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World Trade Center Layout


I was surprised not to find a thread about this. If there is one and I missed it, I apologize in advance.

Here is a video of WTC building #WTC 5 on fire.



why didn't Tower 5 collapse

31 August 2008




If people call WTC building #WTC 7 a 'raging inferno' as I have heard some call it, then what would they call this?

Here is a photo of it after the fire.

WTC building #WTC 6 was also standing after fires.

There is a discussion about how it was demolished here: How was the WTC 6 pulled?



As a matter of fact the center of the building was missing, yet it did not collapse, even though it was clearly damaged way worse than any other building that day.

These next photos and videos are just for reference.

Here are a couple photos of WTC building #WTC 7 on fire.

This was the result of those fires.


New Footage of WTC 7 Collapse

Released 11/1/08



Here is a picture of the towers burning.


Here is what happened to the south tower (WTC 2).



South Tower Collapse

Here is what happened to the north tower (WTC 1).


North Tower destruction from north

What's wrong with this picture?

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