 1, 2002 has been provided with a mission on the ground and in the air over America just weeks after the White House told us that we needed to get rid of Posse Comitatus (Federal law prohibiting US military forces in search in seizure operations of US soil) for our “safety.” Now the Washington Post is reporting that the CIA will be directing local FBI field offices in 56 US cities. Vice President Cheney has publicly threatened Congress not to investigate the 911-Government prior knowledge story. He cryptically made the statement on Meet the Press that Congressional investigations would only cause a larger terrorist attack.

“There’s no doubt about it,” says Jones “the US Government is the number one suspect in the sniper attacks.”

It is absolutely vital that outlets reading this press release take some time out and go to Alex Jones’ website,  Jones has an extensive archive containing mainstream media reports proving the claims of this release.  The Northwoods Document can be found HERE. It can also be obtained from the US National Security Archives.


Alex Jones is a syndicated radio talk show host, a documentary filmmaker and a recognized expert on Civil Liberties, Government Black Ops and the Police State.  He has produced eight documentary films, including 911: The Road to Tyranny and The Masters of Terror, which detail US Government prior knowledge and involvement in the September 11th attacks.  He has also written a new book, titled 911:  Descent into Tyranny, exposing the total government takeover of our society using manufactured crises.  Jones has been interviewed on over 500 radio stations, and has been featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  He has appeared on many national programs including, Good Morning America, CNN, Court TV, 20/20 Downtown, Extra and The Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon.