by Brit Dee
25 May 2012

from ResistRadio Website



God Save Us From The Queen


Union flags are fluttering, bunting is being hoisted, and excitement is mounting amongst the fawning peasants of Great Britain, as the country prepares for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Whilst the serfs must wait 75 years to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee, godlike monarchs enjoy the momentous day fifteen years earlier; and so, on June 2nd, millions of Her Majesty's faithful subjects will celebrate sixty years of Queen Elizabeth's rule.

Don't mention the fact that our country is sinking under the weight of colossal debts racked up by a corrupt political and financial elite. Keep quiet about the shameful succession of illegal and immoral wars fought by Liz's British armed forces, which have killed and injured untold numbers of people.


Shhh! Don't dare to express the idea that we are all born equal. It's simply the talk of a gibbering lunatic.

We, the slaves of Britain, will not have our nice day spoiled! We wish to remain in a state of willful servility, cheerfully celebrating our own powerlessness, gleefully complicit in our own oppression, blindly supporting an institution and a system representing all that is wrong with humanity.

Will the Diamond Jubilee mark a last hurrah for the British monarchy?


Unfortunately, if we are to believe recent polls, the answer appears a resounding "no". Depressingly, 80% of respondents voiced their support of the monarchy, with only 13% in favor of Britain becoming a republic.

Thankfully there are a minority of Brits who reject the role of fawning subjects to a parasitical royal family. The organization Republic, who campaign for "a democratic alternative to the monarchy", are planning a high profile protest against the Diamond Jubilee on June 3rd.


Republic have promised a “loud, bold and provocative” demonstration, to be held in full view of the Queen's royal barge as she disembarks at Tower Bridge in London.

Giving hope to those who question the reported upsurge in support for the monarchy, Republic's chief executive Graham Smith has issued an encouraging rallying call to fellow anti-monarchists, saying that

The heightened Palace PR campaign of the last eighteen months has already backfired - people are sick and tired of being told they must celebrate 60 years of one very privileged, very remote and very uninspiring head of state.


The idea that the monarchy’s future is any safer as a result of the jubilee is completely laughable.

As the Western public continues its awakening to the exploitative agendas of a criminal elite, we can only hope that he is correct - and that support for the vampiric monarchy will be seen someday soon as absurd, reactionary, and wholly outdated.


Brit talks to Andrew Child of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, currently planning protests against the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 3rd: