by Pete Swann

Toronto 9/11 Truth
Feb 11, 2008
from DJOBlogs Website

To discover a conspiracy by government is to simultaneously discover a conspiracy by media.


CBS in 1988 found that 90% of Americans think that JFK was killed by US officials. Most of them believe the CIA did it. But no mainstream journalist has ever championed the cause of those 90%. Even 40 years later, Peter Jennings' special on JFK would not dare to mention any evidence of CIA involvement.


Many of the JFK files are still under lock and key to this day.

As with JFK, the media will not challenge the official 9/11 orthodoxy. The rule in MSM is "don't question 9/11 if you want to keep your job on TV".


There are no exceptions. Bill Maher shows his "political correctness" on the 9/11 issue, enthusiastically maintaining the myth, while Rosie was given the choice to keep her job on The View, or keep talking about 9/11. Thankfully she chose the later.

Hardly any truthers trust the news on TV, or the mainstream media in general. We know the news is complicit with government tyranny, so the only question with regard to 9/11 is, how far down the rabbit hole do we go? If it took five years to discover that BBC's Jane Standley had reported the collapse of building 7 half an hour prematurely, maybe there's even more to learn about the media and 9/11.

Naturally, we truthers hate the Fox-style straw man arguments which associate us with holocaust deniers and terrorists. In the same way, those in the "orthodox" truth movement must be careful not to hastily accuse those with new and unusual theories of being double agents.

There are claims that those who support the "no-planes theory" (NPT) are acting covertly for the CIA, Cointelpro or some other disinformation group to divide and weaken the movement. The claim is generally made that no-planers endorse the hologram plane theory. But the popular NPT movies, September Clues, 9/11 Taboo, and 9/11 Amateur do not rely on, or even mention hologram planes. Before making accusations and assigning labels, we should look at these people and their media case by case.


Professor James Fetzer who founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth is likely not a disinfo agent. He does however consider the fake news theory to be proven, and the NPT compelling.

Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for the US Department of Labor believes that space based energy beam weapons brought down the towers, but he has not been accused by the 9/11 truth community of being a disinfo agent. Michael Ruppert writes of an oil shortage while Webster Tarpley contends that the shortage is manufactured along with the terrorism. Ron Paul is the best solution for creeping fascism in America, but he prefers the blowback theory to MIHOP (MADE It Happen on Purpose) or LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose).


So let’s not forget that well meaning experts will legitimately disagree with each other.

Consider that a person may be aware that moon landing pictures were faked, while still believing that the lunar landings were real. Similarly, it is possible to observe the 9/11 news fakery without having to believe that this was done to create a plane out of nothing.


Here is the key point; you don't have to be a no-planer to see the news fakery. There may be other reasons for it. I have heard theories including; the news was faked to disguise modified airliners, to hide other aircraft in the area, to hide subsequent explosions in the buildings, to create maximum shock and awe Hollywood style, etc.

But these amount to mere conjecture, so I stick to what I can see with my own eyes - the original live broadcasts of the South Tower hit do not agree with each other. NBC's live chopper footage shows no plane where there clearly should be one, CBS footage shows a much steeper descent than all the other networks and Michael Hezarkhani's footage (CNN) is taken from an impossible location.


These are just a few of the anomalies.


I did not take this information on faith, I built a 3D computer model of the buildings, planes and camera positions shown on the various networks to verify the visual anomalies for myself. The evidence came gift wrapped from the networks themselves, and is in no short supply, thanks to thousands of VCRs which started rolling after the North Tower was struck.

To ignore the obvious news fakery for fear of being associated with the no-planers crowd makes as much sense as ignoring the 9/11 cover up for fear of upsetting the establishment. The way I figure it, a truther should fear no truth. I don't think the mainstream media, still trusted by millions, should get a pass without some reasonable explanation for the anomalies. I made a film called "South Tower Anomalies III" (see it below) about NBC’s news broadcasts on 9/11 because the news fakery is immediately provable, and because people ought to know what kind of mind control TV exercises every day.

I encourage influential truthers to have your own trusted video experts, graphics experts and researchers analyze the original news broadcasts of the South Tower impact. If you find no anomalies, then the right thing to do is publish a debunking of the fake news theory.


But if you do find the inconsistencies described above, the right thing to do is report on it.


If we prove the use of faked live news on 9/11, we prove foreknowledge, mass media complicity in mass murder and ultimately MIHOP, without even having to prove NPT.

South Tower Anomalies III




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