by D.E. Alexander

Freelance Investigative Journalist and Author

from RealUfos Website
May 29th 2002

The video below is the most amazing video ever taken of a UFO! It contains a UFO sighting at the World Trade Center July 24th 2000. One year one month and 18 days before 911 occurred. The UFO eerily hangs near the World Trade Center at the impact spot where the second jet was caught on film hitting the towers!

We've done more analysis than you can imagine on this 19 second clip. Hi Resolution scans of frames looking for tell tale signs of digital manipulation. It is not there! The images appear as a real video should. No high resolution digital choppiness!

The clip starts off PRE 911 with a panaromic view of New York City and the Twin Towers from a helicopter. A woman points to the towers and says what's that.

A UFO is clearly seen peeking in and out from behind the WTC at the exact spot the second plane would later crash into on 911! When the cameraman zooms in, the UFO takes off at an incredible speed. A few seconds goes by and the camera refocuses in on the UFO at a far distance. The UFO then does a 360o reverse!

It heads right for the helicopter and a CLOSE UP of the UFO is taken by the video camera! The UFO then quickly zooms above the helicopter and right into orbit!

Some photos from the videos

You can see the WTC clearly in this photo

You can see a UFO hiding behind the WTC in this photo

The UFO starts to move away from the WTC

Here is the CLOSE UP of this amazing UFO!



The Videos


Full version with sound

SLOW MOTION of the close encounter


WTC Sci-Fi Channel

from Rense Website

When this article first ran, we received dozens of emails and found quite a lot of commotion about it elsewhere on the net. Many people are convinced the footage is the real deal. In an attempt to clarify even further, I wrote the actress in question, Barbara Sicuranza, and reiterated my query regarding the sci-fi channel "UFO" footage. Again, she confirmed that it was indeed a computer generated image hoax (CGI), created as a promo for sci-fi channel. She is a hired actress and this work is listed on her resumé.

My Second Email to Barbara...

Hi Barbara

I wrote to your previously regarding the sci-fi channel's video clip, which you listed on your resumé as "blimp." You replied that


yes its a commercial, I'm an actor...all the interest is fascinating,

Can you clarify just a little more for me. Many, many people in the ufological community believe the footage is real, that you were in a helicopter with some friends and really saw this object and it was videotaped, as we see it in the clip, moving from behind the WTC building, darting in front of the copter and then whizzing past it at close range and shooting off above it leaving a vapor trail.


Can you clarify for me specifically...

1. were you hired as a professional actress to produce this for sci-fi channel as a promotional tool?
2. are you aware that it is not real, but something 'created' as a promotional ad for sci-fi?
3. was it scripted out, and the "blimp" or "ufo" added in later, perhaps digitally?

Any information would be greatly appreciated so as to put the 'authenticity' issue to rest. thank you for your time!

-- James Neff
Webmaster -

Barbara's reply...

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 19:03:43 -0400
From: Barbara Sicuranza
Subject: Re: hi - help needed again!
To: James Neff <>


its cgi not ufo


Further Update Material
Barbara's husband, founder of the band BLONDIE, notes in web-blog...

"... what else have i got... ok, rather than going away my wife Barbara's ufo tv spot that was done for SCI-FI TV here is still pulling in comment and e-mails... the main reason being that the thing was shot using the world trade center in new york as a location... now we've gotten to a place in the culture wherein my denial of the 'reality' of the thing will undoubtedly convince various people of its viability but even though i personally wish that indeed it had been evil aliens who destroyed the trade center, the blame is unfortunately a lot closer to home and the now famous tv spot is just that: a tv spot with a fake photoshop (or whatever) ufo etc etc etc so once again the sci-fi tv spot with the ufo at the world trade center is not a 'real' film of a 'real' ufo, barbara is the person in the helicopter but she was just pointing at empty sky and the ufo images were put in later, neither she nor i have had any alien encounters, been abducted by space. or other aliens, and we are currently not hanging out with any space aliens and to the best of my knowledge have nevr met any creatures from outer space, have never been on a flying saucer etc etc etc"


Original Email
To: barbara@
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 10:16 PM
Subject: EMAIL FROM James Neff/ webmaster

Message: Could you verify/clarify something for us please?

In your Resume, \"SCI-FI Promo (The Blimp)\" is listed. Is this the same as the footage many believe is a real UFO near the World Trade Center which shows a woman in a helicopter seeing a UFO which appears to fly at the copter and then take off in the other direction? We want to be certain if this is the same as what you list as \'the blimp\" (?)

the footage is here: 

any info would be greatly appreciated!
thank you!

James Neff

Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 09:46:16 -0400
From: Barbara Sicuranza barbara@
Subject: Re: EMAIL FROM James Neff/ webmaster!

yes its a commercial, I'm an actor...all the interest is fascinating,




Slowed Down WTC UFO (Japanese version)